‘WWE 2K14’ alcohol, blood, cleavage, weapons and more revealed

THE ESRB has revealed their rating summary for the upcoming WWE 2K14, detailing the game's contents.

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DxTrixterz1730d ago

I hope they finally remove the censorship on Stone Cold Steve Austin taunt when he's giving the middle finger.

wwffan171730d ago

sense when was this news they always had a teen rating

uncharted561730d ago

You know I saw the demo of the UFC game being made by EA and holy sh*t that looks good. You see that game in terms of graphics and technology and then this and there is such a jarring difference.

bilzdabest1729d ago

Well this wrestling.
The major differences between fighting and wrestling.
Fighting is more violent without a doubt but wrestling has hell of lot more prestige. The great man who have stood in that ring , its hall of fame class and the rest of that is something UFC and whatever WILL NEVER HAVE

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