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Is this classic series worth remembering or best left forgotten?

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Godlovesgamers1489d ago

When this was announced I straight up said it was going fail hard, and everyone was like "you don't know what you're talking about.."

Anyone who played these on SNES or Genesis knew these games sucked and any reboot without serious changes to the originals was going to suck.

Yes, I do feel vindcated.

ShugaCane1489d ago

Did you just say the original Flashback sucks ?

Godlovesgamers1489d ago

In Christopher Walken's voice: Bingo. Now deal with it my little porkchop.

ShugaCane1489d ago

Oh don't worry I absolutely don't care, I just wanted to be sure I read that right. Now I can only be sorry for your incredibly bad taste and how ingrateful you are towards the cult classics. But that's purely subjective of me. Have a good day, sir.

DOMination-1488d ago

"Anyone who played these on SNES or Genesis knew these games sucked"

Ignorant comment. Another World and Flashback were both critically acclaimed and well received by consumers upon release. You of course are entitled to have your own opinion on the games but you are wide of the mark if you think everybody who played them thought they sucked.

Godlovesgamers1488d ago

How is that ignorant exactly? I actually played both of the when the hit those consoles (thats right I'm an old school gamer) and they were crap.

The games terrible controls posed more of a threat than the enemies ever did. The games sucked, plain and simple. If you haven't gone back and played them recently then just keep quiet because simply saying "these were cult classics, well received upon release" is worthless to me unless you've actually played them. I played both recently and believe me when I say they aged like turds.

"Incredibly bad taste"!!? Because I think those two games sucked (and they did). Your opinion is laughable then. Get over your nostalgia and see the games for what they really are.

bohemian 231488d ago

I have been around the block as well, and I must to say I agree with you. The concepts and art were cool for the time, but sadly the gameplay wasn't very good. After years the memory of these games is often much better than the game itself. Just my opinion though.