The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves Review

At worst, Denpa Men 2 is a game that can be very annoying for some people. The game does not give you control over individual options in battle and you can be bombarded by battle after battle to the point where the repetition can push away players.

At best, if you love Dungeon Crawler RPG’s, Denpa Men 2 can scratch the right itch for those who are experienced with the genre. The addition of the world map is the best new feature to Denpa Men and really makes the game feel more complete.

Overall, Denpa Men 2 is a fun time to be had for people who have had some exposure to the Dungeon Crawler/RPG genre. The game is a major improvement from the first game but if you don’t like the battle system, there is little fun to be had.

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