PlayStation DualShock 4 is about to revolutionize the gaming industry

An analysis of why the DS4 is going to be a game changer in the video game industry. What it means for Microsoft and will they have to do a controller redesign because of it. Touchpad = evolution of gaming.

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PeaSFor1733d ago ShowReplies(12)
kenmid1733d ago

Wow, a site called ps4acessories write a 10 paragraph how the touch-pad is going to revolutionized gaming.

And by the way for those who want read the article this is clearly an fanboy article. All he talks about the ps4 touch-pad while continuing bashing the Xbox One.

Jyndal1733d ago

What's your point?
I'm a fanboy, and I say the PS4 is better on every level than the XB One.
Guess what? The vast majority of gamesites, developers, conventions and fellow players agree with me.

kenmid1733d ago

My point is its ridiculous to say that the touchpad is going to revolutionized gaming, it didn't do for Vita and not going to do for the PS4. But I still think the PS4 is great console. And majority that's alittle much.

theWB271733d ago

The vast majority of what devs? Indie and first party studios? What other dev has come right out and say the PS4 is better on every level? Proof or GTFO...the vast majority of websites talk about power, again I haven't seen or heard this vast majority of websites say the PS4 is better on every level. Conventions, more say Microsoft won E3 with games, lost it with policies. Since then both have been showing the same games. Even one very major gamesite trashed the Battlefield plays on PS4.

Fellow players, well of course fans of the system will agree. If you can't back that comment up with proof then it means nothing. Not just a fanboy some about this vast majority saying the PS4 is superior on every level.

Xsilvermist1733d ago

BF4 devs say Dual shock is the go to controller for next Gen so whats ur point looks when i see DS4 i see features that can change the way we game unlike xone controller. Point blank

theWB271733d ago

Tell me the features on the DS4 that are changing the industry.
BF4 dev...the same devs showing BF4 with 16 player death matches on the PS4?

H0RSE1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Your "majority rule" mentality does not make your opinion any more right and/or unbiased...

thechosenone1733d ago


"BF4 dev...the same devs showing BF4 with 16 player death matches on the PS4?"

The hell does that have to do with DS4/touch pad? :/

Blacklight, BF4, Bungie, have all said they prefer the sticks on the DS4....what's more is that they also like the touch pad because it gives them more options and allows them to do more things in-game.

Xsilver1732d ago

@theWB27 wooooow so dice loses their credibility because they haven't finished BF4 for PS4 like all developers with their games u really need to shut up right because that was the dumbest thing you said.

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1OddWorld1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

This article is trash. This guy is clearly an idiot. I can wright an article about XB1 controller, about its potential to dominate DS4 with its new trigger rumble feature and it would be a trash article to. This article should be renamed the "What if DS4?". Surfing for hits. We should be able to down vote the poster of an article so that we can eliminate that idiot from being able to post garbage.

PS4 Day 1, and no the touchpad is not a XB1 killer get a grip.

Tapioca Cold1732d ago

You "can wright"?

Really now.

Call_Me_Boris1728d ago

More buttons is bad? Same size controller but more buttons, more ingame actions. How is that bad? How is that not better than xbox one controller? I don't get that. The touch pad is going to rock.

PsychOff1733d ago

Don't know about you but the touch on both the 3DS and PS Vita are not just doing nothing.

Its ok if you don't own either. Looks that way.

Pretty sure touch anything is pretty revolutionary. Just about everything we use now has some type of touch interface, phones, TV's, monitors, laptops, tablets, ovens, fridges, microwaves, cars... The list goes on.

Must be something to it if just about everything we use has it now.

So stupid to act like its a gimmick. A gimmick is something that has no use.. Clearly that is not the case.. I bet you even have a phone yourself that has a touch screen, do you complain about it every time you use it?

Man this touch screen isn't doing anything, fucking piece of shit makes my life so difficult! God damn you touch screens! /s

H0RSE1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Your examples are not accurate to justify your claim. Yes, many devices have touch capabilities, but in many cases it is their main/only way of interacting with it, such as smartphones and tablets. When the touch functionality becomes an optional extension of the device, such as with touchscreen PC's or the DS4 controller, the aspect becomes less of a priority, and can lead to becoming more of a preference or a situational feature.

In addition, many of your examples involve devices that utilize simple commands; changing channels, setting temperatures, changing times - very benign operations, which are hardly the case when playing a game with a controller and many other buttons and many other actions going on.

I'm sure the touchpad on the DS4 will offer players some functionality and/or conveniences, but revolutionary and groundbreaking? I just don't see it. If technologies such as voice commands, motion sensing, and facial recognition can be played off as nothing but gimmicks, I really don't see how a touchpad on a controller can be seen as anything but as well.

showtimefolks1733d ago

i could careless about touch pad or the record button, i like the fact now the controller is more bulky and feels much more natural in our hands

i just can't wait to try it out for myself, and maybe i will change my mind about touch pad after trying it

strifeblade1733d ago

Does anyone remeber sixaxis?...
That revolutionised gaming just fine!
Who here remembers lair? lol

But seriously though i dont know how good the ds4 is but 360 controller was the best for games besides the d-pad imo the sticks on the ds3 were rubbish convex shape let thumbs always slip. But the ds4 fixed it supposedly and the one fixed their d-pad. The real question is whats better for gamers? the complex rumble system inside x1 (trigger rumble or the touch pad? Personally i think the rumble looks cooler but we will see. Also in terms of tech the x1 cvontroller is ahead- wifidirect>bluetooth.

Brix901733d ago

So your telling me your more interested in rumble than a touchpad. I'm sorry but how much rumble does a control need. I can see the benefits but it doesn't out way what you can do with a touch pad.

USA0071733d ago

You know the ds4 has "complex" rumble also, just no trigger rumble.

Everyone here is missing the real feature that makes the ds4 better. It has a speaker so I can hear the bullets whiz by! Jk

1OddWorld1733d ago

WifiDirect allows you to use your controller from 2 football fields away and it transfers data at speeds up to 250mbps.

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR is a lower power consumption and has a data transfer rate of 3mbps...

Does sound like a plus, but I cant think of a practical use for it atm. Any ideas how this makes your controller better or your system for that matter?

strifeblade1733d ago

@oddworld- it cuts input lag by 2-3 milliseconds compared to bluetooth, pretty important for online multiplayer and will overall provide a more fluid experience. The controllers standby is also more efficient- turns off when you leave the room and the second you touch the controller its on and already connected compared to ps4 you would have to turn on pressing a button and wait for it to connect. The trigger rumbles is impressive- it changes based on the gun you shoot or the car you drive. The touchpad was in vita... not too impressive- personally i thought a mini lcd touch screen would have been cooler but this touchpad looks to be a gimick the sameway six axis was. If you by chance grab your friends controller kinect tells the system who is holding it and switches the in game players accordingly, overall all these things working together really does provide a seamless experience. You also mentioned the system- i know specs are slightly weaker but i dont mind giving up to get dedicated servers on 3rd party games like call of duty- pretty happy camper here- but cheers on whatever system anyone buys.

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1733d ago
UnHoly_One1732d ago

I stopped reading in the second paragraph when the author used the word pwned.

I take take anyone seriously that uses made up words.

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DEEBO1733d ago

the ps4 looks cool the x1 really didn't change much but it does have rumble triggers.but nintendo has the best controller with the gamepad.

No_Limit1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

You can't change something that is already perfect for most part. The D-Pad was the X360 controller's only real weakness and that has been fixed.

gaelic_laoch1733d ago

AA batteries in 2013 is like sticking a hamster on a wheel inside the controller!

No_Limit1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

The AA battery jokes. LOL, came out of left field, never saw that one coming. You got me there. :D

[staring at my dead DS3 controller, can't hold a charge now after so many usage and my X360 controller with 2 freshly charged eneloop batteries ]

Ok, I can live with a hamster on a wheel. :P

gaelic_laoch1733d ago

"Ok, I can live with a hamster on a wheel. :P"

I hope the hamster would have mutual feelings! :)

Transporter471733d ago


Do you have a screwdriver and amazon?
Buy a battery 7 dollars that will last for years,
my DS died around 7 years into its life and that was my oldest controller, I bought a 7 dollar battery and hey now its up and working no problem.

DigitalRaptor1733d ago

Firstly it's great for those that have their reasons or preferences, but it's certainly not perfect. It's not perfect for me and it's not perfect for many millions of people who don't find it comfortable or a logical or ergonomic design. I've covered this time and time again, so there's no need for that.

Lithium ion. My DS3 has been used for 6 years of recharges and still works without problem. However, you go to amazon, search for 'DualShock battery' and buy it for less than $10, follow the very simple install procedure and not worry about it again for many years. I understand AA recharging works for you as that's the only option you've got, but limping over for it is a bit lame, especially since Microsoft is supposedly the one leading us into the technologically awesome future of gaming.

1OddWorld1733d ago

Why do people post about their DS3 controller battery being dead. I have 3 controllers and my PS3 Fatboy all working perfectly, and I have had them since launch. The DS3 controller since its launch.

WTF are you doing with your controller? Do you know how to recharge them properly? Is your mom using your controller in a way that wasn't intended?

chobit_A5HL3Y1733d ago

i'm calling "bullshit" on your "dead ds3 controller". my dad has LAUNCH six axis AND a first gen ds3; both can go unplugged for at least 5-6 hours still.

MRMagoo1231733d ago

The xbox controller is perfect if you have retarded thumbs that point in different directions, just put your hands in a controller holding position and see how your thumbs are, bet you any money they dont point upwards where the xbone stick is and they point sideways like the DS4.

hyperfire211733d ago

You had your DS3 Controller since launch? Haha calling BS on that one

*hint* Sixaxis

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ape0071733d ago

imo all 3 controller are gold standard

MasterCornholio1733d ago

I disagree.

I dont like the Wii U controller at all and in my opinion the best ones are the XBOX One and the DS4 controller but that could change once i get my hands on them.

Gamefest gamefest gamefest i cant wait.


PeaSFor1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

the only fact that its bulkier is a nice aspect for me

user74029311733d ago

It feels like the dualshock 3 but with more grip, sublime triggers, a wicked touchscreen, way better analog grip ans a sweet share button.

I held that thing and i could only imagine what it would be like playing bf4 kzsf, or ps2. i distinctly remember how easy it was to go from l1 l2 r1 r2. the triggers were my favorite feature because i didn't get to see the touchscreen on or anything.

i hope sony does not change the design with ps5, i don't think it can honesty get any better.

PeaSFor1733d ago

touchpad and not touchscreen btw.

PeaSFor1733d ago

would have been nice...but too costly i guess.

UnHoly_One1732d ago

It could get better.

They could put the left analog stick in the proper location like every other controller in history.