Grand Theft Auto 5 "Gangster" video leaked

Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to be released very soon, "Gangster" video was leaked.

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AiirJordann231283d ago

i couldn't bring myself to watch it

maximus19851283d ago

It's not a spoiler really. It won't spoil anything of main story

gedapeleda1283d ago Show
CarlosX3601283d ago

Yeah, it's not really a spoiler. It's kinda like watching one of those propaganda vids about GTA5.

The only thing this latest video is make me even more anxious for the release of the game.

Nice work on the video, Rockstar! Brings a genuine feeling about GTA5.

JackOfAllBlades1283d ago

Well it looks like they filmed it with a toaster so it's hardly worth watching any way you look at it

wannabe gamer1282d ago

it looks like its supposed to look that way. like a low budget reality show or some BS afterschool sepcial on why you shouldnt be a banger

THamm1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Old news this is one of the vids yesterday, kriauciuniux was joking anyway, it doesn't show none of the characters in it

madara0sama1282d ago

I think it's just one of those TV shows in the game no one ever watches except for me..... I think.

steve30x1282d ago

I loved sitting down to watch the TYV in GTA IV the videos were funny and entertaining

RedDevils1282d ago

Lol same here, I love watching that Masterchief looking cartoon crack me up

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spaceg0st1283d ago

cool video (in game FIB guy describing the different gangs of los santos)

no story spoilers or anything.

CarlosX3601283d ago

Well scripted, and well done. :)

H0TSHELLZ1283d ago

I didnt want to, but i watched it anyway. No Spoilers Confirmed !

Dee_911283d ago

no spoiler for the story but it does spoil a bit of the gameplay
if you dont want to know anything else about gta 5 dont watch the video.

Cam9771283d ago

Stop with these leaks! I want official news, not any GTA spoilers that deserve on a forum! This is just done by small-time sites that are hit-hungry. STOP IT.

minimur121283d ago

This is probably a TV episode that you can watch in your apartment that no body will watch, so at least more people will see it lol

bub161283d ago

come on guys. we have been waiting 6 years for this beast, dont read or post this stuff. i dont want the game to be spoiled before i actually play it :(

H0TSHELLZ1283d ago

Then dont click on or read any articles.

GarrusVakarian1283d ago

I love R*, that video is like some trailer for "cops" or something like that, brilliantly made.. R* should make webisodes of the three characters getting up to no good.

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The story is too old to be commented.