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Submitted by xTHEFIZZx 828d ago | interview

Digital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

Xbox One, the cloud, the Source Engine - and the 1080p60 question. (PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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pyramidshead  +   828d ago
uh oh.
AsimLeonheart  +   828d ago
I think this article just took a little bit of air out of Titanfall hype. Just yesterday, Killzone Shadowfall multiplayer video was revealed which was running at native 1080p and 60fps while looking stunning.
On a side note, I was wondering if people know that Titanfall is only an online-only multiplayer game. I only came to know this a couple of days back and all of my interest died down. Suddenly it feels like the game is only half the game as compared to Killzone Shadowfall which also includes a beautiful looking single player campaign.
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pedrof93  +   828d ago
This game could very well run at 60 fps. The game looks fun, but the graphics are nothing in special, ate least compared to Killzone and Destiny.
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BallsEye  +   828d ago
At the end of article you can clearly see they are aiming for 60 fps. Now with that being said, please stop comparing killzone to this game and BF4. You can compare it to COD but titanfall and bf4 are totally different games. Here you get massive battles with plenty of physics happening, rocket jumps, more players, vehicles, vertical battle etc etc. Killzone looks great but again notice how slow it is compared to these games. Now some people for sure like it but don't cmpare it to super fast dynamic rocket jump mayhem with mechs and big scale battles.

Still source engine was pretty bad choice imo,.very dated engine but points I made are valid. It's like comparing strategy game to forza...hey forza runs 1080p 60 fps even in single player while KZ runs 30 fps in single player! XO must have muur poWahhh! Seriously guys..?
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voodoochildnyc  +   828d ago
well the reasoning behind this is replay-ability. why spend resources on a campaign that you blow through once and costs a buttload to make? they put all their resources into consolidating the two which is why they got the result they got. a truly amazing multiplayer experience that is unique. that's also why they call in campaign-multiplayer.
Skips  +   828d ago
"hey forza runs 1080p 60 fps even in single player while KZ runs 30 fps in single player!"

Forza is a racer with static environments... Killzone SF sp have very huge levels, almost giving it an open world feel...

Just sayin'
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Godz Kastro  +   828d ago
You really are trying to convince someone that because kz is 1080p it will be more fun than titanfall? Stop... Graphics don't make a game fun. IMO that is what KZ does not have. I forced my way through part 1 & 2. MP was fun for a month or two then got boring. If it wasn't a run away smash hit yet it won't be.

Titanfall has all the buzz. Once word of mouth gets out this game will sell millions upon millions. There has been nothing but praise for the game. It won 60 awards at E3 and a ton more at gamescom. Every preview I've seen has not only loved the game but one even went as far as to say it exceeded his expectations which is sometimes hard to do when a game is this hyped.

Please enjoy KZ, stop comparing it to titanfall. People did the same with Halo and KZ scores/sales always paled in comparison.
BallsEye  +   828d ago

Seriously man, I was being sarcastic. Showing exactly how it looks when comparing KZ2 to titanfall or BF4. Atleast you somehow got it...
JokesOnYou  +   828d ago
AsimLeonheart it was a good read for details of the game I saw nothing that takes away from what Respawn are doing with Titanfall. Its obvious these guys really know what their doing which is why the game looks great and plays much better. KZ SF looks great but nobody other than sony fans are really into it because it has slow linear gameplay that still seems to be a mix bag with a bunch of gameplay elements from other shooters but fails imo to do anything better than COD, BF, Halo and Crysis...and that IS KZ's problem it has NO IDENTITY COD= easy pickup and play, twitch fast gameplay, BF= open maps vehicles,large scale multiplayer, Halo= story driven universe/iconic character, sci fi/weapons, balanced chaotic multiplayer, Crysis= graphics. KZ is a student of all these elements but a master of none. I'm not hating on KZ its still a good game, but I'm a huge fps fan and the BEST fps's tend to succeed/keep gamers playing long after release because of what they specifically bring DIFFERENT to the table, KZ unfortunately never seemed to define anything.
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corvusmd  +   828d ago

"Forza is a racer with static environments... Killzone SF sp have very huge levels, almost giving it an open world feel...

Just sayin'"

He knows...that is EXACTLY the point he was making. He was saying that comparing Killzone to BF4 and Titanfall was dumb for the exact same reason.
JackStraw  +   828d ago
@Kastro "If it wasn't a run away smash hit yet it won't be."

cod wasn't a smash hit until 4.
HardTileD_   828d ago | Spam
slampunk  +   827d ago

Please don't compare Titanfall to KZ........The KZ gameplay after watching titanfall @ gamescom was terrible. Just look at the universal praise for Titanfall....

Great article on my most anticipated game of 2014 !!!
H0RSE  +   827d ago

"On a side note, I was wondering if people know that Titanfall is only an online-only multiplayer game. I only came to know this a couple of days back and all of my interest died down. Suddenly it feels like the game is only half the game as compared to Killzone Shadowfall which also includes a beautiful looking single player campaign."

- There are many MP only games that offer just as much of an "experience" as shooters that offer both single player campaigns and multiplayer, such as TF2, Tribes, CS, W:ET, SMNC, BF (Battlefield started as a series without a single player campaign) Quake, UT, etc. Some of these games are regarded as some of the best FPS games in the history of the genre.

A lack of a SP campaign may be a detriment to those who are looking for such a feature, but as history shows, the exclusion of such a feature does not necessarily mean a game will offer less, in terms of quality gameplay and re-playability.
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KillerPigeon  +   827d ago
I just hope they're careful in how they implement this narrative, it can be quite easy for it to get repetitive and tedious. Brink's folly approach definitely comes to mind.

People keep saying not to compare to the Killzone games, but they are both sci-fi FPS games, and admitably do both look quite impressive.

I hope the narrative events are less brink-ish and more like the ones in Killzone 3 MP; I did actually enjoy them, they didn't feel like they intruded on the immersion or gameplay, and if anything, they actually made you feel more involved.
H0RSE  +   827d ago

"I just hope they're careful in how they implement this narrative, it can be quite easy for it to get repetitive and tedious. Brink's folly approach definitely comes to mind. "

Brink's "folly" wasn't really an issue of the formula not working as it was with Publisher issues. Bethesda told them when they had to have the game released, and they had to obey. This resulted in a game that wasn't quite ready but had to release regardless.

Splash Damage (the devs of Brink) specializes in these types team-based objective MP focused games, and their past titles were solid hits among the community, both Quake Wars and W:ET. The studio has since become an independent developer, and I am currently involved in the testing for their next title.
Godz Kastro  +   828d ago
Notice when articles are talking about epic FPS's KZ is never mentioned. Just saying...
corvusmd  +   828d ago
KZ is only a great game if you ONLY have a PS
StoutBEER  +   827d ago
Skips dont start spreading rumors KZ is a open world game. I am drunk and that soounds fuckin retarded
StoutBEER  +   827d ago
Im actually goin to play Red Dead NOW so suck my sinthetic and organic dick! Even though the gods seem to have made my organic dick smaller for some reoson XD
iamnsuperman  +   828d ago
Not really "smooth" frame rate but not 60 fps. 30 fps is still smooth if it doesn't dip below 30 (locked at 30). I am not surprised by this because I have no doubt the PC was the lead platform. They just need to sort the port out and it should be fine (may even be 60)
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Rikitatsu  +   828d ago
Title should've been:
"Titanfall producer, Drew McCoy is Coy about XBOne Framerates."

... D:
xTHEFIZZx  +   828d ago
lol I like that :D
JP1369  +   828d ago
Or, "Titanfall producer Drew is coy about Xbone Framerates" to avoid repetition.
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corvusmd  +   828d ago
Uh, games like KZ and Driveclub and other launch titles are STILL coy about framerates to this day...KZ JUST announced that only it's MP will run at 60 and Driveclub is stil aiming for it...why are you trying to talk trash about a game that still has at least another 6 to 8 months or so of development when there are games releasing in about 2 months that can't lock it down? He even said in the article that there is nothing in the PC version that isn't in the XB1 and visa-verca, if it's just down to tackling FPS for 6 months, they will be fine. Plus for this type of game 60fps would be awesome, like in COD/BF4 but a locked 30 would be great too.

@rmw2hot (below)
"Looks like the X1 version is gonna be 720p and might not be 60fps,its unacceptable for a next-gen game to still be using a 2006 graphics engine which is sad. Killzone Shadow Fall looks like its gonna be the only next-gen first person shooter at launch thats native 1080p 60fps. Only on PS4."

Where in the world did you hear this? oh you didn't you're just making it up because you're sick of hearing how KZ is supposed to be the next gen beast, but it keeps getting out done by all of it's competition? Ok...this is typical PSZombie crap, stop making stuff up just cause you want it to be true. He never said anything like this in the fact he is leaning in quite the opposite direction saying it's extremely similar to the PC version and that the cloud is actually helping this game a lot and making it possible with more than just dedicated's also helping a lot with physics and AI...maybe read the article before you spout off.
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Ju  +   828d ago
At least those are running on physical HW.
JackStraw  +   828d ago
thankfully you used up your bubbles. i was cringing at each of your replies.
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rmw2hot  +   828d ago
Looks like the X1 version is gonna be 720p and might not be 60fps,its unacceptable for a next-gen game to still be using a 2006 graphics engine which is sad. Killzone Shadow Fall looks like its gonna be the only next-gen first person shooter at launch thats native 1080p 60fps. Only on PS4.
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GarrusVakarian  +   828d ago
720P @ 30fps

It cant be, many games THIS gen are 720p 30 fps. That is unacceptable from the Xbox One. I don't understand how they don't have enough power to do AT LEAST 1080p 30fps with ease, seeing as games like Killzone looks much better graphically and run at 1080p 60fps.

Refuse to believe it will be 720p 30fps, lol.
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Ju  +   828d ago
It'll be 60fps. But he dodged the 1080 question.

I was surprised about this:

"There are currently no visual rendering effects that aren't on Xbox One versus PC or vice-versa. Performance is always something we're going to be working on right up until we ship. I mean, the hardware's not done yet, the software's not done - our software's not done. "

Did he say the HW isn't done?
dark-hollow  +   828d ago
Really doubt it.

Titanfall is running on source engine. Even my toaster can run it in full hd.
Quicktopick  +   828d ago
HammadTheBeast  +   828d ago
Remember, this is from the creators of CoD, they're probably looking at CoD success, and thinking they can get away with it too.
colt-of-tipton  +   828d ago
Yeah from the original infinity ward who created modern warfare which was a great looking game at the time on consoles .
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Heartnet  +   828d ago
They probz prefer fast archaic gameplay rather than Lush Visuals... There is a trade off and not every FPS has to have Super Realistic Graphics.

CoD has done nothing wrong aside from being repetitive and the graphics have nothing to do with that :)
slampunk  +   827d ago

"Sony only" gamers.....we've seen 6 minutes of KZ gameplay and it's so much better than titanfall !!! LMFAO

Just wondering which game was getting universal praise from gaming journalists once they played it at Gamescom?

Oh yeah, that was Titanfall.....

Read this too on KZSF: confirmed 30FPS single player, targeting 60FPS multi....
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Good_news_every1   827d ago | Spam
slampunk  +   827d ago

Did you not see the link?

targeting 60FPS in multiplayer, 30 FPS in single?

I also have a gaming PC, PS3 and 360. I'm not a sony only gamer, unlike most on N4G!

Titanfall is the most highly praised next gen game so far......

As someone who will continue to game on multiple platforms (PS4, XB1 and PC) i can assure you that i've pumped far more for Titanfall than KZ......I dare say will all the positive publicity it's getting, even from sony fanboys, that i'm not the only one?!
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The_Infected  +   828d ago
So whats he saying Titanfall may run at 720p 60fps since he said frame rate is king when asked if the game would run at 1080p 60fps?
GarrusVakarian  +   828d ago
Still though, a small team based shooter on small sized maps cant even hit 1080p 60fps? Is this a dev issue or a power issue?
MasterCornholio  +   828d ago
Or it could run in between 720P and 1080P and the box would just upscale to 1080P.

Like Battlefield 4 for example.
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Majin-vegeta  +   828d ago
So shouldn't "TEH CLOUD POWER" make it run at 1080 60 FPS??lol

Sorry i couldnt resist xD.
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TheFallenAngel  +   828d ago
No, the cloud is supposed to make it ultra hd at 120fps.
testerg35  +   828d ago
I thought it was the PS3 with the 120fps claim.
user7402931  +   828d ago
Belking  +   828d ago
"There are currently no visual rendering effects that aren't on Xbox One versus PC or vice-versa."

Yes, bring it on Respawn. My xbox-one will be ready.
No mention of it coming to ps4.
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user7402931  +   828d ago
great, it seems like this game shoud have been on xbox 360. 720p 30 ( or possibly) 60 fps.
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Belking  +   828d ago
It is on This game is gonna be awesome next year.
ashahab861   828d ago | Spam
pyramidshead  +   828d ago
But yet still "not out of the question" ;).
TheFallenAngel  +   828d ago
It will be on PS4. If the PS4 destroys the xbone in sells next year, it will come out sooner then later.
Deividas  +   828d ago
I believe there was a recent interview where they stated they wanted to bring it to as many platforms as possible. Just currently these 3.
greenpowerz  +   828d ago
PS fans shouldn't worry about the game's current state. I'm sure Respawn are just trying to nail the gameplay and balancing right now. They will fine tune other things later just like other next gen games.

I'm sure they're busy with "gameplay and balancing" and the Azure cloud game design, getting the XB1 and Super servers working great. Final graphics polish and final frame rate optimization are months away.

@wishful thinkers
The Respawn dev basically said he doesn't have a *crystal ball* and the game is coming to XB1, 360 and PC at launch but it's not impossible.

^ After a MSFT contract ends and if the game is a huge success and EA rejects a new MSFT deal and Sony gets all their server infrastructure up and offers the same price and the right kind of servers with the same capability as MSFT's, it's a go ;)

I fear that because Sony's offerings are so poor and the fact Xbox One is gaining major ground PS fans are now tracking and trolling Xbox news to vent their frustrations in a defensive posture *vs* the misguided gloating posture trolling.

No Need to attack the game or the Xbox One over this, you got games coming on your platform of choice doing much less with the same performance at launch. Meaning these games on your platform of choice are almost done and ready to launch *vs* Titanfall with almost a year of time left.
#8.5 (Edited 828d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
pyramidshead  +   828d ago
@Greenpowerz! where have you been?! I've missed reading your grade A trolling comments and conspiracy theories :(. Please comment more on articles.
FITgamer  +   828d ago
IT'S ALIVE! Muhahahaha!
ape007  +   828d ago
"We don't tend to add the whizzbang technical features just because they exist... We put more of our effort into design, gameplay and giving our artists the tools they need to make stuff look good"

agree 100%

gfx is not important anymore imo, we are in an era where everything looks adequate and almost everyone can make great gfx,from indie devs (warframe) to casual modders (gta 4 ENB mod), so game devs more focus on gameplay please, that's why almost everyone wants GTA V over any nextgen game
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Lazarus69  +   828d ago
I agree gameplay is more important than graphics it's why i don't get the people mocking the PS4 version of BF4.
stuna1  +   827d ago
You know exactly why! Just look at the guys comment above yours! Both sides do it, when the Ps4 is seen as having trouble doing something, just look up and you'll see the vultures circling.

When the Xbox 1 is seen as not being able to do something you'll see more vultures fly in.

But then you have the apologist who'll bad mouth the competition, but yet try to reword, distort what it is their supporting.
Hicken  +   828d ago
Oh, please.

Graphics aren't important, but everybody's talking about which next-gen FPS looks better? Which next-gen racer looks better? Graphics are still VERY important, ESPECIALLY at the start of the gen. Given the increase in capabilities of these new consoles over the current ones, there's an expected leap in graphics, and it's expected to be rather easily noticeable.

What the hell does GTA V have to do with the graphics argument? It's been years since the last GTA, and it's a big franchise that's gonna be readily available on the current gen consoles. It's rather expected that it would have larger preorders than next gen games.

You're not making ANY sense.
baodeus  +   828d ago
then u must really hate indie games on ps3/4 because you will get a lot of them. U must hated Journey as well although it was a critical acclaimed game. Do you like FF13 instead of Crono Trigger now because of it outdated graphics? Is Vita games like gravity rush is crappy because of graphics? Do games like Star Craft, WOW, diablo sucks because they can be played even on laptop with no dedicated graphic cards?

When people bring in PC for graphic debates, everyone care more about art style, fun gameplay or exclusives.

N4G: graphic matter
Reality: CoD is the most played, most popular and most sold game on ps3 (i'm not talking about x360). What happen to KZ2/KZ3 (sold less with more ps3 units) or Crysis 2/3 with their superb graphic? Did the graphic factor in any of this?

The only thing that graphic actually might matter is Racing game (because people do want to see those pristine shiny cars)

Do you want to bet which games (titanfall vs KZSF) gonna get more play hours, more popular (eventhough titanfall is a new IP vs KZ which already have some establishment), more sell units, etc.....if TitanFall does come to ps4 later sometimes? Want to See if graphic actually make a game better?

Recent gaming culture sucks because everybody focus so much on presentation rather than having real tangible substances
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dark-hollow  +   828d ago
While titanfall was the least impressing AAA next gen title, it was able to snatch most of E3 awards for it gameplay.
Hicken  +   828d ago
@baodeus: What the hell are you talking about? At any point, did I say graphics were the ONLY thing?

Someone said graphics weren't important anymore, and tossed GTA into the mix for some unfathomable reason. I countered with the myriad arguments about graphics present on this site even right now.

Hell, I didn't even say graphics were the MOST important thing, just that they were very important.

And then you toss in beautiful games like Journey and Gravity Rush under "bad" graphics? Your argument is all over the place.
JackStraw  +   828d ago
@baodeus you're equating indie with bad graphics. you couldn't be further from accurate lol.

also, gravity rush is one of the mot beautiful games on vita.

troll harder.
baodeus  +   828d ago
see you guys don't get what i'm saying. Graphic vs art are two different things. Here people are complaining about the technical aspect of a game (lower resolution, fps, etc...). Those games i mentioned based on art because obviously the tech aren't impressive if at all. Does lacking in tech make those game worst? No right because obviously those are good games.

Here you guys criticizing Titanfall for it technical aspect and equated it to being crappy or not worth playing?

@jackstraw and Hicken
you guys need reading comprehension. I use those games as an example of why they are good and they don't need graphic (technical aspect of it). They have beautiful art style (not to be confuse with TECHNICAL GRAPHICS), but no way they have high resolutions or other technical aspect of which you guys criticizing Titanfall for, yet they are great games.

why don't you guys re-read what i wrote more clearly eh?
iceman06  +   828d ago
The pervasive argument on this site seems to be about graphics and resolution. I'm sure that this is mostly because most of us haven't played them. Graphics, obviously, are important. Nobody, including yourself, has said that gameplay should take a back seat. IMO, all developers should just focus on their vision. If that includes eye bleeding graphics AND gameplay. So be it. If it is just the gameplay, as in some simple indie titles, then that is good too.
Hicken  +   827d ago
@baodeus: But those games aren't just beautiful because of art style. They're also graphically impressive. They're not cutting edge, perhaps, but they're both in high resolution with steady, smooth framerates, etc. It's not like we're talking 16-bit games in SD.

In any case, the point is that nobody is arguing the graphics to be the most important aspect, or that poor graphics can't be compensated for by good gameplay and story.

There's a balance, and games are best when they're good in all departments. ape007 above implies that graphics no longer matter- that they're "adequate"- because anyone can have great graphics.

But that's not true. AAA devs still struggle with producing good graphics. And no one should ever stop trying to improve graphics; they just shouldn't let everything else suffer solely for improved graphics.

Again, I don't get where your argument is coming from. And as for TitanFall versus Killzone, I'd honestly wager Killzone. It's a game that looks to improve in all ways on previous entries, and is a larger franchise than people give credit for. Folks will still be playing it two, three years from now; If TitanFall is anything like CoD- which is where its roots are from- we'll see a good number of entries in the upcoming gen.
JackStraw  +   827d ago
@baodeus we need better reading comprehension because you fail at english? lol. okay.
TemplarDante  +   828d ago
Source Engine That explains alot...
Should do 1080P and 60FPS easy. The Source engine even does that on an ipad.
You mean, COD with Mechs.
Its got awesome fast paced action..
I just question the longevity of it. Both trailers show samey stuff. The new feature in the Gamescom trailer was the ability to ride on those Titan Mechs.
#10 (Edited 828d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
PrimeGrime  +   828d ago
The game reminds me of F.E.A.R, CoD and Mech Warrior just mashed together.
Bluepowerzz  +   828d ago
theres only hype becase u can clime left 2 right on walls silly uninformed kids
GodGinrai  +   828d ago
really? everybody that has played it has a lot more to say about it than that....

dont waste youe last bubble saying something stupid.
LiQuiZoN  +   828d ago
Seems a different team is porting it to Xbox consoles. It means its a pc port and not made from ground up. This is worrying. It's also multiplayer only....ehhh.

I'll pass.
GodGinrai  +   828d ago
The X360 version is ported by a differnt team, not the X1 version.

try harder
LiQuiZoN  +   828d ago
Are you sure? I would get it on PC anyway. Still probably won't if its a MP only game. :(
GodGinrai  +   828d ago
Im 100% sure. they have said as much themselves. Its pretty common knowledge. do your own research before you throw out random conjecture.

taken from the article:

"There are currently no visual rendering effects that aren't on Xbox One versus PC or vice-versa. Performance is always something we're going to be working on right up until we ship. I mean, the hardware's not done yet, the software's not done - our software's not done. There's tons of optimisation to do."

That means that A) They are working on it side by side with the PC version and B)it will be the exact same game visually and gameplaywise..the same game EVERY journalist is raving about right now...

"I would get it on PC anyway. Still probably won't if its a MP only game"

Its been said a million times that it is an MP centric game. Have you not read ANY articles on the game?
GodGinrai  +   828d ago
I dont know where some of you guys are getting this 30FPS nonsense from. west/zampella dont do 30. stop reaching. seriously.

In the very least it will be 720P@ 60FPS.. but given the engine and the fact that the game is still far from optimisation, I am going to say 1080P @60FPS. I see NOTHING in that interview that suggest otherwise..if you dissagree pull out a quote from the article that backs your argument. conjecture will only leave you with egg on your face when spring arrives.
MasterCornholio  +   828d ago
"Digital Foundry: Will it run at 60 frames per second?
Drew McCoy: We're not talking about it [laughs]........."

"Digital Foundry: 1080p60 on Xbox One?
Drew McCoy: We'll see how performance goes. Frame-rate is king."

Hmm we still dont know if the game will be 1080P 60FPS. Well at least Killzone Shadow Fall will have 1080P 60FPS for its multiplayer.
#15 (Edited 828d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
cyclindk  +   828d ago
And they already had mechs :)
Tctczach  +   828d ago
And it looks boring. So that's a plus too.
90Supra  +   827d ago
You can keep your arcade-style shooters, son...

No run and gun bullshit in Killzone....doesn't work that way...
Tctczach  +   827d ago
It also doesn't happen in battlefield but ok. But the trailer that I saw did have some "run and gun" in it. So yes it does work that way.
Supermax  +   828d ago
You all try really hard don't you what a shame.
cyclindk  +   828d ago
Looks fun... but, those be CoD textures or I'm a seahorse, arrrr.

Blurry blurry
#17 (Edited 828d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   827d ago
It's a about cloud shit again, right?
Bolts  +   827d ago
Pathetic. This is simply the most under powered console generation in history. If the Xbox One can't render a visually average game like Titan Fall with ease and the PS4 can't break 1080p with BF 4 then this generation is dead on arrival. How can they expect these so called nextgen consoles to be relevant for the next 10 years?

I will tell you what. In five years I will be streaming BF4 to my TV from a Google or Apple tablet in full 1080p. Good luck trying to compete with that.

It's a shame really I was soooo looking forward to my PS4.
Sleepless  +   827d ago
It's funny how sony fanboys are the only ones that talk shit about Titanfall, while the whole industry is excited about it. Sorry guys.....but hey, you still got your PC right?
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Benchm4rk  +   827d ago
"Wrote the book on console first person shooter gameplay"
Um sorry but before COD there was Halo. Halo was king and that wrote the book on console FPS.

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