Hurrr...GTA V has horse riding?

Another leak? I guess we gotta get used to it, eh? Well this one unfortunately ain't a video but it does show us what we we've all been hoping for: horse riding in Grand Theft Auto V. This pretty much completes the circle of all Rockstar Games and is proof that it'll be their ultimate game.

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Snookies121731d ago

Getting 6 stars with the military on you while trying to escape on a horse.... Yeah, that'll work well. I'd love to see a tank annihilate the horse you're on.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

PETA's going to be all over this one.

Snookies121731d ago

It's okay, I'm sure R* already has PETA in the game lol. Man, they could totally spoof the heck out of them. XD

I'm a PETA hater, but an animal lover. That group takes things WAY too far, and is just a joke.

3-4-51729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

PETA kills more animals every year than anyone else, not sure what they have to complain about.

That is like a murderer complaining about there being murder in a video game.

vishmarx1731d ago

this game is gonna be godly

GarrusVakarian1731d ago

Please be true. That will be the icing on the cake.

claud31731d ago

This would be awesome, image RDR meets modern day

user74029311731d ago

if thats true, imaging playing chicken with a cop car and c4.

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The story is too old to be commented.