Why Sucker Punch added touch controls to Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch has utilized the PlayStation 4 hardware to do things it simply wasn't able to do on current-gen hardware, director Nate Fox told Polygon during Gamescom; things like realistic city-building and touch-based controls.

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user74029311671d ago

so you could touch the son.

DarkBlood1671d ago

but its your job to ensure connor doesnt get touched by the 1-000 and the T-X at the same time, yep i just made your mission impossible :P problem?

dredgewalker1670d ago

lol, its a Terminator reference. Connor as in John Connor.

humbleopinion1670d ago

Ignore him. He just escaped from the Pescadero State Hospital and is clearly delusional.

DarkBlood1670d ago

lol clearly i should of put "/s" in there or something but if your going to point guns at somebody look at what dirtypimp said instead :P

humbleopinion1670d ago

LOL, I guess people let the Terminator reference just fly over their head. And yours wasn't even as subtle as mine... I wonder how many people agreeing/disagreeing with my comment knew that Pescadero State Hospital is the fictional institute where Sarah Connor was administrated.

DarkBlood1669d ago

i forgot the name of the hospital but i knew exactly what you were saying lol

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G20WLY1670d ago

Dude, incest is wrong.

Oh wait, I misunderstood... :/

ZBlacktt1671d ago

Once again, the PS4 and DS4 Next gen at it's finest. It's like a whole new level of gaming!

FamilyGuy1671d ago

Lol, I like the idea of both thumbs on the touch pad for strangling stealth kills, that's pretty creative!

Spoons1670d ago

On N4G:

Kinect=lol gimmick teh cloudzzz

dredgewalker1670d ago

It's the proper implementation of a feature that makes it sweet and not a gimmick. What's the point in having a touchpad for the PS4 if isn't gonna be used?

RytGear1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Because touchpads are already on everything anyway? Tracker pads and such whereas where else do we use kinect..

DragonKnight1670d ago

Kinect just sucks. Gimmick or not, it's terrible and everyone knows it but many don't want to admit it.

levian1670d ago

Except there's a difference. There is no added cost of the touchscreen to gamers. There is an added cost to the Kinect.

If the touchpad isn't even used, I don't really care, I didn't have to pay for it. If it's used, and used well, then great! I'd say the same for Kinect if they ever did something interesting with it.

DigitalRaptor1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

NDS and Vita have touch screens; so do most modern smart phones. Touch interface is proven, that it can compliment gaming in a subtle and inexpensive way, and ways that make sense and work.

The worth of camera motion sensing has been unproven for years and remains in a state of uncertainty and is fairly expensive.

Campy da Camper1670d ago

1) I don't have to wave my arms at the touchpad for it to work.
2) touchpad does not monitor my body temp and heart rate.
3) touchpad does not increase the cost of the console.
4) touchpad is optional.

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ABeastNamedTariq1671d ago

Freaking great. Touchpad seems interesting. I'm glad developers are utilizing it.

Oh, and people! That power is called photokinesis (neon). I like that word, "photokinesis", haha. Can't wait for this game.

user74029311671d ago

blr is utilising the touch pad. there doing great things.

CaptainSheep1671d ago

Speaking of touch, bring inFAMOUS to Vita, please. :(

vigilante_man1671d ago

It is - but only via remote play!

Lord_Frieza1670d ago

sucker punch currently working on infamous second son but after its release who knows?? ;)

Pintheshadows1671d ago

I think the touchpad is a great addition to the DS4. Simple applications will be wonderful. It doesn't need to be overly complex.

RyuCloudStrife1671d ago

yeah it's just an add-on to the DualShock experience.

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