PS4/Vita: Will Remote Play Work?

IGN saw Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag use Remote Play today. Will it be like that in your living room?

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Qrphe1732d ago

It already works on most games on hacked PS3. It will surely work on PS4 if it's enabled to begin with.

LOGICWINS1732d ago

If it will work shouldn't be the question. The question should be how WELL it will work. Obviously Sony had an ideal setup for the conference. The distance from your PS4 and the quality of your internet connection(s) will play a factor. Either way, the truth will come out in a few months.

iamnsuperman1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I agree partially. Sony has said it will work with everything but I would like to see evidence they mean this before I 100% believe them. The remote play for the PS3 and PSP/Vita was a half assed attempt at genius (I even wrote a user blog on it here). It worked very well (in the home never tried it outside) but it was never implemented in any real way.

Also I would like to see how Gaikai comes into it in a bit more detail.For example will the quality degrade at peak times? Like you said it was the perfect set up at the conference

OrangePowerz1732d ago

The PS3 remote play was half assed because it wasn't done on a system level for PS3 games and required the devs to implement it. The PS4 is supposed to do that on a system level so the devs don't have to do anything to enable it.

patsrule3161732d ago

@Iamnsuperman "Also I would like to see how Gaikai comes into it in a bit more detail.For example will the quality degrade at peak times?"

I think you are confusing Gaikai's technology with Gaikai's online streaming service for backwards compatibility. Gaikai developed a method of compressing the video from a game on one system while viewing and controling on a different system. This is what I refer to as Gaikai technology. The PS4 will have this technology inside the box itself, and will stream directly to your PS4, either through your local area network (lan) or the internet. If you use your lan, it doesn't matter what time you use remote play, the quality will be up to your lan's strength. If you use the internet, it would depend on the internet strength and bandwidth you are using, and peak usage times could slow that down, but it still would have nothing to do with Gaikai's service.

The Gaikai streaming service for playing PS3 games on the PS4 has the games you are playing running on their servers, and transmit the video to your PS4 using the same technology as remote play, but peak usage at the servers could see a slow-down. I guess time will tell.

Thehyph1732d ago


I cannot see any problem with it working on your home network. I tried it with the ps3 on my Vita and it was great. The part I'm worried about is when you're outside the home network. You have to remember that if the two devices are on the same network then the delay is almost non existent, and the bandwidth available is as fast as an 802.11g modem can operate.

Take them off the same network and it's night and day. I'm very curious to see how they optimize it. My own experience trying it was even worse then the video IGN made using remote play on the ps3. (Should be easy to find. I think it was Colin and Greg in it.)

There's something to take into consideration; the upload speed of the internet your ps4 is connected to. This can be an issue as we've all seen internet providers that can give your more than enough down but limit your up. When you're remote playing, your ps4 is constantly running a video upload. This will probably be less of an issue if the system can recognize bandwidth related issues and adjust automatically a la Netflix or YouTube.

You should try it yourself and you'll see what I mean. It's much different than the home network. I'm anxious to see how much it has been improved.

Sevir1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

They've demonstrated 2 times already. The first being a first party game, the second being a 3rd party game to dispel concerns. Also, we have heard other third party developers talking about Remote play for their titles and how they look forward to supporting it, Both Blizzard and CDP Red has been on record talking about the feature and that the PS4 Versions support it natively.

So Why was it that PS3 remote play have baked? Remote play was achieved very limited because Developers had to divy out memory to get it to work on a game by game basis, with memory so limited for ps3 games as a whole devs just couldnt see the reason to support the feature at the cost of making their multiplatform games suffer on ps3.

On the PS4 this feature was long conceived to support the vita at a system level because the Vita while having a shorter development cycle was also developed along side the PS4, and the streaming technology that makes all this possible was powered by Gaikai. The distance from your PS4 wont really matter when you are in home, as the PS4 becomes a host server which beams the content to the vita, what will make the magic happen is the strenght of your wifi connection. If its strong then itll be as perfect as shown in both demonstrations of Knack and Assassin's Creed. If you have a weak connection then itll have the experience be less than desired. Also
Shu confirmed on twitter that its possible to do remote play outside of the home away from the ps4.

Though thats still left to be seen, i dont feel there is need for speculation. It works and Shu isnt known to be a liar or a person to misrepresent the PS brand.

rainslacker1732d ago

It works fine now for games that support it. On a home network it's great. On a laggy or slow network it greatly depends on the two combined. I've never had a problem using remote play at work, and it has a crappy slow connection. It drops out sometimes, but that's likely an internet/device issue, not a remote play issue.

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DwightOwen1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Oh darn, I wish I hadn't traded in my Vita and cancelled my PS4 pre-order so I could experience the thrill of playing my games while sitting on the crapper.

EDIT: Oh, and if you doubt that I ever owned a Vita, my username and PSN ID are the same. Knock yourself out.

LOGICWINS1732d ago

Your missing out man! You'll need that Vita..especially after a Taco Bell binge lol.

Transporter471732d ago

Trade in your vita and cancelled your Ps4 Pre order? why would you do that unless

1. You wanted to lose money on the Vita
2. Cancel a console that will be out of stock for a while which could of sold to make money
3.Your comment makes not logical sense to someone with Common sense.

DwightOwen1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

1. That's literally the only purpose the Vita would have for me now that Hot Shots: WI is on PS3, and to me that isn't worth keeping it around, no matter how nice the device is.

2. Don't need the money.

3. Logic depends on what you find most important.


Nope, just sharing my story.

EDIT: I WAS being sarcastic, though.

Cupid_Viper_31732d ago

4. He gave up gaming to become a full time troll...

DinoNYC1732d ago

Inactive accounts that only saw the light of day of sign up.

Sevir1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

He's Got a trophy level of 12 and 1015 trophies. Lol he checks out but i feel this is him being sarcastic.

DwightOwen1731d ago

If I hadn't built a gaming PC back in 2011 it would probably be double, if not triple that...

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buynit1732d ago ShowReplies(1)
telekineticmantis1732d ago

Reverse remote play. I want to be able to play my Vita games on my Big Screen when I'm home. Does anybody have any news on that?

rainslacker1732d ago

That would be one of the best features ever. Or just making it so you can play downloaded Vita game purchases on the PS4. Good way to push digital game sales as well.

OTOH, might cause problems for games with Vita specific controls...unless you actually use the vita as a controller.

LoveSpuds1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Do you realise how low a resolution you are looking at on your VITA?

Up-scaling that to play on a big TV would result in a pretty underwhelming experience.

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