What the rest of 2008 still beholds for the PSP

From the article:
''It's only April but what a year it's been for PSP gamers this far. We found ourselves performing deadly combo attacks with God of War: Chains of Olympus, reviving past memories with Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, controlling odd looking but dangerous little creatures in Patapon and even took our current music collection to the next level with Beats. It's without a doubt been a truly spectacular year for the PSP (as seen by the recent PSP sales figures).''
''So is this the end of all spectacular PSP events for this current year? Well we're glad to inform you that it's just the beginning.''

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Harry1903901d ago

That would be cool,like a revival a la Syphon Filter.

AxeCain3901d ago

You can already get them off of the jap Playstation store. you need to create a jap account and purchase a jap PSN card. they have dino crysis, RE1 & 2, MGS and lots more. Better get them before the new store comes out otherwise you may not see them for a while.

INehalemEXI3901d ago

Biggest psp game Im looking forward to now is Dissidia the new Final Fantasy Fighter.

Mr_Kuwabara3901d ago

Same here, along with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

deeznuts3901d ago

Isn't Star OCean coming to the US this year?

Harry1903900d ago

look,there's a picture of you.....