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Submitted by -Mezzo- 898d ago | video

How does Battlefield 4 play on PS4?

IGN - Check out Scott Lowe's first impression from hands on play with Battlefield 4 on the ps4. (Battlefield 4, PS4)

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-Mezzo-  +   899d ago
Cannot wait to get my BF4 launch bundle from Amazon.
Convas  +   899d ago
Same. I'm not concerned about the latest rumblings. 64 player, 60FPS Battlefield on PS4 is my main concerned and DICE seems set on delivering. I can dig.
-Mezzo-  +   899d ago
Agreed, i mean the console version of BF3 didn't stopped me from playing it, so i think i can deal with this,... Happily.
NewMonday  +   898d ago
great things about the PS4 is we can change between games like BF4 and Killzone faster than changing maps within a game this generation.
Sam Fisher  +   898d ago
Sometimes gamers piss me off, you cant make everybody, be happy that in gameplay wise youre getting the full experience on console now, im getting it on ps3 and on ps4 next year, its an amazing game with or without the graphics of pc, god graphics is overrated, everyone wants gta, look at the graphics on that game, looks like shit compared to alot of games and everybody wants it
Army_of_Darkness  +   898d ago
Dice EA are clearly not doing a good job if that guy is making BF4 on ps4 sound that bad because when I see killzone SF running at 1080p and 60fps on multi-player, it's clear as day that the issue is not the hardware, but the developers themselves.

This is what happens when they port the game to 4 different consoles at once.... Bound to be imperfections and limitations.
MWong  +   898d ago
I think the game will eventually run in 1080p. Possibly not at launch, but it will eventually get there. They still have until November 15th, to get the graphics. Or they might do what they did with the XB360 and release an HD texture pack.

Either way the game will be amazing running at 60FPS, 64 players and 720p.
thechosenone  +   898d ago
"How does the Alpha version of BF4 play on PS4?"

I f**king hate IGN.
Sony360  +   898d ago

It's very easy to blame the developers when your favourite console can't run something as well as another platform. Killzone is a game that doesn't have close to the scale of Battlefield 4, and that was why Killzone looks better, not because "the developers are better".

Ps4 just can't handle it on full. A bitter pill to swallow, but it's the reality.
ShinMaster  +   898d ago
Is Scott Lowe the only journalist on the internet criticizing the alpha version of the game on PS4?
Jazz4108  +   898d ago
Dx11 is the reason.
greenpowerz  +   898d ago
Not only DirectX 11.1

Imagine some DirectX 11.2 features on Dx11.2 devices in BF4.

Once the spec NDA from MSFT or AMD or both is lifted today we will finally have devs speak on what is going on with games.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   898d ago
Dx 11.1 with Windows 8 -
Dx 11 with windows 7 -
Dx 10 Windows XP
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ShinMaster  +   898d ago
It's also a bigger resource hog...
Majin-vegeta  +   899d ago

I'll just leave this here.
ashahab861   898d ago | Spam
AgentSmithPS4  +   898d ago
This is old 'news' that Lowe down dirty snake is the only person I've heard criticize how the PS4 version looks.
All the others have said it looks almost as good as the expensive PC version.
nades_all_night  +   898d ago
Lowe is a CoD apologist and xb1 sympathizer. Nothing he says can be taken without a large dose of salt regarding any other FPS besides CoD, or any other console that doesn't start with the letter X.
KontryBoy706  +   898d ago
I guess you didn't hear what he said at 2:19 or didn't want to hear it. "All that was the same as the PC but again visually scaled back quite a bit". QUITE A BIT
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   898d ago
Im dissapointed....I was hoping it would at least be on par with pc visually, I mean DAMN the ps4 is allegedly 10x the power of the ps3. Maybe DICE should have went with 32 or even 48 players on screen at once. I just hope this guy is exaggerating.
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   898d ago
The PC hardware that they use for gamecom is hot stuff. You pay for the graphic card more than for the PS4. Do you really expect PS4 to look better?

I don't need it to look better than a high end pricey PC! I want it to be fluid and stable and it will look great enough to have fun! ^^
DeadlyFire  +   898d ago
I wouldn't be disappointed until I saw the PS4 graphics first hand. Just think about how all the 1box players are going to feel about their graphics if they all assumed this was 100% true. Its not a final build they were playing on either. It was an early build of the PS4 version they brought to the show. Come November you will see how it really plays. Don't let one site brainwash ya without even seeing a screenshot.

Without 64 players it just isn't battlefield.
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titletownrelo  +   898d ago
do you know how powerful and expensive those gamescon PCs are? Each one of them was running the game on Ultra, lol.

Relax, man. THE GAME ISN'T EVEN IN BETA YET! who knows, maybe DICE will surprise us.
Gamesgbkiller  +   898d ago
If its better than PS3 , I'm fine )
No_Limit  +   898d ago
I think it looks fine on PS4. You can't expect a console to matched the spec of a Maxed out PC with a Titan GPU. Both consoles' BF4 will still be 60fps and 64 players online, which is more than enough for a launch title on next gen consoles.
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TemplarDante  +   898d ago
PS4 is capable of alot more than this guys.
Remember Resistance 1 and Resistance 3? How different it looks on the same hardware. They will iron out the problems before launch, but Im certain the next iteration will blow our minds. I cant help but feel IGN is making it out to be worse than it seems...
In any case, Im getting this Day1 for PS4. Hope to see you all on the Battlefield.
Supermax  +   898d ago
I don't mind at all just bring the 60 fps with 64 players only 5 percent of gamers that play bf3 on computers now enjoy it on ultra settings.
theEx1Le  +   898d ago
It's not just that though. Alot of people play it on low settings because the frame boost gives you a great reaction based advantage. The AA in the frostbite engine is phenomenal, but it causes horrific input lag and lower details have the benefit of being able spot enemy players easier.
naBs  +   898d ago
Still getting it on PS4 either way, then PC later on down the line, as I need an upgrade lol. I'll find out for myself how it plays anyway..I'm sure it'll be just as great. I don't know if anyone else here played BF BC2, but I enjoyed playing it more on PS3 than I did on my PC.
acdata  +   898d ago
It plays just like Saints Row 4 on ps3 960x720 resolution @20fps.
svoulis  +   898d ago
a 7990 cost around 1000$ USD. An AMD FX-8350 cost around $200 USD. A decent sized HDD cost around 60-80 USD. The Motherboard they used cost around $250.00 USD. Lets say for sh!ts and giggles that the memory cost around 120$ USD. Oh and a competent power supply to run the GPU around 150$.

They were playing the game on a $1750 USD PC to show it off. You really expect next gen to be on par with a PC that cost that much? Let's be realistic. Someone build a 400$ PC that can play battlefield 4 at any settings and lets see how it runs :D thanks.

The optimal experience is to play on a PC with over 1000$ worth of parts. For anyone else there is PS4 and Xbox One.
GarrusVakarian  +   898d ago
How anyone can care about graphics enough to pay that much to play games is beyond my understanding.
svoulis  +   898d ago
The idea behind it is all eye candy. It's why PC Elitist are in fact Elitist. They spend thousands to have it look and play the best. My theory is play it on what you enjoy. I will be buying it for PC but maybe if I have enough friends playing on PS4 I'll buy it on there too.
andibandit  +   898d ago
or ps3 or 360, if people really want to talk about saving money.
svoulis  +   898d ago
ps3 and xbox 360 version wont have 64 player online, which to me is a big selling point for a game this size on console.
amnalehu  +   898d ago
I think Scott Lowe's story is very misleading and borderline irresponsible. His impressions suggest that somehow the Xbox 1 version of the game is does not suffer from the same shortcomings vs the PC version that the PS4 version does. He also does not point out the fact that the game is still in beta and is not the finished product. The game is already running at twice the speed as the PS3 version and will not doubt be a significant upgrade. Tell the whole story Scott!
sandman224  +   898d ago
I. Wonder if the Xbox one version will be any better than the ps4 version? Only time will tell.
shivvy24  +   898d ago
I wonder how these games will run on PS3/360 !
swishersweets20031  +   898d ago
Did i just hear the guy say, BF4 ps4 didnt look that great plus any other ps4 game i've seen.

How much crack does IGN hand out to their employee's.
jjb1981  +   898d ago
I am happy with bf3 on ps3 so I can only be happy-ER with bf4 on ps4. Come on November!
waljaber  +   898d ago
SSX are the only game worth playing from this $h it company.
KontryBoy706  +   898d ago
I moved to PC in August 2012 BF3 is like night and day on PC compared to console. People please stop expecting BF4, or most games for that matter, to be maxed out like on a PC. I'm not sure where the idea came from, probably the media, but it needs to die a quick painful death. You can't expect a $400/$500 machine to outperform or perform on the same level as PCs with gfx cards in them that are more expensive than consoles and the actual card is half the size of a console too. It's just not smart to think that. The media wants this console vs PC war just like Sony vs Microsoft. it's all marketing. Be happy there are new consoles coming that will give you much higher graphical fidelity than previous gen. These consoles are going to be MUCH more powerful than the PS3/360... but not near a gaming PC. Even if they "optimize" it lol to be 1080p what about maxing the game with all graphical settings up to maximum with high res textures and High post processing with high MSAA enabled like BF3 on PC?.... I don't think so. Medium/High at 720p 60fps or Medium 1080p 60fps would be a accomplishment for consoles indeed.
GamingTruth  +   898d ago
unfortunately your comment holds no weight when talking about exclusives from playstations or xboxes
KontryBoy706  +   897d ago
it does hold weight. I owned PS3/360 there is not an Uncharted 1, 2, 3/Last of us or Gears 1, 2, 3/Forza/Halo etc that performs or looks as good as a game maxed out on PC running above 60fps above 1080p. Nor will there be the next gen coming, we are already seeing cuts to BF4 and expect more from the The Division, Watch Dogs, The Witcher, Titian Fall and much more. BESIDES.... My comment had NOTHING to do with what you brought up anyway but while I was at it, I figured I'd indulge
leogets  +   898d ago
the guys a prick.. bottom line..

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