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Submitted by lostcatalyst 897d ago | news

Xbox UK Facebook page advertises PlayStation exclusive again

Game-Smack Ireland: Once again the Xbox UK page has fallen prey to not knowing the competition's game. First it was dropping images of Killzone Shadow Fall in with a bunch of other screenshots but this time the advertising space all goes to the PlayStation 3 and their exclusive The Last of Us. (PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

porkChop  +   897d ago
They're not advertising anything. They're just showing a picture of a cosplayer at the Xbox booth that's dressed as a Clicker. I really don't see the problem here.
HammadTheBeast  +   897d ago | Well said
Well, showing someone dressed up as Master Chief on Sony's Facebook wouldn't exactly be promoting their brand lol.
LaChance  +   897d ago
Master Chief is an international icon.

That "thing" is ... well pretty much nothing in pop culture so nope MS isnt advertising sh!t with that.

Dumbest analogy ever. Never been a bright bunch anyway.
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UltimateMaster  +   897d ago
Spybox Station!
I was just looking at the other comments on that website.
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UltimateMaster  +   897d ago | Well said
PS4 has the best games.
Xbox claims they have the best games, then shows off the PlayStation Exclusive Games.

Well, Thanks!
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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HammadTheBeast   897d ago | Personal attack | show
LaChance  +   897d ago

Since you dont seem to understand english I'll explain it for you.

Pop culture does not refer to pop music. Games like COD and GTA5 for instance are what you can call "pop culture" by their popularity. Same goes for things like the iPhone, Beats by Dre, Jay Z etc etc.

Hope its a lot clearer for you now.
JokesOnYou  +   897d ago
Read the headline, thought "damm micro is stupid", gave the site a hit, thought "damm this site is stupid".
Skips  +   897d ago
Master Chief an "international icon"?

lmfao!!! ... lol

Guess you consider Soap or Captain Price one as well. XD

Well known franchise =/= Well known character

Ask anybody on the street, and they'd probably think he's just any other "Space Marine" in futuristic armor. But if this really bothers you so much, then replace Master Chief with a nameless Spartan or a random alien from the Halo universe. lol

If Sony posted a pic on their facebook page of one of them, it'd still be pretty weird...
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scofios  +   897d ago
Master Chief is an international icon.
North America is not international did you know that.
if you want an international icon take Mario, pac man or Sonic.
hqgamez  +   897d ago
I believe everyone in that microsoft office knows nothing about games.
Can't call em gamers if all they like to do is knock jokes towards sony. (any gamer would know, it was sony that changed gaming with the ps2, got nothing but show respect) when i hear games from third party like splinter cell, or titan fall going xbox exclusive. I know money was the cause.
them MS employees is about trying to enter a market they know a little knowledge about and spend $ to get cash.
we seen zune, tablets, windows phone, hotmail, bing.
their only major success was innovating such as windows.
I respect 360 as they innovated online to consoles, but they took this xbox live thing a little far making it to just something that you have to pay for. making an offline 360 pointless unless you play offline & mod.
ShinMaster  +   897d ago
They even said it's from the Xbox booth... LOL
ALLWRONG   897d ago | Off topic | show
scott182  +   897d ago
Clickers are very recognizable now with so many TLoU copies selling. Not nearly as much as master chief, but if you play games at all you have probably seen something about clickers a few times on sites and articles...
wishingW3L  +   897d ago
I'm a Sony fan and I always buy PlaySation but you Sony fanboys really need to lower that fanboyism quite a bit. You guys are just plain silly.
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B-radical  +   896d ago
Yeah but master chief is an icobn a clicker isnt
LonDonE  +   896d ago
microsoft didnt innovate with online on consoles, sega done that yonks ago with the dreamcast
KwietStorm  +   897d ago
But why would they choose to do that? That's like if Sony showed someone dressed as Princess Peach at their booth. Just why?
Ripsta7th  +   897d ago
They took pics of people dressed up at the convention and that one was a good one
porkChop  +   897d ago
Because it's a convention with lots of cosplayers? Just because the cosplay is from a Playstation game doesn't mean the Xbox guys can't like it or post it on Facebook for people to see.
corvusmd  +   897d ago
True...they're really reaching here...just can't stop trying I guess
StoutBEER  +   897d ago
Yea what the hell? Im an Xbox fan and am gettin an X1 first. But TLOU had me wanting to get a PS3. And I will most likely get a PS4 when TLOU 2 is announced. This is what i hate, when people are a fan of a console they dont think they can like other console/PC games. Why?
PS fans on Xbox vids bashin DR3, Titanfall when they look awesome. I go on PS vids to watch Killzone cause it looks gorgeous, and state so. Yet I see people saying Xbox sucks on the Killzone vid? Talk about the fuckin games. How are people interested in a series going to learn anything about it if all they see is "Xbox sucks. PS4 FTW!" Just sayin was interested in Killzone at first, but its kinda dyin down cause all i see is bitching and no excitement for the game. Thats why im still interested in TLOU cause there is no one bitchin in the comments. Just actually talkin about the damn game!
TheOneEyedHound  +   897d ago
I don't think D3 looks awesome. titanfall looks fun but not awesome to me, Titanfall looks like Call of Duty with Timed Jet-Packs and insted of killstreaks a badass robot. You can look it up you need points to get a robot.

Edit: not saying that I don't want to play titanfall, but the trolling starts when people like you say "Titanfall is Awesome!!" Like it is no matter what, then somebody that disagrees will just simply tell you why it's not.

The reason you don't see much people talking bad about The Last of Us is because it doesn't look generic and it's already highly praise, that Xbots can't point out a bad thing without looking foolish.

I can say "Titanfall looks like Call of Duty with Timed Jet-Packs and instead of killstreaks a badass robot. You can look it up you need points to get a robot" because what I see it is, Titanfall is an MMO I don't see any major change graphically and gameplay wise to not to bash it when idiots like you say it's great,awesome,the best, the reason to get an xbox.
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FamilyGuy  +   897d ago
"PS fans on Xbox vids bashin DR3, Titanfall when they look awesome"

Show me a PS fan bashing Titanfall. We're all gamers here and the only thing I've seen people say is that it's probably a timed exclusive or that they'll get it on pc. Every comment I've seen has agreed that that game looks fun/cool/must have.

On the topic of killzone, fan boys go in every single topic about it claiming it looks boring or some other non-sense. There are PS fans that boast about it comparing it to other title but that's WITHIN killzones article and they're just being enthusiastic in many cases.

The comparison videos just brought more fans and fanboys out.

On topic:
this is relevant in showing how out of touch with games MSs PR is. You never see sony accidentally, full-on or even slight advertising the competitions exclusives.
sic_chops  +   897d ago
@stout TLOU was a really great game. I hope you find a way to play it by either buying or borrowing a friends ps3.
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StoutBEER  +   897d ago
I actually just looked at the picture. Holy shit that makes me cringe, good job girl. I'd still hit it.
ado908  +   897d ago
There would be not enough face palms in this world to save you from what you just said right now.
porkChop  +   897d ago
Oh, really? And why is that? I said they're not advertising anything, and guess what? They're not. It's a gaming convention with tons of cosplayers. They posted a cosplay of TLoU, so what? Why does that matter? Seriously, you guys are being ridiculous and trying to turn this into something it clearly isn't.
Keregan  +   897d ago
it's only a female clicker that wish she could be part of MS next gen :P
ado908  +   897d ago
An exclusive to the PS3 and Sony is cosplaying in Microsoft's booth that is what's wrong. You have other's telling you the exact same thing it's ridiculous to say that you don't know what the problem is. That is like Microsoft taking Zelda or Donkey Kong and cosplaying it in their booth's.
porkChop  +   897d ago
"That is like Microsoft taking Zelda or Donkey Kong and cosplaying it in their booth's."

Microsoft isn't the one cosplaying. What are you talking about? This is a fan dressed up in TLoU cosplay. What, are you suggesting TLoU fans/cosplayers shouldn't be allowed in Microsoft's booth?

They also posted a picture of an AC cosplay. This isn't anything new. At every convention devs/pubs post great cosplay whether it's from their game or not. You guys are just digging for a way to turn this into a bad thing. It's pathetic.
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ado908  +   896d ago
"They're just showing a picture of a cosplayer at the Xbox booth that's dressed as a Clicker" I was referring to this not microsoft my bad the xbox booth.
XisThatKid  +   896d ago
This is late as all hell. This was on here around when X1 was announced
user7402931  +   897d ago
goddamn she is just dressed like a clicker
NaughtyGods  +   897d ago
And if someone is dressed up like Master Chief and Sony would promote it, you would say the same too, right?
LaChance  +   897d ago
So ... a clicker is as popular as Master Chief ? The fck Sony fanboys been smoking ?!

Worst analogy ever.
dantesparda  +   897d ago
stop getting so mad, la chance, now one has been "smoking" anything, peoeple are just trying to make a point
KwietStorm  +   897d ago

You didn't understand the analogy. That doesn't make it the worst anything. And how you got fanboy anything out of that, is just, amazing, but unsurprising.
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Moncole  +   897d ago

Fanboys dont smoke anything, they are just stupid because they stay to one company and cant accept great games on other systems.
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Massenwithme  +   897d ago
@LaChance Are you completely stupid? If you see a clicker you immediatly think of TLOU. The same with Master Chief. They are brand marks. Does it make a difference if Sony shows a alien enemy that is clearly from Halo? No. Its about the prinicple and not how popular it is. No more weed for you. Never heard something more stupid. You must be 10 years old.
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Studio-YaMi  +   897d ago
Why so sore ?
JokesOnYou  +   897d ago
lol, well Master Chief is a well known icon. Just looking at that pic doesn't make me think of TLOU. Slow news day I guess.
mcgrottys  +   896d ago
a better analogy would be comparing the clicker to a flood unit. Why? because I'm going to take a guess that if an average person (one who may or may not have played either game) sees two people cosplaying as either a flood or a clicker from a distance then they would probably just think they are both zombies (or maybe even aliens) but they probably wouldn't say a clicker or flood off the bat.

In fact I'm sure if someone hasn't played one of the games they would ask which game they are from because I didn't see clickers or flood plastered on their game covers, around the city or on T.V. when either last of us of halo's 1/2/3 came out.

If MS had a photo of someone cosplaying as Joel or Ellie then yes the master chief analogy would have worked.
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stage88  +   897d ago | Funny
Well, if you can't beat them, join them.
MotoDot  +   897d ago
LMAO +1 for you :D
HappyWithOneBubble  +   897d ago
LOL good one
Martywren  +   897d ago
pyramidshead  +   897d ago
It looks as if the people running the booth were clueless as to what she was dressed as hahaha.
JackStraw  +   897d ago
clearly not seeing as they made the "no brainer" comment. you sort of have to know what a clicker is to even understand that. it's not like you can tell that part of a clicker is their brain.
grailly  +   897d ago
They were just thinking "zombie" imo
JackStraw  +   897d ago
which is how A LOT of people view the infected. even many tlou fans. your point?
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Starbucks_Fan  +   897d ago
Wow she looks just like one. Creepy.
Dropdeadll  +   897d ago
I'd hit it.
Starbucks_Fan  +   897d ago
With a brick?
Dropdeadll  +   896d ago
JackStraw  +   897d ago
as a sony fan, i don't really consider this advertisement... people are just nitpicking lol.

so i guess when major nelson congratulated ND on tlou, it was him advertising the game as well, huh? lol. silliness.

they're a gaming company making a pun using a video game as a reference. so what if the game isn't theirs?... they're still a part of the industry.

i suppose other game companies shouldn't show anything or make any kind of remark referencing another game solely because they didn't develop it?

just stop, guys. it's embarrassing.
grailly  +   897d ago
it's not advertising, but it does show that MS PR doesn't really care about games. They would never have put that picture there if they new it was TLOU
JackStraw  +   897d ago
silly assumption.
xtremexx  +   897d ago
and its gone lol.
Activemessiah  +   897d ago
"No Brainer" lol
GenericNameHere  +   897d ago
Lol at LaChance defending his love for Microsoft Xbox.

Yes, Master Chief is a Power Range... I mean iconic. I'm betting even non-gamers would know him (or more rather, his suit). And even though The Last of Us is a major hit, the Clickers don't have a major mainstream appeal. However, Xbox UK is STILL advertising TLOU by showing an enemy found in that game. Doesn't matter if the character is popular or not.

What if Nintendo posted a photo of a cosplayer, and he/she's cosplaying as Blinx or Kameo? What if Sony posted someone cosplaying as Captain Falco? These characters don't have mainstream appeal, but you sure as heck showing that whoever posted those don't play videogames, and you are still advertising a competition's exclusive products.

Maybe you should learn what a good analogy is before you say other people's analogies are wrong or dumb -_-
tarbis  +   896d ago
He only knows Master Chief and nothing else so pls forgive him.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   897d ago
Even if it is cosplay of a PS3 game I wouldn't show it. It's like they showing support for the competition.
Dobgamers  +   897d ago
It's fake guys, move on!
Massenwithme  +   897d ago
Its not fake, wtf are you talking.
orangechicken67  +   897d ago
Wasn't fake they took it down.
Lord_Frieza  +   897d ago
am i the only one slightly aroused by the cosplay?
DoomeDx  +   897d ago

I dont really think microsoft is posting bloody pictures on facebook. They have a lot of kid subscribers.
Massenwithme  +   897d ago
LOL? Are you serious? Instead of writing bullshit, you could just check it.

Edit: LOL! They removed it. It was there a few minutes ago.
#13.1 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
orangechicken67  +   897d ago
Agree they took it down.
DoomeDx  +   897d ago
^ Dude just calm down.

Seems like I was indeed wrong then. No need to be all like ''LOLOLOL STOP WRITING BULLSHIT LOLOLOL''

Because I was checking it out before making the comment.
Picnic  +   897d ago
At Gamecom. Microsoft's mini press conference showed an interview with developers in which they ask them what they would most like Microsoft's policies on indie gamers to be like and one said 'be more like Sony's. Only kidding..' (give or take a word).

There was a sense that, although Microsoft wanted to take control over damage, they knew that some humbling humour, even to the point of admitting that a competitor is not insignificant in what they bring to gaming, is the best way to do it.

So I doubt that having Sony characters on an Xbox site is the crushing blow that it might have been regarded as even a few weeks ago.
orangechicken67  +   897d ago
Whats funnier I commented when they did had it up and I'm seeing now Xbox UK took it down.
Nexus38  +   897d ago
This article makes hottest topic hahahaha 'typical n4g'
SaffronCurse  +   897d ago
What a complete fail
TXIDarkAvenger  +   896d ago
Non-gaming PRs ftw.
#18 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strigoi814  +   896d ago
Microsoft really wants to be like Sony..this is just sad
No_Pantaloons  +   896d ago
The fact that they took it down is hilarious, clearly they didn't know beforehand, but if it wasn't a big deal then they would have left it up, proves they got caught and felt stupid.
HolyDuck  +   896d ago
Or they were fed up of the people pointing it out so they removed it.
trywizardo  +   896d ago
anyone can create a FB page and name it Xbox and that doesn't mean that they are official Xbox team or staff same goes here
Agent_hitman  +   896d ago
MS also admires Sony, that's a fact. MS wants to be Sony.
Angerfist  +   896d ago
And yet again PS Fanboys in Full Force, those people commenting on Facebook probably also were PS Fanboys as they like to hate more then play Games. I for one would have also just said that's a f'ed up Cosplay and not some ps3 game, more like an average Zombie.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   896d ago
haha really? It's not about the Cosplay that was at their Gamescom booth but rather they want to advertise using PS exclusives?

I will remember that I can only watch and photograph cosplay on the console I own.
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