New Destiny trailer from gamescom 2013 plus booth photos

Bungie has released a new Destiny trailer at gamescom. Titled “Out here in the Wild” the trailer shows the games freedom. You can customize your character, design your own weapons and travel to any place you like in the game, additional Players will be able to carry three weapons at once. See the trailer below and our exclusive photos from the Destiny section at the Activision booth at gamescom 2013.

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ErcsYou1939d ago

We might all be arguing over which systems has a a better launch up now but next year we will all be playing the same thing, Destiny.

ZBlacktt1939d ago ShowReplies(11)
-Foxtrot1939d ago

This looks really great, I'm glad they allow you to play it solo aswell like a single player mode.

Only question for me now is what to choose...a hunter or a Warlock

starchild1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Destiny looks so promising. I hope that it will be on PC, which is my main platform.

But it looks amazing regardless. It seems to have so much depth and Bungie know how to make addictive gameplay.

I also have to say that Destiny is quite impressive visually. I don't know why its visuals don't get as much hype as some other shooters. I think it looks just as good or better than KZSF and COD Ghosts.

Edit @ Pintheshadows

Yeah, they have said that they would like to do a PC version, but that the PS4, PS3, XB1 and XB360 are their focus right now.

I think it would be very well received on the PC, so we'll see. If not, I'll probably just get it for the PS4.

Pintheshadows1939d ago

Has it actually not been announced for PC? I find that surprising and for some reason I thought it had been.

pandehz1939d ago

PC gamers will thoroughly gobble up this game.

Its got all the ingredients.
Looks great+fps+mmo+loot=win win if it comes to PC.

I just hope they actually go ahead and do it.

Evilsnuggle1939d ago

P.s Destiny does not look anyway as good as killzone SF is 1080p 60fps destiny is 720p 30fps he'll no

Minato-Namikaze1938d ago

It looks better than ghosts but its not in KZ:SF's league.

H0RSE1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

technical stats aside, a person can still make a valid claim that one games looks as good or better than another, since aesthetics play a big part in one's opinion.

Graphics aside, one Destiny looks to have in spades compared to KZ and Ghosts, is re-playability and fun.

Blachek1938d ago

The 1080P 60 FPS vs. 720P 30FPS is moot.

I can run the hell out of a stick figure in 1080p with 60 fps and you wouldn't prefer it much to the 720p 30fps counterpart. Concept & design play a larger role in how a game looks and Destiny appears to have captured a unique perspective on both art & application.

Starchild has every right to say that visually, they are more impressed with this game. In terms of what this game is (Non-Linear Gameplay, Large Scale Cooperative, MMORPG Elements, & Customizable Loot Based Reward System) it is remarkable how polished this game looks. Compared to a base 1st Person Shooter like Kill Zone I am much more impressed with what they have managed to do here.

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shysun1939d ago

Man that's the damn truth!!

Ashunderfire861938d ago

I admit, I think X1 has the better launch line up, with the dedicates servers those games are getting as a plus. PS4 is the cheaper one, and more people will get it.

T21938d ago

uhh you still on this tired argument? sony was using dedicated servers for like 10 years ... such a waste of a post.

ZodTheRipper1938d ago

On which servers do you think the PS4 version of Destiny will run if not on dedicated ones?

ShwankyShpanky1938d ago

@Zod: Love your disagrees. I guess they think a persistent open world game with dozens of simultaneous players per instance will be run P2P.

Godz Kastro1938d ago

Agreed... But you still might have fights ove texture resolution :/

BallsEye1938d ago

It feels totally like Halo. The armors, The enemies, The weapons, the whole style.. WHICH IS A GREAT THING! Weird tho that suddenly everyone love it. I swear every ps3 owner hated halo for everything it was.

3-4-51938d ago

It reminds me of a mixture of WoW, Borderlands & various random elements from about 10 other games.

In other words, Awesome !

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GarrusVakarian1939d ago

Hmmm, there's something im just not "getting" from this game from what ive seen so far. Ill give it a rent, see if i like it enough to buy. Can anyone actually define for me what type of game this is? Is it like Borderlands but with more people?

Pintheshadows1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

That is how I described to a friend that didn't really get it. It is essentially an mmo. I came up with a 20 word term for it a little while ago but it was silly and I can't remember it. At one point Bungie didn't seem to be able to explain it either.

If you give Defiance a look it will be a far far far far superior version of that type of game.

A persistent co-op driven competitive massively multiplayer online role playing game first person shooter. Or PCODCMMORPGFPS for short.

pandehz1939d ago

Its a kind of MMOFPSrpg

JimmyHACK1939d ago

I was like you until E3. I had my "get it" moment when the public event happened in the demo. Super excited now!

Benchm4rk1939d ago

A must buy for any platform even....

spicelicka1938d ago

A must buy in general. Do you seriously need to flaunt your subliminal fanboy advertisement.

BlasterGR1939d ago

Give us a PC version BUNGIE! Thats an order!

TekoIie1939d ago

They should make this game cross play between platforms too! I hate that a game with a persistent world like this is going to have a split community :(

BlasterGR1939d ago

I definitely agree on that. Imagine the possibilities!

DialgaMarine1938d ago

It'll probably be split between PC and PS4, but sadly with XBL being such a closed in service, it's very unlikely we'll see such a thing on XBone.

ForgivenZombie1939d ago

The more I see, the more I want it..

Pintheshadows1939d ago

I'm adoring the artstyle they have chosen. Someone on here said the other day that it invokes classic science fiction book covers. I couldn't agree more.

nukeitall1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The more I see, the more I'm confused. I still don't know what this game is?

The world looks interesting though, bur the little game play I have seen looks bland, very bland.

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