10 Reasons Why The Xbox One Is Better Than The PS4

AS writes: "In a few months, many gamers will have to make a decision: Xbox One or PS4? How do you choose? Well, we’re here to help, with our list of come up with this list of 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4. There are lots of rumors out there, and plenty of blind console loyalty, but how do the consoles really differ? In terms of specs, the two consoles are virtually identical. So we decided to take a look elsewhere in these consoles’ launch lineups, policies, and plans for the future. The Xbox One is leading in terms of games and features, but is losing in terms of pricing and credibility with fans. Let’s take a look at 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One is Better Than the PS4."

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GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

"In a few months, many gamers will have to make a decision: Xbox One or PS4? How do you choose?"

And that mentality is what's wrong with the majority of gamers these days, which is what we are by the way, GAMERS. Not corporate representatives.

Edit: If a person has to choose due to them only being able to afford one console then that's understandable, but articles like this promote a linear way of thinking, a way of thinking that encourages brand loyalty when what we should have is videogame loyalty. If you choose the Xbox One and that only, you miss out on great PS4 exclusives and vice versa.

joe901763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

So we have a "why Xbox is better than PS4" article and no one will approve it, yet swap Xb1 with the PS4 and this would be front page news and everyone bro fisting each others arse holes over the Flopatwixelbytes.

I don't console game much but i hope the XB1 sells more, i don't hate Sony.....I hate its childish immature fan base who wank each other off over having 1 extra USB port.

Yes this is a very childish statement by myself....but oh boy do i hate your peasant Sony kind with a passion.

Yes mods i do know whats about to happen to my account.

Same article APPROVED but why the PS4 is better:

joe901763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

If this was any other site DayZ id be with you on that BUT this is N4G where the PS4 is better than any high end rig and the XB1 has the same insides as a gameboy.

WickedLester1763d ago

PS fans had to endure the same thing from both the media and Xbox fans this current generation, especially early on. "What's good for the goose" I say!

MRMagoo1231763d ago

maybe because there isnt actually any reasons why the xbone is better than the ps4 because shock horror it isnt better than the ps4.

morganfell1763d ago

As soon as I saw the ridiculous statement "virtually identical" in the summary I stopped reading there. I didn't even bother with a time wasting click to their site.

Ostrich head in the sand routines will not change the truth.

1763d ago
PSVita1763d ago

Im sure ill get approved but did you read the "10 reason"?

B-radical1763d ago

You sir speak nothing but truth.....It's not like i go out of my way ever to go on ps4 articles and talk smack...yet they do it alot on n4g to be fair alot of the fanboys Sony and MS alike would be kids its just sad seeing them waste there time over it......they are after all the future aha sadly

NateCole1763d ago

Grow a spine. Never complained when this site was full of xbots.

raymond_zero_G1762d ago

So... Did anyone else notice that both the '10 Reasons Why The PS4 Is Better Then The Xbox One' and '10 Reasons Why The Xbox One Is Better Then The PS4' articles were actually written by the same author in the same website? I don't know about you, but I would like to see more people like this author, who unlike the hundreads of gaming authors out there was able to be imparcial and neutral, and less people like joe90 who come to N4G and complain about a article taking too long to get approved and bashing against every single fan on sony's fanbase, don't get me wrong you can complain and sometimes that's improves things up (reminding when Microsoft changed they're policies after E3) but you can do it without insulting people with statements as '(...) your peasant Sony kind(...)'

AngelicIceDiamond1762d ago

Keep telling the truth no matter how much Sony fans disagree because all they have at there disposal is a disagree button. Most of them have crappy logic anyway.

Ignore the disagrees and kindergarten logic of fanboys and know that your right.

That's what I say.

Tito081762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@jr85prix- Are you retarded? Just because there's a lot of us, it does not make us the worst, it only proves the PlayStation brand more popular than Xbox, & that's a true fact no one can deny.

If you talk about PS fans being the worst, doesn't having multiple accounts, saying "Powah of tha cloud", petition to bring back the DRM policies, comparing Forza to GT when it should be compared to NFS Shift & Grid, Articles like "Why The PS4 Is For Stupid People And The Xbox One Loves The NSA" & "Xbox One has 'best line-up of games in the history of consoles'" & "Xbox one will use X gigs of the best ram" makes Xbox fanboys any worst? You know it's true.

BTW, some of you being trashing KI before it got announced at E3, now you're "Loving it", then downplaying the importance of indie games because indie devs are supporting PS4 more, when Flower, Journey, Limbo, Braid, Papo & Yo, Joe Danger and Bastion are some of the best indie games on this current generation consoles, so please partner, don't be ignorant, it's bad for your health.

If it wasn't for PS fans not wanting any of that & speak their mind, Xbox fanboys's ignorance for being corporate puppies & let Microsoft get away with anything, then Microsoft wouldn't have being making those many 180 turns, Don Mattrick would still be around, maybe Steve Ballmer would not have announced his retirement from the company, & they would not have supported indie self-publishing, copy that.

avengers19781762d ago

@joe90 since you have been here for awhile, then you surly know that for the longest time this site was nothing but Sony hate, and people consistently trashing anyone that was a Sony fan. I have been a Sony fan since the original playstation. I also played Atari 2600, Nintendo, SNES, GameCube, N64, wii, wii u, Xbox, Xbox 360, sega genesis, sega Saturn, dreamcast, turbo graphics 16, PSP, PSV, ps1,ps2, and ps3, and pc's... Well my point is if you can dish it out, you can take it, and 2nd just because I am a playstation fan does not in anyway make me a peasant in the gaming world.

XB1 has its ups and downs, it does have some good looking games, but PS4 also has its ups and downs, and also has some good looking games. Multiplat games will look and run basically the same on both systems, both have many of the same features. With both coming out in November (15th for PS4, TBA for XB1, but I assume they will make there November release). It's as head to head as it can be, so both companies need to deliver quality systems, a steady flow of content, and maintain good networks, the competition is going to make things great for us, the gamers, XBox fan, playstation fan, Nintendo fan, or PC are all winning right now because of the need for each company to out preform the other.

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Sevir1763d ago

Didnt we just have 10 other articles on here talking about the same exact thing? really who cares which someone thinks is better. Opinions opinions. Pick one or both and move along. These articles here are futile. Those who made thwir preorder know which they are getting. There isnt a reason to try and convince someone who is set on how they choose to spend their money, Sony and MS convinced the early adopters on what system they are getting. These articles stating everything we know about both consoles are redundant to the fans and fanbois here. Flame War Fodder!

As for me. Sev♥PS4

AngelicIceDiamond1762d ago

@Sevir Spot on I agree. Your console of choice is your choice, Whether its PS4 or X1 you shouldn't explain "why" to anyone. I hope you support gaming and not fanboyism.

There's a difference.

I probably won't be getting the new consoles right away but my first console I'll pick up is X1 then PS4 soon after.

rainslacker1762d ago

They gotta keep the faith in order to get the 2nd adopters on board. Strength in numbers my friend.

Otherwise, if people have to read a list to make up their minds when making a $400-$500 purchase, as opposed to doing actual research, then I suppose all these negative comments towards one system or another can influence that person.

For the time being though, would be nice if some of this console war nonsense would calm down some. I've noticed the games aren't being talked about much except to be part of the ammunition on which console is better for this silly console war. There's a big difference between saying why you like/dislike a specific game, and saying you like/dislike a console because that specific game is on it.

Salooh1762d ago

We follow news here so we know everything. It's dumb trying to convince us. If i want X1 i will have my reasons and same goes for ps4. Isn't this the time where you people stop approving this kind of articles ?. Grow up and stop supporting it . These kind of articles are for noobs who don't follow gaming news . It's a waste of time here..

schlanz1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Personally I think XB1 has a better REVEALED exclusive lineup, but that's really a shallow way to compare the support for each system. With 30 exclusives in the work by Sony Worldwide, there is still a lot we haven't seen yet.

And the bigger thing to look at is the current gen- how well has Sony supported their system with exclusives over the years compared to MS? Sony has a long history of supporting their systems with lots of new content late into the systems life cycle. Can't say the same for MS. All they honestly care about are a few big games to get you to buy the console, and then a few more to keep you playing online and paying your Gold subscription fee. That is guaranteed revenue. Why take risks with AAA games that might not generate a whole lot of profit when you can rely on 3rd parties to take the risks while you collect sub fees?

Now of course Sony is getting in on subscription fees but considering their history, and the overall message they are trying to convey with the PS4 is they are more committed to the core gaming crowd; I don't have any fear that they will stop providing lots of fresh content each and every year their system is on the shelf.

Bundi1763d ago

It has better next gen exclusives at the moment. I'm talking real games that show you have a next gen machine and not $5 games to pass the time.

GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I'd say Forza 5 and Killzone: Shadow Fall are both pretty good representations of next gen games for each platform, wouldn't you agree?

Bundi1763d ago

I would agree very much, I'm not one to not give due credit, I believe Kill zone is a breathtakingly beautiful game and a true representation of next gen.
I also believe Drive Club and makes a good case for next gen as well. The rest of the ps4 exclusives however do not get that vote from me, not the ones at launch anyway. Down the line, the Order and infamous SS showcase what next gen is about.

Don't get me wrong, indie games are unique and fun and pay an important role, ur they should never be the main attraction to a console that boasts 8gb of RAM and a host of other hardware specs that go over my head.

On the One side Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, and Ryse are games worthy of next gen status. Looking further ahead, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, TitanFall, Halo One fly the next gen flag pretty high in my books.

ZBlacktt1763d ago

Not sure why people keep saying their exclusives are better. Pure opinion based answer I guess.

Other then that. This story is to easy to pick apart.

ZBlacktt1763d ago

Killer Instinct, is a 20 year old same screen fighter game. It should be totally free. I was playing this in the arcades back then. Then it came on like the Super NES....

Pintheshadows1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

The issue is it is entirely subjective. And that is a good thing. For one person Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall are better for them than Drive Club, Infamous and KZSF. Vice Versa. I think they are competing equally on the BIG exclusive front at the moment to be honest.

I worry about MS's track record though. Sometimes they are very out of touch with what people want. Case in point, Windows 8 and the last few years of both Xbox's.

Again Bundi, 'better' is entirely subjective. For example, the day the PS4 launches X Rebirth is launched on Steam and that to me is 'better' than all the launch games for both consoles combined. That is just me obviously but what is better for one person isn't for another.

Bundi1763d ago

I should have said better and more AAA exclusives announced.

rainslacker1762d ago

It would help if you'd stop ignoring the AAA games available on the system while only focusing on those "$5 games to pass the time" games.

Bundi1762d ago

I mentioned infamous, The Order, Killzone and Drive Club and how I believe they are great examples of AAA games. The Xbox One just has more.

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n4rc1763d ago

this is whats wrong with "Gaming journalism"

you can clearly see the "10 reasons ps4 is better than xbox one" on the right...

its nothing more then listing benefits of both consoles, but doing so in a way that keeps the bs fanboy war going..

KUV19771763d ago

I kinda wanted to write a detailed and eloquent answer on why most of the points in the article are completely without basis but I feel like just writing: #secondstupidestarticleever!

ZAF1763d ago

10 - Dedication To Going Digital
Sony has been doing this on the PS3 for quite some time letting players preorder their games on the PStore, so i don't see how Microsoft is doing better than Sony on this.

9 - Dynamic Achievements
I think it's a great idea for microsoft to do this but saying that it will be a big change over the PS3 trophies is stupid because you're comparing XBone to PS3 and Sony still hasn't anounced anything for the PS4.

8 - A Controller That Hasn’t Changed Much
This is good for Xbox gamers but i don't see how this could affect PS4 fans, the PS4 new controler looks great too.

7 - Bonuses in Multi-Console Titles
Watch Dogs + Assassin's Creed IV = Ps4
Call of Duty + Fifa 14 = XBone

Microsoft wins this one because Call of Duty and Fifa 14 are two the best selling franchises in the world.
Assassin's Creed is also one of the best and has for Watch Dogs, we will have to see.

6 - Dedicated Matchmaking
I think Microsoft is doing a great job here and this a good reason for fans of online games, having their own servers will sure make fans happier about the lag, but i don't think the PS4 will be at a big disadvantage because i have both the PS3 and Xbox360 and i never had any problem with both, PS3 was great for online gaming, the only problem i had with PS3 were the Download Speeds, games took forever to download, but playing online they were the same for me.

5 - More Interaction With Your TV
I guess this depends on the person, if watch alot of TV then maybe the XBone is the one for, if you don't maybe the PS4.

4 - The Kinect 2
This is also based on the persons interest, i personaly didn't enjoy Kinect and i would have prefered that Microsoft launched a SKU without one.

3 - Experimental Pricing
Sony has f2p games on the PS3 and it will have even more on the PS4, the fact that Microsoft is approaching this is great but Sony is already open on this.

2 - Cool Console Exclusives
While i think Microsoft has showed better games then Sony many of those games are third party and could later go to the Sony aswell. Titan Fall did look amazing, can't wait to try it.

1 - Outstanding Launch Lineup
In my oppinion it's a tie, if Titan Fall was a lauch title the Xbone would easily win the launch lineup, the could be said for Infamous 2 on PS4.

ZBlacktt1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Good write up!

joe901763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

You sir, should write a lot more comments, even be an indie jern.

Pintheshadows1763d ago

I watched Joe90 earlier today along with a few episodes of Captain Scarlet. Off topic entirely but I just thought you should know.

PSVita1763d ago

Thanks for taking your time out to explain exactly what I was thinking. WELL SAID +bubble

Pintheshadows1763d ago

That is some Alan Hansen level analysis. I gave you a bubble for intelligence. If you don't know who Alan Hansen is look him up. He likes defending.

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