What Does This Say About the PlayStation Vita?

PlayStation Beat: Beyond: Two Souls will be launching a free mobile app that allows you to play the game without using a DualShock controller. Why isn’t the Vita getting the same feature?

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sinncross1734d ago

same could be said about GT6 where they announced a bunch of social interactions with tablets, and smartphones but not for the PSV.

Seems kind of strange. Obviously no one owns the PSV to do this stuff but the more interactions the PSV has with games, the more value for money it becomes.

JohnS13131734d ago

Plenty of people own Vitas but if developers would support it Sony would sell a lot more. Time for all first party developers to at least support the Vita. Sony needs to get on this one right now.

d3nworth11734d ago

The sad part is that these are first party games. Sony is practically neglecting their own platform.

iceman061734d ago

Unfortunately, this is the other side of the freedoms that Sony offer developers. Since they haven't mandated connectivity with Vita for PS3 (like they have with remote play for PS4), developers have a choice. Most of them chose to just be finished. I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff and IF the Vita picks up sales, I expect it to happen more for PS3 titles and for sure on PS4.

sinncross1734d ago

i feel like ppl misunderstood what I was saying.

I didnt mean that no one has a PSV.

I meant that ppl dont really own a PSV to do the interaction that is happening in Beyond but instead to mainly play PSV games.

ForgottenProphecy1734d ago

I own a Vita, and I feel insulted this app hasn't been designed for the portable system. It seemed obvious to me

boybato1734d ago

wow. I never knew that GT6 has that feature. I always wanted a companion app. for the Vita where you could manage your garage and whatnot just so that I won't have to deal with GT's loading times.

amnalehu1734d ago

Maybe I am reading the story wrong but it sounds like the game is going to be free on android and IOS. What then is the point in paying for it on PS3?

JohnS13131734d ago

No, it's not the game. It's an app you can use with the game.

ginsunuva1734d ago

You can use the app to do gestures in easy mode instead of using analog sticks.
Just an alternate input method that developers think will bring in casuals just because it involves a touch screen. But no one will use it. Probably was an intern project.

Tei7771734d ago


So many of devs are deluded about what brings wider audiences to their game.

CocoWolfie1734d ago

I think next gen, that stuff with Dead Rising 3 and the Division, the stuff with tablets, it might be too early to tell, but itll be cool if sony intergrated that into the vita as well, sort of goes as a companion :p

STK0261734d ago

Well, if it goes on Android, the least Sony could do is put it in the Playstation Mobile category. If not, this is a wasted opportunity. I understand that tablets and smartphones are likely to play an important role in the next generation (even Microsoft seems to realize this and have created a smartglass app for Android and iOS in addition to their W8 and W8RT), but since Sony has a portable device of its own (the Vita, in addition to their line of Android phones), it doesn't make sense to ignore these products.

SmokingMonkey1734d ago

What does this say about the Vita?

It confirms that the Vita was built with the PS4 in mind and not the PS3 (as much)

I hate all the misinformed Vita hate articles, I literally have TOO MANY GAMES to play on my Vita!

LOving Dragon's Crown on the vita, i'll probably never get to muramasa or shinobido, PS+

keeps my Vita game library STACKED. Platinumed Gravity Rush (a VITA exclusive experience)

And OH my Science at how good Killzone Mercenary multiplayer Beta is!

MOst people who hate on the Vita have a second agenda.

DigitalRaptor1734d ago

I'm giving you a well deserved "intelligent" bubble for that.

"It confirms that the Vita was built with the PS4 in mind and not the PS3 (as much)"

Logic beats whatever you call what's going around in the media for Vita these days.

HakatoX1734d ago

I second that motion with an additional intelligent bubble.

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