Xbox One Will Be a Success, No-One I Know Will Buy One

The Maul Squad: "The Xbox One will be a success in Europe and the US, but for people at a certain point in life, Microsoft are charging a premium for services that don't solve a problem or provide extra value."

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iamnsuperman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

"I’m 26 years old, live with my girlfriend of 7 years and I’m in the process of buying my first house."

How that girl hasn't told you to propose is beyond me.


"My friendship network is littered with iPads, Samsung S3s, Nexus 7s, a few Smartwatches and the like. Of course that brings us to Smartglass and the ability to see information on one screen whilst we are trying to play a game on a different screen. No-one I know asked for this or can find any useful application for it beyond novelty."

This is the problem with hitting the family market now. They want these devices more than a console. Even TV is being pushed away by on demand services which can be watched on such devices with a lot more ease than a console. The market has shifted away now.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1758d ago

no one i know is buying it either but in the future if it gets more games i cant get on pc or ps4 i will consider buying one but NO kinect.

TemplarDante1758d ago

I know 20 people that refuse to trust MS after the DRM thing and that alone makes them not want one. But, the biggest reason is the t.v aspect. TV is fast becoming obselete. MS, just like MS Surface, MS Phone etc, just dont understand people and their needs!

True_Samurai1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

That's funny cause the guys in my hometown and my new friends at USA have already paid off their X1s

Oh yes USA as in Univ. Of South Al

xxLuckyStrike1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

just ridiculous i preordered my x1 and fully intend on picking up a PS4 later in 2014 when Sony gets things cooking. Being a biased fanboy is not the way to go. Why miss out if you don't have to. Most gamers that pick up a x1 will eventually get a PS4 or vice versa. Contrary to n4g flamebate most consumers own multiple consoles at some point each gen.

mikeslemonade1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

If you were an unbiased gamer then you would get the PS4 before the XI. The reason is because PS4 has an advantage on almost every factor. But if you're biased for a certain game, franchise, the kinect, or TV then X1 looks good. On PS4 you're more likely to get everything you pretty much need so it's the safer choice.

xxLuckyStrike1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


My X1 is already preordered.

I wanna play launch titles I'm interested in and imo Microsoft has that PS4 doesn't. X1 is ready out of the box. For me PS4 won't launch until mid 2014. No twitch, no camera, gaiki?? Ect its a bare bones PS4 launch. 2014 is the right time to get a PS4 imo

Blacksand11757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Why buy both consoles if one console satisfy you. You buy the one for you

Mounce1757d ago

And here people thought you were unreasonable. Least you can admit that you'd buy the console when GAMES are put on it.

Games sell the console. I bought 360 only 1 year ago and it was only so I could play Lost Odyssey and to try out Gears of War series. Outside of that? Nothing had interested me that other consoles or the PC couldn't excel at with ease.

xxLuckyStrike1757d ago


Because each offer different experiences. Why would I limit myself. I've been rockin the 360 only up until last November an barely got a PS3. Since then I've grown quite fond of PS in that time. It's a very well put together machine. Now the controller gripe I've had with DS3 has been fixed. I'm just gonna pick it up a little later then you die hards

Freedomland1757d ago


Some people don't update their information and that's why they are misinformed and because they are misinformed they spread and create rumors which are not true like your comment about Ps4 not having twitch etc.

Ps4 will have twitch at launch.

1757d ago
tehpees31757d ago

Its funny because I brought the same thing up last time. Nobody I know (nor anybody my friends know) is buying one after MS pulled that. People who think its going to sell just because MS reversed the DRM temporarily don't have a clue how the world works.

Most people are not as blind as these companies believe.

Omegasyde1757d ago

@ XX luckystrike

"For me PS4 won't launch until mid 2014. No twitch, no camera, gaiki?? Ect its a bare bones PS4 launch. 2014 is the right time to get a PS4 imo "

First off the PS4 has a camera, supports twitch, and there is no service like gaiki coming to the Xbox (not yet).

Secondly, I respect your opinion on your game likes, but to call the launch barebones is a false assumption. Sure, you don't like any of the exclusives but you have to be trolling to consider it "barebones" especially with many of the same 3rd party titles releasing on the PS4 and XboxOne.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1757d ago

Weird... 114 of my friends think the PS4 will be a success... but none of them are buying it. We will have X1's.

mikeslemonade1757d ago

You are atleast one of the three things to buy X1 at launch:
1. Microsoft zealot
2. Have lots of money to throw around
3. Uninformed person

turnerdc1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


Lol, ultimately what "MS pulled" will not matter in the long run. Most people (mainstream) didn't know and/or probably didn't care. Look at Sony Music Entertainment (formerly Sony BMG). It's currently the world's second largest record company and pulled in a revenue stream of 5.6 million in FY 2010. This is the same subsidiary of Sony that pulled outrageous DRM and anticonsumer policies with their rootkit scandal.

Sure they received some flack (and legal trouble) but in the long term it didn't really matter. Most people didn't know and/or care and those who did eventually moved on.

"One of the programs installed even if the user refused its EULA, and it "phoned home" with reports on the user's private listening habits; the other was not mentioned in the EULA at all, contained code from several pieces of open-source software in an apparent infringement of copyright, and configured the operating system to hide the software's existence, leading to both programs being characterized as rootkits."

"Heckler told attendees at the Americas Conference on Information Systems "The industry will take whatever steps it needs to protect itself and protect its revenue streams... It will not lose that revenue stream, no matter what... Sony is going to take aggressive steps to stop this. We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source - we will block it at your cable company. We will block it at your phone company. We will block it at your ISP. We will firewall it at your PC... These strategies are being aggressively pursued because there is simply too much at stake.""

saber000051757d ago

What makes you guys believe that Microsoft won't add back the DRM after release?

Cmk01211757d ago

but lets be real the ps4 is lauded as the gamers machine launch line up is mad weak in comparison to X1. I have preordered both thinking infamous second son would be launch and doesnt drop until feb 2014, and im like knack is trash, killzone is pretty but just ok, then you look at dead rising, ryse(still shaky) KI (20 bucks) and forza its a no brainer really. MS has fallen vicitim to snowball of bad press whilst actually locking up more important exlcsuivity in terms of games and content. Mean while sony pushes the indie scene and 10 dollar games, sorry but i dont buy a 400 machine for limbo, jounrey or a thomas was along. i know sony will have teh games hence i kept my preorder but its just ironic MS is labeled anti gamer and not focusing on games but MS has the more hyped games IE titanfall ,Ryse, DR3 etc...

saber000051756d ago

@CMK1023, What gave Microsoft a bad rap was their licensing and DRM "feature". That was a slap to a gamer's face.

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BallsEye1758d ago

all my friends are buying one. Some of us will also get ps4 maybe next year. Silly articles. You probably also don't know many people that perform in breakdance groups but yet there are millions around the world.

thetruthx11757d ago

I understand how hard these teams work on great games and that takes time however, there's no excuse for Killzone sf to be the only standout at launch that you can't get from the competition

ovnipc1757d ago

Everyone I knoe will be X1, Only one person I know thats going for the PS4. And like 8 people thta changed their reserve from PS4 to X1.

Studio-YaMi1757d ago

Saying that everyone you know is buying an X1 is fine and dandy,but then throwing out that last line :

"like 8 people that changed their reserve from PS4 to X1"

You know that's a lie.

GoodnessGreatness1757d ago

Yeah while most people and gamers wordwide will be getting PS4. Only die hard Xbox fans will buy an Xbox One and there's plenty of them, while most gamers know the right console for them.

1757d ago
bigfish1757d ago

Everyone i know is buying a PS4

ChrisW1757d ago

Everyone I know isn't a fantard and doesn't care about stupid flamebate articles.

That's because they have phenomenally higher intelligence than anyone who clicks "disagree" on any favoritism towards the console they're against for simple-minded yuks and giggles.

BTW, I'm buying neither.

1757d ago
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kickerz1757d ago

I stopped reading after "awful looking Ryse"
He needs glasses.

strickers1757d ago

The graphics are not as good as XB fans suggest and the gameplay looks meh. Ps2 God of War would be a better option.

kickerz1757d ago

Really? I thought Frogger looked better then god of war. IMO. Nicer textures, prettier colours better gameplay.

lifeisgamesok1757d ago

Right. Ryse is that game that shows off a new generation. The campaign graphics will be better than the multiplayer

Omegasyde1757d ago

Ryse does not look horrible by any stretch of the imagination. Is it as good looking as Killzone?

Well, that subjective as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art Style > Graphics.

ShinMaster1757d ago

That game barely runs at frames averaging 26fps.

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Blacksand11757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I'm just saying it don't matter what console your getting both will have the same M-plat games. People get both for they can say their not fan boys but they are gamer's, because if it come on one its going to come on the other, people want to play first party games. X1 have games now but who say they want do like they did on 360, just make 3rd party games after the 15 first parties come out. Sony don't have a big launch but you know their first party games are coming next year.

fullymoated1757d ago

If all I like is online shooters with friends, it seems like X1 would be the choice? They have Titanfall. I think CoD is stale but they have ded. servers now. I really want the PS4 and not the X1, but I am one article away saying battlefield is better on the X1 from buying one of them. WILL THE ONLINE SHOOTER EXPERIENCE BE ON PAR ON PS4 IN 1-2 years? Will the PS4 catch up?

pivotplease1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

What is there to catch up on. The features at at parity. If anything one could give a slight edge due to the ps4s sharing features. Beyond that I can only say controllers seem to matter most to fps players. I think it's a bs fanboy argument though since I can destroy with either controller. Also, titanfall is EA so you can play it on ps4 eventually. However, killzone will never wind up on the one and that is looking like something worth experiencing for a shooter fan. Then again, halo is probably only a year away so it's all about what you prefer (not necessarily what's better).

Oh and better bf on x1 isn't confirmed. The x1 version hasn't even been shown as they are both early builds. I wish people had more patience. Maybe lens of truth can help us out in November.

zeroskie1757d ago


at least BF4 is running on PS4, we've yet to see it work on an XB1

Omegasyde1757d ago

@ blacksand.

I agree completely. Look at the history of AAA Exclusives the last 2 years on the 360 vs Ps3.

Who is to say, that MS will not find incentives to just rely on 3rd party again once Ms hits their internal sales forecast?

fullymoated1757d ago

Thanks pivot and zeroskie. What I care about is battlefield, the division, cod, maybe destiny, and titanfall i can wait for. CoD is better out of the gate on X1 with dedicated servers and now i'm worried that other games are going to be dedicated servers on X1 only. What Sony has to catch up on is their server infrastructure, correct? I was a 360 owner and was under the impression that a major game like cod did not run so well on ps3. I want to know that shooters will be on par on PS4, and if i'm convinced of that then I'll pick up my PS4 pre-order in november and not even think about changing it to the other guys.

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joe901757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

"Let me give you an insight into the handsome rogue that is Sorvah. I’m 26 years old, live with my girlfriend of 7 years and I’m in the process of buying my first house. I do a professional, tech related job using all of those corporate buzzwords that drive us crazy and I make decent, if not spectacular money. I don’t have kids and spend my hobby time watching HBO dramas, playing games and avoiding the Federales. My social circle comprises of people in fairly similar circumstances, some married, some with kids. Generally busy getting about their lives"

LIES,LIES and more LIES.

"process of buying my first house"


"I make decent, if not spectacular money"

"avoiding the Federales" <<<WTF

Yeh you make "spectacular money" writing crap articles for a website that gets 3 hits a day?????

You avoid the police????? what for? dropping litter on the street.

Dude you sound like a 12 year old in a school yard

pivotplease1757d ago

My close friends are getting ps4s, but I do work with a few people that are talking about getting the Xbox one. These same people seem to know next to nothing about the system and almost exclusively play battlefield and call of duty. The one will be successful as this "casual fps" demographic is quite large in North America and the majority of these players simply know the Xbox name and controller and it goes no deeper than that. Only the core gamers seem to fully acknowledge what has transpired in the last few months and microsoft's shoddy PR work will have little impact on the type of people who buy Xbox. Even within the core gamers, brand loyalty is as strong as ever and the majority of the core are sticking to what they know. I do see ps4 winning in sales though due to simple economics (400 > 500) and the momentum ps3 has been able to build up in the last couple of years (in my opinion it's been a gaming gold mine since 2008...starting with mgs4).

Shadowsteal1757d ago

I'm not sure why everyone has the misconception that PS4 can't be accessed by a tablet or smartphone. The Division e3 demo was running on a PS4 which showed that someone on a tablet hopped on. And in the PS4 commercial they downloaded games and messaged friends from their phones. And Sony announced twitch tv at gamescom.

jessupj1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Well I study at a media school ( and virtually everyone there is a gamer and I've only found 1 person that is getting an X1. Every one else that is getting a next gen console is getting a PS4.

I know I just did the same thing, but I find it very hard to believe all this "all my 8 friends are getting X1s" considering my school (2000 students) is full of core gamers and I could only manage to find 1 that's getting an X1.

KwietStorm1757d ago

Don't know about you, but nobody is going to *tell* me to propose.

Tiqila1757d ago

your girlfriend is 7 years old?

TAURUS-5551757d ago

kinect is a musthave in way...RIP xbox1 and your ridiculous apps

Imalwaysright1757d ago

@ turnerdc I call bullshit on that. I doubt that MS would have done all the 180s if the public in general didn't know what they were trying to do. Social networks in this day and age are a powerful tool and I'm sure that everyone that was considering buying a next gen console knew what MS was trying to do.

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abuelo1758d ago

Don't even go there iamnsuperman - My single friends are slowly dropping like flies picked off one by one by the marriage monster!

iamnsuperman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Tell me about it and I thought 22 was too young to get married. Apparently not

RiPPn1758d ago

I got married at 35, at least for me I think it was the perfect age.

Rip-Ridah1757d ago

I get married next month. Sept. 29 to be exact. My groomsmen, best man, and I are going to get fitted for tux's in a few hours. I'm starting to feel like the first time I got invaded on Demon's Souls; anxious, intimidated by the unknown but prepared for battle. Bring it Crystal Houston!! Lol.

edgeofsins1757d ago

Marriage is for when you have been in a true and mutual relationship for quite some time. Not age restricted.

DEEBO1758d ago

now that's funny, bubbles for you my man.i been married for 13 years and my wife hates games but she deals with them.and now i have two son's that are just have to give the wife her time,then you play you're games.

FunAndGun1757d ago

I'm glad you guys have the option to get married. A right most of you probably don't even think twice about having.

It is nice you can pursue happiness without restrictions.

n4rc1757d ago

come to Canada... we dont care about anything.. lol

Omegasyde1757d ago


As you as Canada legalizes heroin, drunk driving, midget pron and streaking I am so moving there.

Rivitur1757d ago

Wait since when is midget pron illegal?

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n4rc1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I honestly can't see much use for smart glass yet either.. Other then the obvious "let little brother rain down airstrikes while you play dr3" scenario.. But maybe something cool will come from it..

As for the title... All my gaming friends are sticking with Xbox.. I have 50+ people on my xbl list and 4 on my ps3 list.. And all 4 have and prefer Xbox online..

Yes that's 99% due to party chat which is a none issue now.. But I feel most people will stick with which platform they have the most friends on.. it seems like a huge factor people overlook..

One thing I saw that kinda leads to a bias (which is fine, its what it is)

"The Xbox One has yet to show that it is interested in driving the creativity in games forward" project spark doesnt fit into that perfectly!?

As for the fun topic... Lol.. Man you guys aren't kidding.. I have one single friend left.. Even all my little cousins are getting married and have kids..

Freaking epidemic! Lol

abuelo1758d ago

Yeah i think that's a really valid point. The majority of people I know who are in a comparable situation to me (i.e. not still at university etc) aren't really the 'social' gamer types. They come in from work, maybe play an hour of Dishonoured before being called away to eat/excercise/do something manly. Mos tmultiplayer gaming is done on the PC.

If you've got a list of 50 people you play different games with then that is going to be a powerful motivator and one where you would think Microsoft would carry an advantage.

n4rc1758d ago

We all fall into so many different categories... That's why making any kind of broad generalizations is never accurate.

I work 50-60h a week (and don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like) and pretty much do the same.. Jump on for a hour or two when I can.. Was much easier to blow a day at 15 then it is at 30 haha..

But my main love was online fps.. Counter-strike, bf2 etc.. So my gaming friends are generally from that scene.. We just keep doing what we love..

Hell i know grown ass men that are HOOKED on their kids pokemon game! Hahaha... Think my (ours?) Generation just grew up as video games blew up and evolved.. We come in all forms and tastes..

Magicite1758d ago

keep trolling your last bubble off.

abuelo1758d ago

I agree with you n4rc, that's why people claiming the Xbox One will be a failure are wildly off target. I still can't help but feel that Microsoft have made a decision to target the teenage/young adult market and the family integration market, leaving people like me and my friends behind.

As I said in the article I don't think that is really a wrong decision per se, but it is a strange feeling to be cast aside so readily.

BallsEye1758d ago

Really now. All of my friends that get XO are married and most of them having kids. I myself am married and I am a hardcore gamer (so is my wife). We're getting XO on release. Ps4 maybe next year if it gets some titles that we like. I don't understand youw ay of thinking. So far MS is having plenty of SERIOUS games ready for many years of multiplayer mayhem. I don't think thats a family/teenage market only.

ma1asiah1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I'm the same married with four kids, my wife is also a gamer. Both of us are totally syched for the X1.

The 2 games that I can list right of the top of my head which are going to be utilising second screen experiences with via smartglass would be the following

Dead Rising 3 and
The Division

My wife and I can't wait to share these kinds of second screen experiences together.

Ashby_JC1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Im 40 and single and I can say that 2 of my friends who are primarily 360 gamers are gtting the XBO.

It was like no question they were getting it...I already have my $500 set aside now for it.

Depending on funds this Fall I may splurge and get a PS4 as well. But at the moment...the XBO has my interest.

Dead Rising 3 and BF4 (for now)

And I am really intrigued by the new IP Titan Fall....that game looks VERY VERY FUN!!!!

PS>......the haptic feedback from the triggers I also look forward to experiencing!!

ape0071758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

xbox one will be amazing, great controller, great games and great online service (so is PS4), definitely buying it

i know a lot of people here love sony but if u said X1 sucks then Ps4 sucks too because they are essentially the same

simple 1st grade elementary school thinking :)

smashman981757d ago

Unfortunately most are like kindergarteners