Nintendo Quashes Fan Made Metroid Movie On Kickstarter

Hardcore Gamer: Unfortunately for those excited by this project, grumpy old bully Nintendo stopped by today and kicked over the kid's sandcastle with their DMCA notice. Apparently Metroid and Samus Aran are "copywrties" Nintendo "owns" and this movie was "infringing material" that violated these copywrites. Who would've guessed you couldn't just use other people's characters and trademarked intellectual property and do your own thing with it?

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Godlovesgamers1763d ago

Nintendo: "if we're never going to do something cool with that franchise movie-wise, you sure as hell aren't going to either".


Reggie and the Gang

P.S. be sure and buy two copies of Pikmin 3 and Windwaker HD when you get a chance :)

Y_51501763d ago

Nintendo needs to redeem themselves and make a new Super Mario Bros. movie! :)

mydyingparadiselost1763d ago

No, they need a Jim Henson styled muppet Star Fox movie. Yea.........

PSNintyGamer1763d ago

These guys were asking for money to make it, in return for a copy of the final film and, depending on the tier, other things such as pieces of the armour and such which is a pre-sale. The money they were asking for was to buy equipment and hire actors, essentially allowing them to set up a nice little studio and make ties with actors using the money they made which is profiting from the project.

Basically they were making a profit off the project and selling a product based on an IP they do not own or have permission to use. Nintendo were right to shut it down.

If they made it with their own money and stuck it online for free, unless it grossly misrepresented the franchise in a manner that could prove damaging, they'd have no problem with it. There are plenty of self-funded fan films and animations out there, that's fine. Crowd-funding and profiting from such a project is very much not fine

tigertron1763d ago

Nintendo are terrible when it comes to fan treatment.

Misaka_x_Touma1763d ago

So let fans have full control of their IPs that what you want.

BlaqMagiq241763d ago

So shutting down someone's project that is illegally using your IP is improper fan treatment?

ElementX1763d ago

Any other company would've done the same. There are so many instances of cease and desist orders for fan games, movies, etc I'm surprised these people even tried.

Baka-akaB1763d ago

Idiotic idea to even start that . It's like those group knows they will be shutdown but seek fame of some kind for later endeavours

mydyingparadiselost1763d ago

The warp pipe toilet sounds amazing. It would go well with my piranha plant print toilet paper.

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