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How Titanfall’s Controls Compare To Call Of Duty | GameInformer

GameInformer: "Before Jason West and Vince Zampella broke off from Activision to form Respawn, the developers revitalized the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward. They set a new standard for precise FPS controls that a host of other shooters mimic. Titanfall is a FPS, and given Respawn’s link to the Call of Duty franchise, comparing how they play is inevitable. Here’s how gunning down massive mechs and high-flying pilots in Titanfall compares to the on-foot gunfights of Call of Duty." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

cunnilumpkin  +   896d ago
they are.....(spoiler alert)......the same???
CarlosX360  +   896d ago
....And what's wrong with that? They're the same original developers of COD4: MW. Of course they'll try to be as familiar as possible.

As long as the game is refreshing in some way, I'm good.
90Supra  +   896d ago
That's also why it looks like a COD game with mechs, right?

But, of course, what's wrong with that?
CarlosX360  +   895d ago
@90Supra YOU think the game looks like Call of Duty.

jagstatboy  +   895d ago
Let's hope so. COD has very tight controls. I hope to play Titanfall on PS4 one day.
pedrof93  +   896d ago
This a very exciting game, It will beat Halo in my opinion.

Too bad it won't come on Ps4 (apparently). :S

This game and Minecraft (I know they are both on PC) made me seriously thinking in getting a Xone back in e3.
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Majin-vegeta  +   896d ago
Don't worry it's coming to PS4 just later down the road.

Also Minecraft is coming do PS3,PSV and PS4.
wtopez  +   896d ago
"Don't worry it's coming to PS4 just later down the road." Oh boy. I wish there was a bubble vote for wishful thinking.
pedrof93  +   896d ago
I know that Minecraft is coming for Ps4. That's why I mention it.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   896d ago
@wtopez haahahhahaaaa, "wishful thinking"? i love that! dude, EA is involved. they do not respect exclusivity by any means whatsoever. every single game EA is involved with eventually goes multiplat. just take a look at the mass effect series buddy-- nobody wanted to keep their game 360 exclusive more than Bioware, but EA made the multi platform happen anyway. everything EA touches goes multiplat. if its successful and MS doesnt actually own the ip, titanfall will eventually make its way to the ps4. I. DO. NOT. CARE. about whatever research anyones done saying otherwise because history tells a completely different story.
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Ducky  +   896d ago
^ So, in summary, it is wishful thinking.
Hufandpuf  +   896d ago
CarlosX360  +   896d ago
...This is Electronic Arts. I have no doubts it'll make it's way to PS4.
Khajiit86  +   895d ago
I really do not care for this game. Did you see BF4 and Killzone multiplayer? Ill be a little busy to play titanfall
levian  +   896d ago
I'm feeling the same way as you. I'm getting PS4 100%, but Titanfall, Project Spark and Dead Rising 3 are really making me want an XBone when they come out. All they need is another 1 or 2 good exclusives and I'll be shelling out for both consoles eventually...
GodGinrai  +   896d ago
The same but evolved...

taken from the article:

"Titanfall is not just Call of Duty with mechs. The games play similarly at their core, but the flow of battle, verticality, and story-expanding radio chatter coalesce into a fresh experience. My years of Call of Duty experience translated well into Titanfall, and the experience was made better by it. I can’t wait to invest even more time with the satisfying gameplay when Titanfall hits Xbox One and PC next year."

but certain people on N4G will read the title..stick the fingers in their ears and go "its cod with mechs la la la"..inspite of the fact that article CLEARLY details that there is a more to it than
pedrof93  +   896d ago
Stating that won't make you better than the people you are criticizing.
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venom06  +   896d ago
this game is in a win win situation... it will have the CoD fanboys that wont support ANYTHING but a CoD game, and it will have the Battlefield fanboys that hate EVERYTHING about COD, but will buy ANYTHING from EA... i say Titanfall will win big next year...
pandehz  +   896d ago
Your forgot to mention it will also have ppl who love to play games and not politics.
pandehz  +   896d ago
Im very much looking forward to playing this game.

Played a lot of UT,Quake,CS,TF,BF,COD but this looks and feels fresh. A combo of sorts.
Brix90  +   896d ago
Kinda sucks I won't get to experience this on my PS4 but with Destiny and The Division coming around the sametime I'll be set just gona have to get it for 360.
No_Limit  +   896d ago
I will test out the controls on my XB1 when all these games are released. Rumble triggers and Dedicated servers will make these games shine for sure.
TKCMuzzer  +   896d ago
Dedicated servers only go so far, there will still be people who have poor internet that will ultimately effect the game, that's just part and parcel of the multiplayer infrastructure.
Loki86  +   896d ago
You really don't understand how dedicated servers work.
stage88  +   896d ago
Its pretty much Call of Duty but with jetpacks and mechs.
It still looks fun but for how long? I'll have to test it out.
objdadon  +   896d ago
To those who keep saying "wishful thinking" in regards to titanfall coming to ps4, it's basic common sense. Respawn would like nothing better than to take cod out! The only way to do that is to eventually release on all platforms. Nuff said. I'm a gamer so I'll be playing this and everything else because im getting both systems as I always do. Not to mention ea is involved so you know the deal.make no mistake this is a timed exclusive.
TKCMuzzer  +   896d ago
I agree ,there's no way Respawn would allow their title to be controlled again, they have been there before.
TKCMuzzer  +   896d ago
I really like the look of this game but the COD controls at core slightly worries me, I sometimes think I could put a blindfold on and still get kills in COD by just holding zoom and firing my gun.
On the multi platform issue, this is EA remember, there's every chance it might find it's way across the divide, teats just business.
objdadon  +   896d ago
For all the flack that cod takes, the control scheme is the smoothest I've ever experienced on any fps.
Funantic1  +   896d ago
Titanfall and COD: Ghosts are gonna mess up my social life. Oh well.
Hufandpuf  +   896d ago
Titanfall really looks like the game BF and COD fans will get so Respawn is in a prime position to make their mark on the gaming world again like they did with COD4.

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