BF4 or COD:Ghosts Pre Release Dilemma

HardwarePal : A few months ago AMD and EA announced a partnership on an upcoming blockbuster title called Battlefield 4, so it didn’t come as a surprise for NVidia’s and Activision’s decision in creating Call Of Duty: Ghosts. We take a look at strengths and weaknesses of both titles...

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JunioRS1011728d ago

How about both?

They're not even similar anymore.

In one of them, vehicles don't even exist. In the other, vehicles is a central multiplayer mechanic.

POINTLESS argument. Personally, I like BF because I don't have good enough reflexes to enjoy CoD.

bjmartynhak1728d ago

+ Bubble

Different games! If you enjoy both, you're a luck person.

Unfortunately I suck controlling the vehicles in BF, so I prefer COD

bub161728d ago

I wanted BF4 but after all this negative news of it looking like poop on PS4, I may try cod again!

Miskonius1728d ago

Well its still BETA. Its not yet polished as it should be. But even like this its looking way better than all of COD's put together...

dcj05241728d ago

Not even beta. Its on the final stages of alpha.

TheBurger291727d ago

judge a game by its aplha graphics... you must not care for gameplay at all

Avenger4111728d ago

even if it doesn't look A1 on console (next-gen and old-gen) the gameplay kills cod anyday

luisvideogames1728d ago

I only get COD every two years, aka the one that has zombies. So BF4 is obviously what I'll get this year.

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