Metal Gear Solid V Could Really Be Kojima's Last

GP writer Jared discusses why he believes Metal Gear Solid V may be Kojima's last in the series.

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PSVita1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

If it really was the "last one" why would he change voice actors?

GamePodunk1700d ago

The author isn't saying MGSV will be the last game; rather, it'd be Kojima's last MGS before they perhaps hand it over to someone else. The change in voice actors actually plays a role in his theory as well.

PSVita1700d ago

Oh ok thank you for explaining that.

Mounce1699d ago

I'd highly doubt that.

If his next MGS game were pressured to be a remake of MG1 and MG2, he'd take the helm, being how vital they'd be to transition properly into next-gen quality/story-revamp and whatnot so then the entire series can be properly finalized. MG1 would bring back Solid Snake at that with his first mission and fighting Big Boss as SSnake would of course be orgasmic, just imagine let alone fighting Grey Fox in Zanzibar Land in modern-era visuals.....HNNgngNgng

No one else can do this but Hideo, after this? Then, he really has nothing more to do except allow games like Revengence to be made.

j-blaze1699d ago

yeah to you it's like.. F*** Kojima, voice actors are more important!1! -_-
just shut up

Batzi1700d ago

Never going to happen

ginsunuva1700d ago

Please stop milking my favorite series of all time.
Even if MGS5 does have some cool looking gameplay.

generic-user-name1700d ago

We haven't had a numbered sequel since 2008. If you want to count Peace Walker then 2010. That's not milking, COD is milking, AC is milking, FFXIII is milking.

And on top of all that, he has yet to make a bad Metal Gear Solid game, when, and only when, that happens, then we should be asking him to quit. I'm pretty sick of people complaining about getting more great games, each one unique, MGS V in particular is making a radical departure from the usual MGS gameplay.

ginsunuva1700d ago

Milking is not frequency, but extending/stretching a story arc further than necessary

Murad1700d ago

I disagree with you entirely. MGS always had a purpose in filling in the plot line, and actually did a good job. It's not like AC, where after Ezio's story ended, it started being mass bullshit. Or even CoD, where it went from WW2 to Black Ops, and wars in third world countries.

0pie1700d ago

he said the same thing about mgs4

Becuzisaid1700d ago

And mgs3 and mgs2. Seeing the trend here?

Agent_00_Revan1700d ago

I definitely remember him saying the same with mgs3. Now 4 games later, Yeah, we'll see.

hazardman1700d ago

No way...only if he doing Zone of Enders til then.......Sake!!!!

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