PS4 Eye Camera Will Support Voice Navigation

According to Amazon's Camera description page.

When combined with the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller's light bar, the evolutionary 3D depth-sensing technology in the PlayStation Camera allows it to precisely track a player's position in the room. From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming.

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bebitech1760d ago

Although this is all likely to be true, until Sony confirms such functionality, you can't assume the PS4 will support such features

Tony-A1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I don't think it's too hard to believe, but I'm still not very interested in the camera right now. I'd rather use the cash for a new controller or another game! That's why I'm relieved to find that they give you the option. Only reason I would really use it would be for chatting with friends.

cleft51759d ago

Yeah it wouldn't surprise me at all.

itBourne1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Exactly, I am sure I will get the camera eventually, as I did with the ps3, but glad I dont have to waste the money at launch. I am really not interested in any of that tech, can get it at a more convenient time for me.

Outside_ofthe_Box1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

In before the "having a camera is okay now?" and "now that Sony is doing this it will be hailed as the next new innovation/Sony is copying again" comments even though this was hinted at in the past...

AngelicIceDiamond1759d ago

I can believe it, but then again you have to spend 60 bucks for the camera.

Only a hardcore PlayStation gamer will opt to that.

JunioRS1011759d ago

You, me, and pretty much everyone else says that same thing! I'd much, much rather have another game. Or controller. Or anything else, literally anything... 3 indie games, a year of PS+...

abzdine1759d ago

i was impressed by how small the PS4EYE is and how bit the Kinect 2 is.
Great thing if they incorporate such feature, it will make PS4EYE at the same level as Kinect and and for less money.

SignifiedSix911759d ago


You obviously don't know much about kinect 2.0 if you think the PS4EYE is on the same level.

Of course its smaller. It has less tech/hardware than the kinect.

1080p wide angle lens with IR beaming. That alone makes it better by a LONG shot.

abzdine1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

if you judge things by size then you dont understand anything.
PS4 is way more powerful than X1 and X1 is much bigger and even has an external power brick. Now how do you explain that? Powaaah of da claaaawd?

I played the new Kinect Sports and i can tell that it works so bad and it tracks just as bad as kinect 1. now tell me about the improvement and tech.

andibandit1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

@ Abzidine

"if you judge things by size then you dont understand anything."

Ok....I will judge things you say based on your Hater-level.

BlueBlood171759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


PScam..............Kinect 2

2 cams.............1 cam (TOF)
4 mics.............4 mics
No IR..............IR blaster
85░ FOV............?'wide' rumored to be ~70░
0.3m Focus.........?rumored 0.8m Focus
? >2 ~4............Up to 6 people tracked

Kinect features: Voice control, gesture control, facial recognition, Nightvision, controller tracking, external device control, motion gaming.*

PS cam features: Voice control, gesture control, facial recognition, controller tracking, 3D photos and video, motion gaming.

Kinect = $100 (apparently)
PS cam = $60

Conzul1759d ago

Voice navigation + a Skype app or VSee app will have me getting one of these cams. Gonna wait otherwise.

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sincitysir11759d ago

Ps4 on. *plays killzone an dies* god damn it ps4 get the hell out of here! *ps4 sadly leaves the rooms

Bruce_Wayne1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

*PS4 please come back!*

PS4 hesitates. Then I ask him if he wants to eat Infamous: SS. Then he returns and I accept him with open arms and feed him.

We live happily ever after.

The End.

FamilyGuy1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Yeah I'm not believing this till Sony says it, don't care much either way. I doubt they sent this info to Amazon without telling the rest of us or ever mentioning it any where else so it's probably just Amazon themselves making assumptions.

If sony wanted to do gesture or voice controls they could have already done it now on the PS3 but have shown no interest in it. For example, GTA V has some barking orders sort of implementation that rushes a cashier you're robbing when you yell at them through a mic.

I like the camera, won't be buying it at launch though. When enough of my video chatting friends move on to PS4 or some game that makes real use of it comes out, that's when I'll pick it up.

JackStraw1759d ago

sony has been keeping as much on the ps4 back as possible. tbere hasn't been much announced about the camera at all. so this is all very possible, and very likely. i do vaguely recall something about the camera supporting voice navigation tho around e3. i'll try to find it.

also, sony could've just been holding back to put this feature in the ps4 instead of the ps3.

i also like the camera, and even like kinect, but i don't want to buy either until i see something i would actually use one of them for. at the moment, there's nothing.

ShinMaster1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Not hard to believe considering voice commands have more to do with the software than the hardware.

slazer1011759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Well according to the description on Amazon it does support such features.

Shadowsteal1759d ago

I 100% agree with you but a potential reason they aren't talking about this feature might be due to the fact that the camera isn't bundles with the system. So Sony doesn't want to give consumers the wrong idea by advertising a feature that won't be possible out the box.

Dlacy13g1759d ago

Nor does Sony want to validate Kinect. If Sony talks up the camera too much people will start looking at motion cameras as a key feature and one sony doesn't pack in the box and one at which it is not as impressive as kinect 2. This is one more reason Sony pulled their camera from the box with their camera in the box price would be closer to xbox one but the value of the camera isn't there compared to Kinect.

strickers1759d ago

You do know PS3 voice control on Singstar predates Kinect? and that PSEye has always had noise cancelling 4 mic array?

NateCole1759d ago

It was a given but sure enough they will not push it like Move.

I am being brutally honest here but voice control is stupid for simple things as turning on or off your console. This is different from game voice commands.

Why on earth people want to talk to their console to turn it on isntead of just pressing a button which is so much simpler and easier is beyond me.

The only navigation control that i would accept over button press is navigation using my mind as it should be easier than pressing a button. However i doubt this will happen any time soon. Until then.

malokevi1759d ago

....because they can?

And please, while your at it, explain to me how approaching your console and pressing a button is "easier" than uttering a phrase.

"The only navigation control that i would accept over button press is navigation using my mind as it should be easier than pressing a button. However i doubt this will happen any time soon. Until then. "

lol. You won't be satisfied until you can "think" at your console? Good merciful god....

kneon1759d ago

If you're going to use your console to watch TV and you intend to only use voice commands then sure turning it on with your voice makes sense.

But if you plan on playing a game then you will most likely need to use a controller anyway so voice control is pointless. Yes I am ignoring controllerless games, but I have no interest in those, as do most gamers.

ATi_Elite1759d ago

So Next Gen playing a FPS online while actually seeing your ONline Buddies faces on screen will be ALL the RAGE!

Been doing this on my PC for so long!

Glad to see SOny/MS taking hold of this wonderful technology.


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Pintheshadows1760d ago

But I like navigating with my legs.

sashimi1759d ago

but your voice travels faster than your legs and less energy expended:P

USA0071759d ago

Actually once his movement was done, it would travel at the speed of light, a lot faster than sound

Thatmattkid1759d ago

Not if your Chuck Norris.

Godmars2901759d ago

You use a controller with your legs?

Pintheshadows1759d ago

I have actually tried. Sometimes I get bored. I like playing with controllers that are upside down just for kicks. You get used to it quite quickly actually.

rainslacker1759d ago

I used to know a girl that could kick anyone's ass in Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast while playing with her toes.

Kind of freaky actually...although I suppose some people are into that kind of thing.

malokevi1759d ago

I press the A button with my toes all the time when netflix stops auto-cycling or I want to make a quick change.

XB1 will nullify this practice... which is good!

JamieL1759d ago

It's funny you say that. I actually do have to navigate all games with my leg. I lost the use of my right arm in an accident and had a controller made so I could still play, and they put the right stick on a wired and box so I can use my foot to control it, so I can agree with you really. I too like "like navigating with my legs".

Pintheshadows1759d ago

That is amazing. I bet you are now as good with the unique controller as other people are with the regular ones. The body really is a fantastic thing. It adapts so well.

I'm sorry to hear about your accident though Jamie.

PSVita1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Looks at the NSA* :)

Love the name my fellow naruto fan.

CrimsonStar1759d ago

I wanna play to
Looks at Anonymous* :)

Dude grow up if your so worried about NSA you need to throw away your smart phone asap , destroy your laptop , and well pretty much live in a cave .

HammadTheBeast1759d ago


Just cause others are doing bad stuff, doesn't make it OK for one to do the same.

Wise words by me, pls quote later on.

PSVita1759d ago

Dude grow up and stop being so defensive. IT. WAS. A. JOKE. In case you missed the smiley face.

Sevir1759d ago

Lol! *looks at Kinect*

pivotplease1759d ago

It would be kind of funny if this is true as a whole press conference was based around this feature and Sony have stayed silent on the matter as if its only vaguely important (it really is imo). I think the most intuitive way to browse the menus and UI could end up being the touch pad. If not though, analog sticks have never failed me.

Godmars2901759d ago

They're also including a game which needs the camera with the PS4, which all but screams that they intended to include it. Possibly at a $100 mark up despite that its being sold separately at $40(?).

pivotplease1759d ago

I think they may have debated it a bit but then unanimously decided it was better to have the lower entry price and I feel like Sony has also taken the most notice of the core's reaction to motion gaming and they wouldn't risk including something most Sony fans wouldn't bother with (like move). The playroom could also just be a small bit of software to make the camera a more worthwhile purchase since I have yet to see any motion-exclusive games surface. It would be awkward if they released hardware with literally no capacity for gaming at launch.

nukeitall1759d ago

I bet the reason why the camera isn't included is because Sony can't compete with MS in this area. MS is pioneering Kinect, and their implementation is as good as it gets for the price.

Two cameras for depth tracking is worse than the original Kinect implementation.

There is a reason why this hasn't been shown at all.

Sony most likely figured, being $100 cheaper is better than showing a crap product. When all else fail, compete on price!

JackStraw1759d ago

@nukeitall aaaand another person on n4g who is clueless!

the 2 cameras can be used in several different ways. they can both be used for sensing depth, or they can be used for motion tracking, or one can be used for sending depth, while another used for motion tracking. it's totally up to the developer.

i've noticed you really can't stand the thought of sony showing any product that's better than the brand you support. it's sad really.

at least if you're going to argue a point, research first so you don't look so foolish. -1

Foxhound9221759d ago


You really can't go one day without trolling on ps articles can you? I can understand you being upset since your console of choice is probably floating in the wake of the ps4 but fear not, you should grow up some day. Now on topic. You do realize that the ps eye thats currently out can do a lot of things kinect can do right? 1 to 1 tracking, voice recognition, and gesture recognition? The ps4 camera will only improve on what the current camera does so well. It also seems like you're forgetting that very few people like the kinect, and that overall, its a over priced gimmick and novelty item. You make it seem like Microsoft invented motion tracking, and that its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well newsflash, they didnt, and its not. So grow up and just enjoy your Xbox when it comes out, nobody wants to hear you kicking and screaming.

T21759d ago

Is nukeitall friends with admin ? Hes the biggest troll here yet never loses bubble its weird ... Easily as bad as "negative"

Cupid_Viper_31759d ago

@ Nukeitall

I bet the reason why MS bundled Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox One it's because they're super confident and convinced that there's absolutely now way that they can fool everybody twice, back to back.

If kinect 2.0 wasn't bundled, the first question the previous kinect owners would ask is :

1."Why can't I use the one I already own?". No real answer from MS, they just chose to not make it compatible.

2."What does it do that the first one can't?" Again, the answer is "Not Much". It's still a laggy way of controlling games.

3. "Why would I pay $100-$150.00 for this again?" If MS sold kinect 2.0 Seperately, as soon as they announced the price, you'd hear crickets and boos reminiscent of the price reveal for Xbox One.

4. To believe that voice control can't be done by anothing other than Kinect is just plain Idiotic in my opinion. I've been doing voice gaming since PS2 days with Socom, so this is nothing new to me. Cmon, I even use my PS3 Eye Toy to voice chat all the time when I'm too lazy to find my bluetooth headset.

Sony is not focusing on the camera purposely because of all the security concerns that currently exist with PRISMs and the flack MS has been getting with Kinect. Plain and Simple.

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FamilyGuy1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I imagine web navigation will be a lot smoother with that touch pad and we've seen yosh use it to send a text message already.

I keep forgetting about that touch pad but every time it get brought up or used it seems like a cool thing they added. It could just be a new convenience or actually have devs come up with innovative ways to use it like Sucker Punch already has with its stealth strangling.

EPiCDiNGO1759d ago

Any new features is a bonus for the PS4. This feature is not one I would use myself but it could be cool for Netflix or something to navigate the browse page.