Shuhei Yoshida: You Can Turn the PS4 Off Remotely with the Vita, and Mute the DualShock 4′s Speaker

Tidbits of information about the PS4 and its features continue to trickle down thanks to SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, that keeps holding his “unofficial customer service” on Twitter by answering the questions from the fans.

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philfogg1575d ago

Finally a reason to turn on my Vita -- to turn off my PS4.

Abriael1575d ago

If that's the only reason you'd use a PS Vita for, you got bad taste in games.

booni31575d ago

Or you could turn it on to play Dragon's Crown, Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa Rebirth, Disgaea 3 Detention, Dead or Alive 5 Plus or any of the many upcoming retail titles , PSP digital titles and indies, etc. If you don't like the console that's perfectly fine but why take every opportunity to attack it?

Bundi1575d ago

PlayStation fans has no leg to stand on asking questions like this.

iPad1575d ago

So you are gonna buy a Vita and a PS4 ;)

Welcome to the familia.

GentlemenRUs1575d ago

You do know he forgot the /s right?

Hes just another typical fanboy bashing something which he has probably never owned!

levian1574d ago

I'm more excited about the fact that you can mute the speaker. That was something I really didn't like about the Wii

miyamoto1574d ago

knew you were joking so i hit agree, lol!

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philfogg1575d ago

:lol: Get a sense of humor people. It was a joke. I'm a Sony apologist.

booni31575d ago

the /jk tag works wonders, though I still don't think reception of that comment would have been any more positive.

philfogg1575d ago

Helpful. I'm a n00b here, so thanks. Still coming to grips with the ability of the community for sardonic comments and wry humor.

pivotplease1575d ago

Eh apologist applies primarily to microsoft if you're talking about right now or even the last 4/5 years in the gaming world. Sony apologist is more of a 2006/7 thing if it is a thing at all. Oh and people can't comprehend sardonic here. And not because its a silly word for sarcastic that reminds me of sardines but because people are really on their toes to justify their purchase of whichever console they can afford with their allowance. Tyrion could cause a shitstorm on this site.

LOGICWINS1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I figured you were joking, but you should know that people here are very sensitive to criticism of anything Sony related.

Notice how one person above went as far as to deduce that you didn't own a Vita simply for making that joke.

We've gotten to the point where making a sarcastic joke about the Vita equates to not owning a Vita.

Welcome to N4G, where being overly defensive of gaming hardware clouds basic 7th grade reasoning skills :)

NukaCola1575d ago

Quit pinning anything on one group. It's the Internet and has little to do with one specific group as opposed to all of us as a community. This is a passionate Industry and some people get easily offended but to label one set of individuals.

PrimeGrime1575d ago

That is why the /s at the end exists because sarcastic jokes cannot be sensed so well with just worded text.

Really can't blame anyone for that. So many real trolls on this site also everyone will automatically assume you are just trolling anyway cause there are actually so many here.

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pivotplease1575d ago

Oh and I wouldn't dream of muting the controller speaker. The few times I played a wii, hearing stuff like navi through the controller was one of the major highlights. It's a pretty immersive feature.

Angrymorgan1575d ago

Im glad I can mute it.
If im playing late at night. I find the sound on the wiimote louder than my tv and it sh! Ts me up lol.

Can you mute the wiimote? Never really looked into it

trafalger1575d ago

what about the annoying blue lightbar?

Caleb_H1575d ago

It'd be cool if bf4 used the speaker for the voice overs.

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