Why Steve Ballmer Failed

Ballmer is roughly the tech industry’s equivalent of Mikhail Gorbachev, without the coup and the tanks and Red Square. When he took control, in 2000, Microsoft was one of the most powerful and feared companies in the world. It had a market capitalization of around five hundred billion dollars, the highest of any company on earth. Developers referred to it as an “evil empire.” As he leaves, it’s a sprawling shadow. It still has cash—but that matters little.

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Retroman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )



enough said.......

Computersaysno1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Maybe but he is a buffoon but he is worth about 15 billion dollars with a private yacht the size of a frigate, a mathematical genius no less and has some of the greatest gifs and videos the internet has ever seen. He was only ever an employee of Microsoft, one of the few billionaires in the world that never actually founded the company that made him rich.

Not that bad of a failure then. He'll retire and enjoy himself.

1702d ago
SilentNegotiator1702d ago


A person can still fail at his job and become rich in the process. Capitalism is the best economic system, but it definitely has its flaws.

meetajhu1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yeah he's not a buffoon sitting infront of his computer or closet and raging every day in all websites and forums. Yawn. He is 100 times the superior brain to most of the humans in the planet. And he is a mathematical genius. Bill Gates was not dumb to make him the CEO. Ballmer was one the prime reasons for Windows success.

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sak5001702d ago

He's still leaving MS in better shape then most Sony employees.

Look at those sdf ants crawling all over this news. Lets attack every MS article since we can't do anything constructive anyway.

SpecialSauce1702d ago

hah! dude MS is one of the lamest cold corporate money machines on the planet. why you enjoy defending them is beyond me. Ballmer sucks ass and YES has millions of dollars but really doesnt give a damn about you. people are happy to bash him because he really accomplished nothing significant in his time as CEO of one of the biggest corporations on the planet.

It's great he's going, hopefully the next guy pushes MS into becoming so much more than it is, and i don't mean more cash flow.

excellent article. all the blows were well placed and just

jackanderson19851702d ago

not sure why they are saying he failed... he took over when the dotcom bubble was raring and it subsequently crashed... he kept the company on relatively solid share price while others around him crashed, although some did rise like apple and google

they still own the PC market, they're making gains (albeit relatively small) in the mobile market and are one of the leading companies in the home console market.

not bad i'd say.

then again fresh blood is always good for a company and maybe the new man/woman in charge will let them make bigger gains in the mobile market and provide a worthy challenge to Apple and Google

OrangePowerz1702d ago

Well during his time they had Zune, Windows Vista and Windows 8 and some other things that didn't work out that well. While the share price is stable currently it is 2/3 of what it was at the end of 1999 when MS was at the peak. They still have the OS market under control, but for all other areas they have to fight against very competent conpetition.

kingdip901702d ago

That's why the stock jumped 8 when ballmer announced he was leaving. It seems the reshuffle at microsoft didn't save his hide after all.

I'm wondering what this means for xbox one. I hear there is a very vocal element in the company wanting to sell them and while it may only be small they may gather momentum during whatever paradigm shift will take place in a year when ballmer actually leaves.

It makes you wonder how good an investment xbox one is now with such an uncertain future

meetajhu1702d ago

w8 Windows Vista and Windows 8 was failure? I never knew. Coz your PC running is powered by Windows 7 and all future devices firmwares are built upon WDM drivers. Is this a personal hate for Steve Ballmer or is the hate for the Xbox One?

OrangePowerz1700d ago

The only reason Windows 8 is selling is because you can`t buy any new PC with Windows 7, they all come automatically with Win8. It`s an OS designed for touch devices forced on desktop users. Windows Vista ran horribly bad compared to XP and Windows 7 is what Vista should have been.

Thehyph1702d ago

He didn't fail. Microsoft still made gains in his tenure at the top.

It's just that those gains were nowhere near as huge as Apple and Google.
They showed up half-assed and then too late to the mobile devices gig; the most important thing to have happened in the tech industry since he became CEO.

And relating to this site: They will come in third place again at the end of the current generation of consoles. The primary reason would be neglect of the global market. Winning North America is not as great as winning the world.

r1sh121702d ago

Ballmer has not failed, the entire market has shifted to a different place.
E.g - all PC sales are down, due to the mobile/ tablet market.
Yes MS were a little slow in the tablet arena but the software works great on them now. But they are primarily a software company.

Its easy to call him a failure, but look at Tim cook and apple.
The share prices dropped, but who do you blame?
Actually Samsung/ Android became a big contender hence why apple lost it a little.

HE has done some good things.

BattleAxe1702d ago

Developers. developers, developers, developers....

Soldierone1702d ago

Because all he did was ride out what he was given. Everything he was involved in, failed. He was also the one that saw no potential in smart phones, and now look, Microsoft is desperate for a share in that market. Why? Because HE blew it off.

He let Zune die, almost let Xbox blow itself up, watched Windows release two horrible releases, lost the phone market, sucked in the tablet market, and the shares and revenue from Microsoft as a whole are not even half of what they were.

You can't blame the dot com bubble. Google, Apple, Yahoo, all these companies were set up to do well, and did better. Microsoft was in a better position than all of them, and failed. Honestly if it wasn't for what Gates did before him, Microsoft would probably be gone right now. Then you have companies jumping in late, Amazon, Facebook, etc... that are growing faster than MS has the past ten years.

All he wanted to do was ride it out.

NateCole1702d ago

Thats because MS was too big to fail and not because he is any good.

He is a douche and a follower. Not a visionary leader.

SilentNegotiator1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"he kept the company on relatively solid share price while others around him crashed"

Why would a SOFTWARE/HARDWARE company be expected to crash when the dotcom bubble burst? The need for computers didn't go anywhere just because horrible internet companies with failed business plans exploded.

Of course they went down because they're RELATED, but then Microsoft stock just went back and forth around its ~$30 average ever since. How did Ballmer do that?

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No_Limit1702d ago

LOL, MariaHelFutura and another anti-MS news submission. smh

JackStraw1702d ago

do you LOL at every single thing you read?

GenericNameHere1702d ago

MHF also submitted the stupid article saying PS4 is for stupid people, and that you Xbots are very smart because you allow NSA to rip you a new one everyday. If anything, you're just personally attacking people who submits any article that doesn't praise Microsoft or the Xbox

maniacmayhem1702d ago

Or maybe he's pointing out that certain obvious sony trolls love to submit flame bait articles.

And there also more people on this site who attack anyone who doesn't bow down to Sony.

buynit1702d ago


This guy has some seriously weirdo moments, that pic!

corywebb931702d ago

He looks really handsome in that picture

sak5001702d ago

You wanna ask him out?

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