Unlikely Reviews: Super Mario Sunshine

NE: "The debut episode the new “Unlikely Reviews” series is Super Mario Sunshine, which I’d say is one of the more under-appreciated titles of the GameCube."

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tigertron1430d ago

Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favourite Gamecube games and I might even go as far as to say it's my favourite Mario title.

iwillcopythat1430d ago

agrees with ya
tigertron would u mind telling me others favourite of yours?

tigertron1430d ago

Other favourite Mario games?

Summons751430d ago

Mario Sunshine was super underappreciated. Much better controls than 64 and is was just so frustrating but a fun happy atmosphere you couldn't stay mad at it very long.

Hope they either HD this or have it as the first Gamecube Virtual Console release on WiiU.

trippyaaron1430d ago

I'm sure there will be a sequel on the 3DS, just like with Luigi's Mansion