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GV "Saints Row IV is a weird game. By Saints Row standards. Do I have your attention yet? Volition's insane open-world playground just got even more insane. But how does this happen? The series went off the deep end years ago in a successful bid to differentiate itself from the more sobering and realistic Grand Theft Auto series. So how far did it go this time? SPOILER ALERT."

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maximus19851761d ago

when GTA5 arrives, reviews will be all 9s and 10s if saints row did this good. saints row is here next to my ps3 yet id rather look up gta5 info that says alot

BLAKHOODe1760d ago

I think it's ridiculous people continue to compare Saints Row to GTA. Saints Row has went in a completely different direction and is NOTHING like GTA nowadays. I can see comparing it to games like Crackdown and Prototype, but if you are still comparing it to GTA, you need to get a clue and stop.