PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Interfaces: Sony And Microsoft Have Learned From Previous Mistakes

IPP writes: "We’re only three months away from the launch of both the Xbox One and PS4, and we’re starting to get a better sense of how the consoles will actually work."

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majiebeast1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Loved the UI demo at gamescom by Sony with Yosp in his boss chair it was so unlike Sony, i was expecting another montage.

Im glad they kept the XMB it looks like Sony has really learned from the PS3 UI's mistakes. The 6-10 second game join was pretty surprising, no more waiting for logos and start menus before being able to join your friend in a mp game.

Best of all no freaking ads.

sincitysir11735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

agree. at first i thought it was too xbox 360 but then i saw the xmb and i said "oh playstation you sly devil you." i love the depth they went into each game and the trophies and your friends showing up on the game page. love it

edit: btw hello ron swanson you sly dog ;]

sincitysir11735d ago

Ahahah bubble up man bubble up haha

cesuf1735d ago

Did they learn from the mistake of paid online from the ps3 and no backwards compatibility? Wait no I guess they didn't. : ( . .. .

OrangePowerz1735d ago

You do know that the architecture is completely different from the cell that would make it hard to do backwards compability.

Ratty1735d ago

There's no way PS4 can software emulate PS3. It would be possible to emulate it with the PS3 hardware but then it'd probably cost a lot more.

Remember they hardware emulated the PS2 with the first models of PS3? PS3's price was a major complaint back then. They had to cut it out because of that. So, no. I don't think it's realistic to ask for backwards compatibility.

thekhurg1735d ago

Gaikai is dealing with most "backwards compatibility" issues through online streaming of older games.

Paid online isn't an issue AT ALL since over the course of your 12 month investment you get more in free games than you paid for on the subscription.

HammadTheBeast1735d ago

Unfortunately, some people haven't ad-vanced, or ad-ded to their UI. They have tiles ad-apted for the UI.

People should be ad-amantly against having ads in a paid service.

DragonKnight1735d ago

Don't feed the off topic troll guys.

johndoe112111735d ago

The ps3 did not have paid online so I dont see what mistake they had to learn from and it is impossible for ps3 games to be played on the ps4.

The cell architecture of the ps3 was unique and games designed for the ps3 cannot be read by the cpu of the ps4 but somehow I get the feeling you already know this and your only purpose here was to troll and show your idiocy. Well done good chap, well done.

Caleb_H1735d ago

The first ps3 was backwards compatible.

Drainage1735d ago

yes they did, now they will bring better features, free DLC, free games, etc for gamers while still making the huge profit that they lost out on during th3 ps3. great for sony

ufo8mycat1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

What is it with people and this backwards compatibility


For crying out loud it'snot rocket science

ufo8mycat1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


Bluepowerzz1734d ago

yeah orange powers two sony fanboy powez wasup dawg @ check my previous comments of me slaying xbots

ZombieKiller1734d ago

Yet another x-tard trying to insult the PS name with a senseless stupid ass argument. It really hurts coming from a fanboy thats been paying the 50 a year to Microsoft and still getting advertised to. They did actually learn from the mistakes....their making us pay the 50 to play online yet it will give us FREE games on PS3 AND PS4 under 1 account nimrod, so YES Sony is taking care of my backwards compatibility issues by making me keep my ps3.
Online is also still free. Certain games won't hide behind the paywall, neither will Netflix and youtube. Basically what I'm saying in more simple terms for you simple minded, one sided fanboys, is that Sony didn't create a paperweight without a paywall like the xbox. Think of a better argument....seriously. Both systems have strengths and weaknesses, pick something better....or continue showing the games industry how stupid you actually are.

Conzul1734d ago

Paid online is not a mistake - it is an improvement since the money goes to improved network infrastructure and features.

No B/C or Weak B/C is a *slight* mistake, but non-fatal.

Get over it.

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hqgamez1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

great UI, I can't wait to use it. I just hope its not social blah blah only.

Persistantthug1735d ago

As was pointed out by an IGN poster, the Gamescom camera guy was awful. Apparently he/she didn't realize this was a VIDEO GAME conference, and thus, we don't really want to see, nor are we interested in his/her cinematography skills.

If you want a better view of the interface, use Sony's youtube vid link:

FamilyGuy1735d ago

That intro was so natural and relate-able, I do the same thing daily. Browse what my friends are doing before hopping in a game. I really liked it.

Sony is all about word of mouth, they are advertising in a way. Being able to see what your friends are playing, what they've done in a game recently, what apps they're on, being able to stream and watch streams of game play are ALL ways the Sony systems PASSIVELY advertise games.

Luckily we don't get any blatant, non-gaming related ads like for food or some bs.

come_bom1735d ago

PS4's UI looks like the Metro UI, with small differences.

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Gster1735d ago

Sophistication breeds sophistication.... Yoo Shuei

Mikelarry1735d ago

i never really spend time on the interface to really care how it looks but from what i have seen they are both quick to navigate to get to what i require be it gaming or watching tv /movies which in my book is a win.

StoutBEER1735d ago

Amen. Sometimes the Dashboard menu button on the 360 is slower than a baby wading through mud.

JewyMcJew1735d ago

For me, the interfaces are the least impressive part of this new generation.

But this is in no way limited to consoles.. Windows 8 Metro, Apple / Adobe, two-color flat icons, lack of texture and shadows, etc...

...not loving this new design phase!

mcstorm1735d ago

I think the new two tone flat design looks far better than the old ones of most devices and web sites. Everything looks more simple and less complex. For me things like the metro design woke very well with finger and mouse input and working in IT I have found people pick this simple design in programs quicker and easer then before. Even in things that people have said they have hated before like the ribbon bar in office 07 10 and 13. People who have used 07 or 10 that have gone to 13 have all said the same thing because it is now all plain it is simple to find what they are looking for where it was too messy on the older versions.

As for the Dashboard one the Xbox one and ps4 I do like the look of them both. For me I like the Xbox one better as I like the way the metro ui looks but Sony have done a great job at giving there us a big make over as for me it was the worst ui on a console I've seen for a long time.

That said can't wait to try them both out for my self.

JewyMcJew1735d ago

I am a programmer myself... most of my anger is dedicated towards Visual Studio 2012 where all the rich texture icons were replaced with two-tone line-art.

It honestly has severely reduced my productivity. And metro on Windows Server 2012 is an insult to nerds everywhere.

mcstorm1734d ago

Lol I know what your saying but at the end of the day more people than ever are using computing devices so we need a simple design and Microsoft have noticed this to. It may not be a hit with the tech guys but we are a small number of people compared to the none tech guys. I also like the simple look of the new Microsoft as it is better on the eye's.

WeedyOne1734d ago

I thought the XMB was the best UI ever on a console. Always hated how unintuitive the 360 dashboard was, took me forever to finds what I was looking for. The XMB was simple and VERY EASY to navigate, it just needed to be more responsive.

mcstorm1734d ago

@WeedyOne its each to there own. I always felt frustrated with the ps3 dash as you could not do to much from it when in a game or app. I did not like it on the pap too for me the vita is a step in the right direction but the ps4 dash dose look like Sony have worked things out but from what I've seen so far the Xbox one dash will fit me better.

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pyramidshead1735d ago

The pimped up XMB at gamescom presser looked very slick. Impressed, more so that it was a genuine live demo too.