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Submitted by NatureOfLogic 898d ago | opinion piece

Hate It Or Love It, Xbox One Is Still A Great Console

The Xbox One is not as bad as people are making it out to be. In fact, one might even go as far as saying that it is a very innovative console that is great for the next generation of console gaming. When a console as great and as sexy as Sony’s PlayStation 4 is presented in such an empathetic manner and for such a reasonable price it is easy to find ways to criticize and overlook Microsoft’s Xbox One. (PS4, Xbox One)

PeaSFor  +   898d ago
the autor is simply trying to convince himself.

oh and btw the whole tv thing with ms have already been done with the PlayTv on the ps3, nothing new to see, sorry ms.
Daoshai  +   898d ago
Nope. Nothing new to see today, another day, another troll.
AbortMission  +   898d ago
Do you sensitive kids even know what "trolling" is? Or the definition for that matter?

Simply stating an opinion (or even a fact) that contrasts with your fanboyism is hardly trolling Lol
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redwin  +   898d ago
I find it interesting that every time there is an article about the Xbox there are lots of Xbox haters reading it. Don't say I'm trolling because I'm getting them both. But, ps4 lovers are so angry all the time, it's as if there is buyers remorse and buying justification. MS has made this year very interesting, think of consoles without Ms, what did they bring to the table : online gaming, hard drive, Xbox Live, Indy games, broadband connections and now, well, we will see at least it won't be a PSwalkman.
ape007  +   898d ago | Well said
nobody is trying to convince themselves, X1 is a fantastic console, it's the same as ps4 , In fact it offer better online gameplay due to dedicated cloud servers, look at CoD ghosts, Titanfall and Volition statements

i don't want hollow statements and phantom disagree, i want great reasoning and great arguments
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ART_AstroRepnsTeam   898d ago | Spam
Gozer  +   898d ago
I agree with you Ape. Those dedicated servers, voice recognition, video chat are why Im going with the X1. Good luck on getting agrees here though.

No, just no. Gaikai is used for streaming games not hosting them. Wait and see, sony wont be able to hang with MS when it comes to dedicated servers.
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n4rc  +   898d ago

"(Azure was built for business first, with gaming a second thought."

EXACTLY... its a big boy toy.. not second tier crap companies usually pawn off to gamers..

you say it like its a negative when its a huge positive.. where as gaikai failed... thats why they sold to sony.

i have no doubt sony can do something cool with the streaming tech they acquired. but its not even in the same league as azure.
Loki86  +   898d ago
Gaikai is a streaming service, has no capability to do dedicated servers or cloud computing. Why do you think they trying to make a deal with Rackspace, because of how limited their cloud capabilities are.
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okmrman  +   898d ago
falviousuk  +   898d ago
Just hit ignore on this troll,. clearly created just for trolling the xbox.
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Gman0173   898d ago | Spam
jessupj  +   897d ago
Of course the X1 is a great console with a great line up. It's the despicable company behind the console that I refuse to trust considering they stop releasing exclusives half way through the generation and tried to enforce the most restrictive, draconian policies on my beloved hobby.

I have to seriously question anyone that trusts MS.
n4rc  +   898d ago
Echoes my view.. Good read..
Anon1974  +   898d ago
What I find amusing is that neither console is out yet and here people are, arguing which console is better when for all we know, both could simultaneously explode on the third boot up and give us testicular cancer.

Sure it's fun to speculate and I know it's too much to ask to keep these types of articles in check, but I've got to sigh every time I hear someone through their weight completely behind a product they've probably never laid eyes on, and certainly have never owned yet.
n4rc  +   898d ago
yeah thats true..

nobody really knows.. i could end up hating my choice and looking like a moron supporting it..

but you can say it about both sides... or neither.. has to be one or the other. because neither product is in our hands yet
IanVanCheese  +   898d ago
Have a bubble vote for making me lol.
NatureOfLogic  +   898d ago
"Xbox One Is Still A Great Console" Too bad they can't be trusted anymore.
Bluepowerzz  +   898d ago
this only the uninformed casuals trust them and they oftenly only do for one game lol now its titan fall when you get bored of jumping left and rigght in 720p on walls youll see that you wasted a 500.
medman  +   898d ago
Amen Bluepowerzz, Amen.
VforVideogames  +   898d ago
Get out with your garbage.
No_Limit  +   898d ago
I don't get your logic NatureOfLogic, you submitted this article as though it is a positive XB1 article and you proceed into trolling the same article with yet another negative spin. smh LOL
christocolus  +   898d ago
Don't blame the guy...blame N4G.....anything goes here....smh though in my opinion the xbox one is actually a great console with some very cool games in the horizon...looking forward to it.
buynit  +   898d ago
Yea.. Hes a loser with trust issues..
greenpowerz  +   898d ago
A type of control?

*If this news eventually comes to N4G we will post it where we can put our negative spin on the story?(on our terms)

But in this case Natureoflogic is just frantically trolling
No_Limit  +   898d ago

Man, there were rumors through the N4G grapevine that you were were taken to a concentration camp without parole. Haven't seen you for like 2 months, how did you managed to escape? LOL. Glad to have you back for debate. You are needed more than ever.
tokugawa  +   898d ago
well then why did you post this natureoflogic???

oh that's right, you just wanted to post something to continue the fanwars. it's pathetic, and you should have your contributor status removed.

i am sure that your last 5 submissions were all exactly the same flamewar inducing rubbish

oh look and here they are
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AceBlazer13  +   898d ago
Ps4 is just a better console.
AlexanderNevermind  +   898d ago
Honestly, nothing else need be said.
ape007  +   898d ago
be honest with yourself, both are the same, both are excellent, X1 however has better online gameplay due to cloud dedicated servers
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scott182  +   898d ago
Sony's cloud will be up and running soon too.
What is it about Microsoft's business first cloud servers do you think will be better for online gaming? Gaikai was put in place with gaming in mind!
gamertk421  +   898d ago
_LarZen_  +   898d ago
That remains to be seen, but regardless of what console is better I care about the games.

Both PS4 and XBO will have great exclusive games, and that's all I need to know.
ape007  +   898d ago
i agree both consoles will be awesome

X1 will have better online gameplay overall and ps4 will have better quality exclusives overall

that doesn't mean that X1 has bad exclusives or ps4 has bad online, they will both have great games and great online play for years to come

happy gaming everyone :)
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True_Samurai  +   898d ago
Honestly it's your one opinion vs the other millions out there :p
So I can say X1 is just a better console
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AceBlazer13  +   898d ago
And you wouldn't be wrong it is your opinion.
kingdip90  +   898d ago
So was the dreamcast
NatureOfLogic  +   898d ago
Truth hurts.
ape007  +   898d ago
truth is X1 will offer better launch titles and better online gameplay out of the box
AlexanderNevermind  +   898d ago

Even if you think the X1 has better launch titles (and that's very subjective), Sony's exclusives have trumped Microsoft's for over a decade...A DECADE.

Why all of a sudden would this change? Is it because MS in your opinion has the better exclusive line up to start? Hell the game of the year more than likely will be a PS3 game, while MS has stopped making exclusives for the 360.

And facts are facts Sony's nexgen system as presented is better than MS'
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No_Limit  +   898d ago
Dreamcast has no third party support, marketing, and Sega was out of money. Those 3 things will never be an issue with XB1. "Logic comes first" :D
Bzone24  +   898d ago
Dreamcast didn't have 3rd party support. Xbox One does.

Edit: No Limit beat me to this fact.
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kingdip90  +   898d ago
But why didn't it have 3rd party support? Im possitive if public opinion supported dreamcast then 3rd party support would have followed. My point is that its public opinion thay carries a console, supporting games will follow.

There is a lot of negative people angry at the xbox right now, if they don't sell nearly as well as ps4 3rd party support may very well go away.

How good a console is doesn't mean it will sell. Just like the dreamcast
ForgivenZombie  +   897d ago
But people inside Microsoft want to drop the xbox division all together. Will the xbox brand soon belong to Apple?
Bzone24  +   897d ago
Sega had a few failures before the Dreamcast. 32x, Sega CD and Saturn. If not for those failures, the Dreamcast may have thrived. With three failures in a row, the Dreamcast didn't have a chance no mater how good it was. The Dreamcast didn't have much third party start from the start. The Xbox One does.

Just because you all want it to fail, doesn't mean it'll happen. Even without it preselling as much as the PS4, it is said to be out selling the 360. The 360 wasn't a failure for 3rd party.
#5.2.3 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
kingdip90  +   897d ago

I actually dont want xbox to fail, competition is a good thing and if they die off then I doubt anything will fill that void for a long while.

That being said denying the possibility might be a little premature, with all the shake ups and resignations over a microsoft lord only knows what's going to happen. Honestly I've been shocked at almost every turn thus far.

In regards to this whole console war buisness I think I'm going to hold on to my monies for a while and test the water at a later date when things look more stable. Xbox's future looks more shakey than it did in may and I wanna wait and see what software pops up o ps4. This is a very uneasy time to be a gamer
nooneknows  +   898d ago
Look man, I'm so tired of people saying its Playstation faboys bashing the Xbone when basically, Its a ton of the 360 users who switched to the PS4.

Lets see.....

-Quality titles on PS3
-Quantity of exclusives on PS3.
-Longer support.
-Better premium Service. PS Plus.
-More powerful
-No Flip Flopping.

By the way I own a 360 and XBL is superior to PSN, no argument, however PS Plus is better in value.

A bunch of people I know who own a PS4 said they're at least getting a PS4 first then consider an Xbox One. They're just so turned of by the flip flopping, lack of 360 support and just want to try the Playstation exclusives.

My friend who only owns a 360 said he's getting a PS4 because of The Last Of Us, he really wants to play it deeply.

To sum it all up. MS just screwed themselves with the end of the 360 life, 2013, and DRM. They pissed so many people off, that they don't even care anymore.
jackanderson1985  +   898d ago
how do you know what number of people have transferred from the 360 to the PS4... neither of the next gen consoles are out yet so not sure why people are insisting the xbox is dead on arrival or set to lose millions of customers.

fact is the 360 only sold 1.5 mil in it's first 3 months... word from gamestop is that 700k of the xbox ones are on pre-order, that's almost half of what the 360 sold in 3 months and it doesn't factor in amazon or the major US stores that are also stocking the x1

also of the estimated 48mil users of xbox live, how many are on forums or sites like this listing their change of "allegiance" to sony?

fact is all the talk of "tons of users" changing console preference is just that, talk nothing else.

the only way this'll be put to bed is if either MS,Sony or Nintendo quit the console business, or the 10th generation is announced and sales figures show a huge loss of X1 to 360 sales or so on and so forth
nooneknows  +   898d ago
Because look at the U.S.A pre-order numbers between PS4 and Xbox One.

Its an Indication that the they're many 360 users switching over to PS4. The fact that PS4 pre-order is doubled to what the Xbox One pre-orders is outstanding considering the U.S loyalty to the 360.

I think I got my message out the wrong way.

USA and UK stopped the PS3's from dominating. Sony already has Japan, Europe looks like they're keeping their pledge to PS4. They just need U.S and U.K and they run away with next gen.
jackanderson1985  +   898d ago
i'm not sure how pre-orders show that 360 users are switching.

if you wanted you could take the view that it is more PS3 owners are looking to upgrade immediately than 360 users.

Pre-orders are a bad indication of how a console will do over it's lifetime... being very generous here, you can assume 20 million of each console are diehard gamers that leaves 120mil sales roughly to be decided by the casuals... casuals will be the one who decide what "wins" the little war always has been the way always will be

it could turn out sony may have say 5 mil sales by christmas then go stagnant till the following christmas while MS has 1mil sales to christmas followed by monthly sales of 1 mil till the following christmas...

so to sum it up... pre-orders are hardly an indication of how the "war" will go
#6.1.2 (Edited 898d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
gamertk421  +   898d ago
^^^This. If it was a true gauge, the WiiU would be setting the world on fire. Umm, yeah, not so much.
Hicken  +   898d ago
Assuming the number of consoles sold this gen is an accurate representation of how many fans of each system there are, you would think the numbers for preorders would be about even if people just stuck with the console they chose last time.

That's obviously not the case. And it can't just be a bunch of Sony fanboys preordering the PS4. That's just a logical improbability.

Preorders are reflective of early interest, but keep in mind that the early adopters are also largely the core gamers. So it's reasonable to believe that a large number of Xbox fans have indeed jumped ship toward the PS4.
ForgivenZombie  +   897d ago
I am one who so called switched, but only to get ps4 first, then after a price drop I'll pick up an xbox one.
medman  +   898d ago
The Xbox One is a great console....for me to poop on!

Signed Triumph, the insult comic dog.
#7 (Edited 898d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
DonFreezer  +   898d ago
How comments like this do not get marked down for trolling and I'm accused of opening a new account to bash Sony? The moderators on this site are the most biased I have ever seen.
arbitor365  +   898d ago
not in comparison to the competition
Godz Kastro  +   898d ago
buynit  +   898d ago
Wow i lost a bubble.. I guess its time to start praising the almighty sony to get that bubble back..
VforVideogames  +   898d ago
lol that's what happened to me. go sony!! there I said it!! can I get my bubble back?
mt  +   898d ago
you mentioned sony OMG Throw dat bubble on you .. throw dat bubble on you. just kidding N4G bubble community is complex.
MineHaxx  +   896d ago
I am giving you a bubble even without that sony thing.I just love both systems.
GodGinrai  +   898d ago
It does actually work. I had six bubbles at one point..then I started attacking sony fanboys with facts and humour..they didnt like that at all...
buynit  +   898d ago
Yea man.. All i hated xbo over was the drm, now i have conversations with ppl saying i shouod never ever buy it because of what ms wanted to do on a console that didnt even have a release date yet!

I had one guy ask me how can i forget what they tried to so easily after we had to tell them ssooo many times to not do the drm..

I had to tell him AND.... Do you know how many times i have to tell my son no over the same shit until he gets the propper punishment, and then he knows better.. Same situation with ms, they acted like a child with drm got a spanking and now they changed their tone.. What am i supposed to do hate them for ever? Or put an exact date on when i should forgive them?!
ZHZ90  +   898d ago
Then you must done something wrong.
#10.2.2 (Edited 898d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
cyberninja  +   898d ago
Wait until they pull another 180 and focus on kinect games....
ForgivenZombie  +   897d ago
That sent chills up my spine.
AlexanderNevermind  +   898d ago
@ buynit

man I lol'ed on that. Stay true to your system bro. I would hope folk wouldn't give you a - for that.
#12 (Edited 898d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
buynit  +   898d ago
Im getting both day one

But to be honest i am a little more excited about xbo i loved the "tv tv tv tv" thing and i really like what kinect brings to the table this time around. From the looks of things xbo gives me more to do outside of games with ease.

Im sure you know that feeling, when you get the next gen console home for the first time and you play that game for hours and then you get burned out of playing the game but you still want to do something with the console.... Imo ms nailed that problem for me, that thing most likely will take over my living room.

But i did see a video the other day with some cool stuff on the ps4 pad... Flicking stuff out of it onto the screen
mt  +   898d ago
it was one of the worst gaming consoles in video gaming history DRM and other policy aka 24 online check just made it the worst out of the worst. it was, it is getting better now.
MineHaxx  +   898d ago
Most people are choosing Hate It,While I choose Love It.
I am a PS consoles owner,And at May,I decided to join the Xbox Community and buy Microsoft's Next-Gen Console.
Call me a Xbox Fanboy,But I just love the console even before The DRM Removal.
evilhasitsway  +   898d ago
its not really the system we hate its the company. ms doesn't know what they are doing anymore too many 180's if they would have left it as is it would have been fine. it would have changed the industry which needs to be done. and that's saying something from me cause I have always been a sony fan but no its like I don't even have choice cause im not gonna buy a system that the company keeps chaning up.
#15 (Edited 898d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SynestheticRoar  +   898d ago
This article is looking for hits. They want you fan boys to take sides, and fight it out.
ShinnokDrako  +   898d ago
I've never said the Xbox1 is bad. I'd buy it if it was the only console coming out this year. But there's better FOR ME to buy, so... not going to buy it. But i repeat, it's still a great console.
BABY-JEDI  +   898d ago
I think it's a great console, but I wish MS stuck to their original vision because the potential within this was/is incredible. Between the user & the control/gaming interface. I know this would have won me over in time. But now it will be down to the build up of their exclusive library in-time. No launch buy for me here.
HexxedAvenger  +   897d ago
I honestly like both consoles. But I'm not getting either of them right away. I need to move out first. But I do want to get both. I like what Microsoft is offering with their console. A lot of solid games, interesting tech with the hardware. I'm a sucker for new tech. I hope they can pull off some of the amazing things they promised. But all in all, I'm mainly looking forward to the controller... If I get an X1 or not, I will get a controller. Lol
strigoi814  +   897d ago
Just stop crying over spilled milk..
HexxedAvenger  +   897d ago
Spilt milk looks disgusting! ._.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   897d ago
Get rid of Kinect and then we'll talk.

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