Things That We Would Love To See In An XCOM Sequel

"Recently it was announced that there would be an expansion pack to the hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown video game from publisher 2k Games, which is a reboot of the original X-Com franchise from the 90s. Since that announcement was made, the somewhat regarded third-person shooter, XCOM: The Bureau has been released. In celebration of the news of the expansion pack, as well as the launch of The Bureau, we’ve compiled a list of features that we would love to see in the sequel to Enemy Unknown should it ever be released." - Attack On Gaming

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LinkageAX1734d ago

I'd love to see mechs personally, big, giant robots of death.

Nicaragua1734d ago

I'd like to see more multiplayer options, it was too barebones for my tastes.

Angeljuice1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

There was already a sequel in the original series; "Xcom: Terror from the deep". It was based on alien attacks on shipping and the battles were fought on the sea bed or on large cruise liners etc.
It is a great game so I don't know why they wouldn't release a sequel based on this in the same vein as "Enemy Unknown".

Don't change anything, the game is amazing as it stands.

shaun mcwayne1734d ago

yep some more of the same for me, just a bit more refined.

McScroggz1734d ago

The biggest thing I want to see is hero classes - generals, possibly.

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