The Elder Scrolls Online: Is a Monthly Fee The Right Option For The Game?

Is a monthly fee the right routre for Bethesda and Zenimax to take with new MMO The Elder Scrolls Online?

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VitaOwner1736d ago

Monthly fee will kill this game. I'm just gonna wait till it goes F2P.

forcefullpower1736d ago

Bang on. After I heard it was a monthly fee game I ditched this all together.

So many f2p there is just no room any more for monthly payments.

ArchangelMike1736d ago

Exactly. If they're going to start with subs, they should at least offer the boxed game for free. On PC I get that some of the hardcore will subscribe, (remember this same argument with Lord of the Rings Online and that went F2P), but I don't see console gamers subscribing. Heck DCUO had to go F2P on consoles.

Megaton1736d ago

It'll be free within a year, just like SWTOR. Guaranteed. The pay-to-play model has had very few successes. It's almost an exclusively-WoW market.

spaceg0st1736d ago

They're REALLY limiting thier demographic to pc hardcore mmo-ers.... They're going to shoot themselves in the foot with this current model. Most People who are willing to pay monthly subscriptions for an MMO already have a pc and prefer pc gaming. They're barking up the wrong tree. I would have picked it up, but now I've no interest, too many other great games to play

BallsEye1736d ago

Bye Elder Scrolls.

Your Great Fan,