GTA V: Everything You Need to Know

Grand Theft Auto V is just three weeks away! What better way to celebrate than to obsessively pour over every game detail that has officially been unveiled? Don't worry - IGN has your back. Below is a comprehensive listing of all the key GTA V news and details, in one handy spot.

Evildoomnerd977d ago

I'd like to know if I can switch my aim/fire buttons to L1/R1? That was my only complaint about GTA IV and LA Noire.

manchesterman22976d ago

triggers are there for a reason mate

Evildoomnerd976d ago

True, but using triggers always felt a bit odd to me, and I say this in reference to to both 360 and PS3 pads. I figured I'd in the minority on that, different strokes,I suppose.

psych977d ago

GTA V: Everything you need to know.

1: It is going to be awesome.

That's all you need to know.

DxTrixterz976d ago

2. It will be game of the year.

Genesis1295976d ago

3. It will be game of the century.

Nelson M976d ago

Can you pee on the granny you just beat up and can you haggle with hookers ?

GarrusVakarian976d ago

Hahaha, wtf dude, some f'd up imagination there.

Koyes976d ago

Agreed. Those prostitutes charge extortionate prices. I should report them to the Gta equivalent of Ofcom

GarrusVakarian976d ago

Only thing i need to know is come September 17th, my life ends.