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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 827d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation 4 Will Win 2013 Sales, Not The Xbox One

Are you ready for a battle? Starting this November, the video game industry will be headlined by two major competitors: the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. And both devices, which promise enhanced graphics and outstanding game libraries, are looking to win this year’s 2013 sales competition. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Muerte2494  +   827d ago
We didn't
need a Crystal Ball to make this prediction. While this article hits almost every nail on the head, this quote here bothers me.

" Sure, it doesn’t come with all of the fixin’s available with the Kinect, but its graphical capabilities look to be at least able to match those in the Xbox One initially."

I surely hopes he's speaking only to multiplatforms. Even then we have quotes guaranteeing that One System will look substantially better than the other (Need for Speed Rivals). Division and Watch Dogs both show to be running on PS4 and not Xbox One.
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theWB27  +   827d ago
Games being run on certain platforms mean absolutely nothing now. I think pretty much everyone knows these companies have deals to show one system over another until release.

That took it the wrong way.

" Sure, it doesn’t come with all of the fixin’s available with the Kinect, but its graphical capabilities look to be at least able to match those in the Xbox One initially."

The next sentence puts that in context greatly.

" Even better, Sony has said that the console will have nearly three dozen games available for it by the end of the year, beating out the 23 games that will be running on the Xbox One."

Means, at the least it's matching X1. The next sentence says even better than it's graphics capabilities being at(the) least capable of X1, it has more games to be made available.

You guys need to stop getting your shorts in a bunch. It's clear to EVERYONE that the PS4 is more powerful than the X1. I don't think it's by as much as people tout, (closer than the 360 and PS3 were) but most people know it is.
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black0o  +   827d ago
if Xbox losses market share at NA which already happening ''according to the peroders'' i'd be very bad for MS

and the history will repeat it self '' PS2 vs xbox''
admiralvic  +   827d ago
"Means, at the least it's matching X1. The next sentence says even better than it's graphics capabilities being at(the) least capable of X1, it has more games to be made available. "

Right... and what does A have to do with B? No matter how I slice it, the statement seems to say that right now the PS4 can match the XB1 in graphics, but hey, you can play a couple more games than the XB1.
christrules0041  +   827d ago

Yes and no. The original Xbox was more powerful then the PS2, but the PS2 had a lot of games. With the PS4 having more power, more games and features that aren't behind a paywall it makes the situation different.

I know your talking about the PS2 being dominant but yeah. =P
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Skips  +   827d ago

What do you mean "if"???

Xbox is ALREADY getting stomped in it's own territory... lol

PS4 interest is massively greater than the One in Xbox's only stronghold (U.S.) by 2:1 and the "over a million pre orders" Sony announced, (which fall in the same line Gamestop put out for people on "first to know list", who are probably the ones who've pre ordered) prove it.

In Europe, MS is gettin beat badly in the UK according to Amazon and not to mention they are releasing in WAAAAY less countries than Sony over there. That Fifa bundle ain't gonna help considering you could still get PS4 and Fifa $40 cheaper. lol

In Japan??? Straight up slaughter... Sorta like this gen...

Just imagine it worldwide, in other places where PS is already dominant... lmao

When it comes to games, and what MS has left to announce (which isn't much considering they blew their load at E3, and didn't even have a livestream Gamescom conference, are they even having one at TGS?) vs. what Sony has left...
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McScroggz  +   827d ago
I'm going to try and be as respectful as I possibly can when I say that your statement, "I don't think it's by as much as people tout, (closer than the 360 and PS3 were)..." is completely absurd.

I really dislike the word fanboy, so I'll not label you one. However, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were actually pretty comparable. The PS3 certainly had a slight advantage in raw power (especially due to Cell) but it was also much more complex to program for - plus split memory.

With the PS4 and Xbox One, the former is better in nearly every measurable I've seen. Sure, DDR3 is better at some functions than GDDR5, we don't know the exact specifications of both consoles and there are other factors such as toolsets and small details in design.

However, the PS4 has a unified memory pool, with a friendlier architecture with almost universally better/more powerful components. I'm not saying the PS4 will make the Xbox One look like a Xbox 360 game, but to casually slough off the notion of the PS4's decided powerful difference is clearly obfuscation of the facts as we currently know them.

I'm not trying to rebuke just because I've grown tired of seeing the misinformation or lies of commenters in the site - surely some people are simply mistaken, I've probably been before - but I'm here to tell you now that unless there is some bombshell info on the Xbox One's hardware that hasn't been dropped or Sony makes some huge design error that nobody has spotted then the PS4 WILL be more powerful than the Xbox One and it WILL be by a bigger margin than the PS3 was over the Xbox 360.

Thank you for your time.
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stuna1  +   827d ago
Anyway it's worded it a slight against the PS4, what does the games being released have to do with his statement, regardless of how many there are?
black0o  +   826d ago
@christrules0041 i only meant the domination scenario

@skips i was trying to sugar-coated ;)
nypifisel  +   826d ago
Actually the PS4 is substantially more powerful than the Xbox One by way bigger margins than PS3-360.
BG11579  +   827d ago
Even if the Xbox One seems to be in front the PS4 in the spannish's pre-orders, I also agree that globally the PS4 will sell more than the Xbox One...

And people thought that the US and England were MS bastions...
devwan  +   826d ago
It's actually not. That chart you linked to is based on recent sales only. does not have the equvalent of the 2013 year-to-date other amazon sites have, eg the uk one below:

The chart you linked to is based on what appears to be around 2 to 4 weeks of data. There's a movers-and-shakers chart that give an idea of a more targeted daily movement of sales, but a few of the European amazon sites don't have the historical sales charts others have so the only way to gauge how well things are doing there is to check your chart every few weeks and just get a "feel" of it. After E3 things were very different ;-)
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BG11579  +   826d ago
@devwan Thanks for the info.
So impossible to konw what's going on in Europe then. We have to wait to know which console will be the most sold.
Shadowsteal  +   827d ago
The comments on that article and comments about all PS4 has is indies keep getting to me. Xbox enthusiasts keep playing their Xbox has a better lineup vs PS4. Yes that's true... for the moment.

Look at PS3's lineup this year:
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Ni No Kuni
God of War: Ascension
The Last of Us
Tales of Xillia
Dragon's Crown
Kingdom Hearts HD
Beyond: Two Souls
Gran Turismo 6

Gears of War: Judgement which was garbage.

Next year 2014 watch, just watch you Xbox fanboys will be eating your words when you get bored of your launch titles and have to wait a whole year for Halo.

And we on PS4 will be playing

Infamous: Second Son in february
The Order: 1886
Uncharted 4
Littlebigplanet 3
Last of Us 2
Gran Turismo 6 or 7 for PS4
Ratchet and Clank (Into the Nexus proves there will be more coming to PS in the future)
The Last Guardian
Media Molecule New IP
Sony Santa Monica New IP
Guerrilla Games New IP
Quantic Dream New IP

And so many more us PS4 gamers will forget how to count.

Yknow why Sony is going so indie heavy? Because they're trying to incubate each and every one of these indies to become the next Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, or Santa Monica.

And guess what's going to happen? All those games will be exclusive.

Don't think in the short term, think in the long term.

In the end the PS3 won the console war and has one of the best exclusive lineups this year alone. Xbox 360 has shit.

You can expect the same from PS4 vs XboxOne
wtopez  +   827d ago
Don't forget Titanfall on that list of PS4 exclusives.
Lunarassassin  +   826d ago
When did that happen?
I know microsoft only have titanfall for a year and after that a ps4 version.
Shadowsteal  +   826d ago
It was sarcasm Lunarassassin

We don't want Titanfall, atleast I don't. The market is overpopulated with shooters. Missing out on one won't make a difference especially one that has current-gen graphics.
shadyiswin  +   826d ago
90% of the games you are bragging about dont even exist you idiot lol,meanwhile xbox will have halo and titanfall next year,nothing sony puts out will be bigger than halo or titanfall,despite what you believe,no one cares about infamous it will go largely unnoticed,like all these amazing exclusives no one buys lol.

ALSO the xbox one only had gears judgement and yet it still the number one console for 31 months in a row,soon to be 32,why? because no one cares about 2 or 3 titles a year,we want the best games including multiplatform games,so i have a ps3 and i havent bought any games for it ,it is strictly my 3d bluray player,and i only got it cause it was $35,i know avid sony fans at my job who want the ps4 but ae not getting it on day one,why? because the game they want most this yea is battlefeild 4 and gta 5,both on the ps3 where as xbox fans want ryse,dead rising 3,killer instinct and so on,the xbox one will crush the ps4 in america,the only place that counts and will do well in europe as well
Shadowsteal  +   826d ago

Sony confirmed at gamescom 14 of their first party studios are all making PS4 games that include Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica. Both Guerrilla Games and Quantic Dream stated last year that they had another IP in the works but are waiting until their current titles ship before they can even plan on announcing their other ones.

And that's why PS3 is outselling Xbox360 by 500,000 units worldwide right?

God aren't you narrow minded just because your friends aren't looking forward to PS4's launch titles doesn't mean the world isn't. That's why Sony announced PS4 already sold over 1 million pre-orders.

And will you guys stfu about Killer Instinct?! They gave a great IP to one of the worst dev's in gaming Double Helix. Have fun playing a fighting game with 6-8 characters at launch.

Everything I said can be backed by sources. Unlike you I;m not talking out of my ass or like Msoft spouting bs about cloud power!
Psn800  +   826d ago
We need a strong competition regardless to keep both competitors on there toes & game prices down .
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   826d ago
What is Sony going to start releasing NPD numbers? Because they've been getting smashed in the USA.
ZBlacktt  +   827d ago
Just read the news already being put out by Amazon, Gamestop, etc. The PS4 is selling out everywhere. So kind of a no brainier. Not to mention 19 countries vs 32 countries.
BeatDizzle  +   827d ago
It's 13 vs 32 countries.
ZBlacktt  +   827d ago
TY, lol... ouch
shadyiswin  +   826d ago
countries wont matter,the allotment does,why is no one has common sense on this website,5 million systems made will always equal 5 million systems made,shipping in 1,000 countries doesnt make the number more,cause it is still.....5 million,if anything you will see high sales of the xbox in the united states in europe just cause they didnt waste time shipping to japan and certain other comapanies where they stand no chance,i am dying to see how this site puts a spin on xbox ones sales,im sure it will push the fact that the ps4 is the world wide better system seller but thats a no brainer really,i want to see usa and europe, microsoft hasnt even begun there campaign yet,or giving a release date,the casuals are totally unaware of xbox one,they just know a new one is coming,so wait for that boom to hit in a month or so and you will see an xbox one everywhere.
pyramidshead  +   826d ago
@Shadyiswin in huge damage control mode with fanboy drivel paragraphs.
DialgaMarine  +   826d ago
@shadyiswin You seem to to forget that retailers have constantly that M$ isn't shipping very many units to them, at least no where near as many PS4s. It's why so many retailers have had to halt XBone preorders, while still having preorders open for PS4, despite PS4 still being far ahead. You notice Sony has actually given us a general idea of how PS4 is doing in that regard, while M$ is trying really hard to market their console. Obviously M$ isn't super confident if they're still constantly flip flopping, and offering deals that are still more expensive than the competition. I doubt anymore marketing is really going to help much.
Mystogan  +   827d ago
You don't need to be an analyst to see thats whats going to happen. But X1 is building huge momentum. 2014 will be interesting.
Muerte2494  +   827d ago
This question is ...
sincere. How exactly are they building momentum? I haven't seen anything or heard anything to suggest that. There are also a lot of features we have yet to see running. Twitch integration being the main one. They've only showed "UPLOAD" and the dashboard.
Sitdown  +   827d ago
You have to go outside of n4g to see it. If you think Microsoft is at the same place it was months ago, perhaps you just do not want to see it. Dropped DRM, free game for Europe, indie support, solid launch lineup, etc...
Muerte2494  +   827d ago
But isn't this only..
because their pre-order sales were extremely low? All these weren't initially in the works except for the launch line up. These were all things used to stop the bleeding. I could be wrong. But seeing as how you can still pre-order an Xbox One in most places even when their launching in fewer territories speaks volumes.
christrules0041  +   827d ago

People don't know about that because Microsoft didn't do a press conference. Funny part though is that a PS4 with Fifa is still cheaper then a Xbox One with a free copy of Fifa.

It doesn't really make that much of a difference. Lol
shadyiswin  +   826d ago

it makes a huge diffrence,the fact that the xb1 has the exclusive mode on fifa was enough for people to prefer it on xbox one,the fact there giving it away makes it a system seller,the fact that cod will have dedicated servers makes it a system seller,cod and fifa are huge in europe. You could get a ps4 with fifa for cheaper,but you would have crippled version of fifa and a horrible online experience with cod,and no camera.

People love to bag on kinect like it didnt ell 20 million,it outsold gran turmiso 5 which both came out in the same week,that says it all,and for me kinect has always been about ui integration,yes i will actually say xbox on follow by play game,i will use the face recognition in games,i will definitely skype on it seeing as i ue skype almost everyday to keep up with certain people,i will use kinect to scan in redemption codes,ill use it to give a play by play of my uploaded vids,and yes i enjoy the sport dance and fitness games on top of that a better controller and a better online experience,suddenly a $100 is very much justified
thetruthx1  +   827d ago
Ms are building momentum by

A. Many people believe they won Gamescom

B. Most people like the One's launch lineup better and think the Ps4's lineup is all indies and free to play games

C. Titanfall is getting even more exposure and the press are loving it like a man loves boobs
HammadTheBeast  +   827d ago
That's just you bro.
thetruthx1  +   827d ago
If it was only me it wouldn't be said on this site filled with Sony's worshipers now would it

Face the truth Microsoft does do some things better than Sony

A lot of things in my opinion
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Hellsvacancy  +   827d ago
"Face the truth Microsoft does do some things better than Sony"

We don't need to prove anything to the likes of you buddy, your the insecure one here, why else would you feel the need to share your silly little lists of "why MS does this better"

And your always in PS3/4 news articles, funny that, if it doesn't interest you why are you reading it?
gamertk421  +   827d ago
NO, Hammad. I also love boobs.
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
Why do you think the site is full of Sony's worshipers?

That's EVERY site right now. Sony has gained many fans in the past few years. They're treating the customer with respect. That is all we ask for, as consumers.
stuna1  +   827d ago

Let's just be glad it's your opinion!
Microsoft may not be where they were before the U turn, but they are a long way from where Sony is now! Facts are Facts.

Titanfall is getting a lot of hype right now, and for good reason! Hell I want to play it, but it's also releasing on 3 platforms! Those thinking the Xbox 1 will get the majority of sales even though it's touted to be the superior version..... Well you know, for one it is 1 game hardly reason enough for most to drop 500 bones on a console just to play it! Looking at it in retrospect, Xbox 360 owners have only to pay for the game itself! Nothing seem too intricate to be to tough to run most modern PC hardware either.

If anything I see the Xbox 360, PC's cannibalising the Xbox1 version of the game.
Mystogan  +   826d ago
Yeah its only him. Titanfall is only the game that received the most rewards ever at E3. Its only the game that makes man cum of excitement when playing it. It is only THE COD killer.

open your eyes people. X1 has the greatest line-up here.
Hicken  +   827d ago
A. Many more people don't. Particularly the general populace, who know little about what was said and done, since there wasn't a conference.

B. I'd like to see the proof you have of this. Far too often, people toss around words like "most" with no evidence to support it. This seems to be one of those times.

C. This seems to be the strongest argument Xbox folks have. I guess they keep forgetting how nobody even NEEDS the XB1 to play this game.
HammadTheBeast  +   826d ago
It's kind of sad that their "best" game so far is a third party one.
pyramidshead  +   826d ago
yes these 'people'. All points highly subjective and subject to opinion let's not pass these off as facts please.

Except maybe I'd prefer booty over boobs. :)
thetruthx1  +   826d ago
Sony fanboys criticize Xbox all day long but when someone doesn't share their views they are "insecure" lol y'all don't make sense at all
awesomeperson  +   826d ago
To be honest, it sounds as if you're the insecure one.

When people have something somewhat intelligent to say, people usually listen.

When you list things like you said - the majority of which are not true, even with public perception, then of course you will be criticised.
ZHZ90  +   826d ago
A. There wasn't even a conference for MS.

B. Launch line-up are NOT enough to convince people to get Xbox One.

C. Not everyone needs to get Xbox One just for Titanfall, people can still buy and play it on X360 and/or PC. It won't help increase sells of Xbox One.

Btw we are NOT Sony worshippers, I only worship one God and have faith in God, his Angels, his Prophets and his Holy Books and that's it so stop calling us that ok.
People like myself just believe that Sony does things right and does thing better than MS with their console and delivering customers' satisfaction.

That's all.
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Mystogan  +   826d ago
Haha looks like you struck a nerve.

silly psfanboys.
user7402931  +   827d ago
this is obvious, its been this way with



and ps4 will do the same
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DEEBO  +   827d ago
yeah but 2014 has tons of games that's not been shown.if you really think MS and x1 are going to win? 32 vs 12 country launch says it all.1 million plus reserves and not being able to keep up with the demand,yeah sony got this.MS year advantage is no more.MS will get the silver medal,sony on the other hand will get their third gold medal.ps3 won a silver medal but that's can't win them all.
Kydawg  +   827d ago
Maria i approve you to submission, you're not lame.
NaughtyGods  +   827d ago
Thanks for saying the obvious.
ghostrider32  +   827d ago
Translation: I love when things are one sided. I don't like competition. Seriously, why state the obvious? After Don Mattrick pissed everyone off, it was expected.
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corvusmd  +   827d ago
I don't even think that the most sever Xbox Fanboy would disagree that PS4 will take an early lead...and finish off the next month of 2013 in the lead....however, counting MS out and thinking that by the next Christmas season that it won't catch up is just as ridiculous than thinking XB1 will "win" launch. Once word gets out that Xb1 is a great machine itself with a superior network that makes most of the most popular games run smoother (esp for MP games), and exclusives like Titanfall and Halo come out..or just the next holiday season...things will even up. That's just the logical thing to happen. Despite the SEVERE hate of PS4 fanboys, most consumers don't even dislike XB1
Software_Lover  +   827d ago
Oh my goodness!!!!!! All of you who are getting the XBone to play Forza, Killer Instinct, and Ryse better cancel it now because your console isn't gonna sell as well as the other and your games will automatically be garbage because of it....

Damn us PS4 guys better get ready. When the ps4 outsells XBone this year, it's gonna make even Knack a Killer IP. I can't contain my excitement.

Unless you have stock or are getting paid as an analyst, the only sale that should matter is what is being sold to you. I bought my 2013 Fusion because I liked it. I dont care how many Optimas sell.
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Good_news_every1   827d ago | Spam
user7402931  +   827d ago
actually you should care, more money for the console the more games that come, for sony atleast.
Sarobi  +   827d ago
When I went to preorder the Xbox One (I paid off my PS4 preorder a day after E3) there was quite a few people popping in and out of the store asking if they were still taking preorders for PS4, the cashier informed them they weren't and directed them to go Sony's online store.. crazy! PS4 is definitely the product of interest.
MichaelLito79  +   827d ago

I just picked up a copy of Splinter Cell at my game store near by and I ask how are both system doing pre order wise. The employee told me that both were sold out. Interest is there for both.
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
You are correct. Interest is there for both.

However, Microsoft allotted a much smaller amount of systems than Sony did. I'm just letting you know that. That's not to say that a larger allotment wouldn't garner just as much interest. It potentially could, since they've changed policies.
CGI-Quality  +   827d ago
Which has nothing to do with what he's saying. The X1 doesn't have the amount of demand, nor pre-order count of the PS4. Just how things are right now.
Akuma2K  +   827d ago
1 million PS4 pre-orders, once sony announced that at gamesconn it was a wrap.
#13 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chrissx   827d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Theyellowflash30  +   827d ago
If Sony doesn't launch the PS4 this fall in Japan they will lose to Nintendo in Worldwide sales. The Xbox One is only available in 13 countries with a $500 price tag. It's not beating a system $200 cheaper than it with games like Sonic, Mario, and Donkey Kong on it.

I say PS4 and Wii U battling at the top, with the Xbox One behind both of them by a nice amount.
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
I have a Wii U and I, in no way, want it to fail...

...but be realistic here.
Theyellowflash30  +   826d ago
I am being realistic here. There are big games coming out for it this holiday season. And is cheaper than the competition.

The Xbox One is $500 and only launches in 13 markets. The Wii U can easily outsell it this holiday season. Zelda, Mario, DKC, Wii Fit U, Mario and Sonic, and many other games will push sales.

I'm being very realistic here.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   827d ago
In my opinion PS4 will easily outsell XBOX One this generation. I will only be buying the PS for sure, not supporting Xbox this go round. But people have different taste in games, and preferences. While i am dissapointed not being able to play Titanfall at least right away or ever. Im sure the Xbox boys will enjoy their system just fine. I couldnt give a rats ass what anyone else is doing i know what im getting and why im getting it!(JUST DO YOU)
#16 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ricochetmg  +   827d ago
It will be like this been but much more competitive then you think. Xbox will be back.
No_Limit  +   827d ago
Console sales, LOL. I can give 2 cents about it, as both will do well. I will be enjoying my XB1, Dead rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, and all the third party games this Holiday. People are caught up with who sells more, pre sales, and all these other BS for consoles that are not even out yet. I look for games that I can actually play and can care less about the early sprint of a 7-8 years marathon.
MichaelLito79  +   827d ago
I can't wait for Xbox One. It seems this generation and the new one coming is all about sales. What ever happen to enjoying the great games. I will definitely be picking up Dead rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, RYSE, Battlefield and Watchdogs at launch.
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shadyiswin  +   826d ago
xb1 line up is very much filled with killer apps,the emphasis put on pre-orders and so on is very ridiculous,i know for a fact the 3 places that will sell the most xboxs and ps4 dont even account for the pre-orders,walmart target and toysRus,all 3 places are xboxs bread and butter,soccer mom and dads who have no idea about pre-ordering and so on,my xbox allotment was 50 consoles just for pre-order,the official number ill have later,50 is not that bad,despite my love of xbox when im selling a console i ask certain questions,do u play a lot of games,what kind,you into mostion games,would you play online,how much are you looking to spend> then i think to myself that just weighs heavily in the xb1 favor,with 360 vs ps3 i always brought up the fact the ps3 does play blurays but most people are smart and know a bluray player cost $58 ,its the same with apple and android,i hate apple but i dont let my hate get in the way,some people are better suited for apple just as some are better suited for sony,so if you like sub par online play,waiting months for single play exclusive games while you get out classed n multiplats with a controller not made for shooters then go for the ps3 miss,yes i took a cheap shot,so what!
ShwankyShpanky  +   826d ago
@shady: "walmart target and toysRus,all 3 places are xboxs bread and butter,soccer mom and dads who have no idea about pre-ordering and so on"

And what do you think those uninformed soccer moms and dads are going to do when they compare the price tags?
Shadowsteal  +   827d ago
You say you care less about the early sprint but what will you be playing when PS4 owners are playing...

Infamous: Second Son in february
The Order: 1886
Uncharted 4
Littlebigplanet 3
Last of Us 2
Gran Turismo 6 or 7 for PS4
Ratchet and Clank (Into the Nexus proves there will be more coming to PS in the future)
The Last Guardian
Media Molecule New IP
Sony Santa Monica New IP
Guerrilla Games New IP
Quantic Dream New IP
No_Limit  +   826d ago
I will be playing:

Quantum Break
Uncharted 4
Sunset Overdrive
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Santa Monica new game
Forza Horizon 2
Gears of War 4
Crackdown 3
Black Tusk Studios New Ip
Kinect Sports Rival (yea, I said it, LOL)

These are the games I am interested in and requires both a PS4 and XB1 to play and I will have both eventually. The XB1 right now have the games I wanted to play and dedicated servers and I like the controller better; thus, I am getting that system first. Sorry, not interested in Quantic Dream, LBP, Ratchet, and Forza 5 makes Gran Turismo redundant.

LOL, I can't believed you even list The Last Guardian there. Duke Nukem Forever 2 might be released before that one.
#18.2.1 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report
urwifeminder  +   827d ago
Fantastic news I hope you guys enjoy it ill be enjoying Forza 5 and low sales of XB1.
user7402931  +   827d ago
MichaelLito79  +   827d ago

Seriously low sales affect your enjoyment. LOL

Note: Don't worry they are both sold out in many retailers. Come November they will be hard to find if you did not pre order.
xActionBasturdx  +   827d ago
And as a consumer we care about sales because we are are the ones getting all the profit from each console sold. Blatant ignorance is not needed. Last time I checked we are the one shelling out $$$, not receiving a check because the console of our choice is selling.
jjb1981  +   827d ago
Both will be awesome systems. Each will be better by preference.
TheOneEyedHound  +   827d ago
We know that.
gdguide  +   827d ago
Unless Microsoft drops Kinect to get the price down to $399, they will not beat Sony this gen. When the X1 drops to say $449, the PS4 will drop to $349, and Sony will have entered another price point the X1 can't touch. X1 finally reaching $399 means the PS4 will be $299, breaking another pricepoint that will really boost sales. $500 won't stop die hard fans from buying the X1, but it's going to stop a lot of parents from buying it for their kids.
#22 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   827d ago
500 will not stop parents from buying it for their spoiled kids. Parents were spending in the upwards of 800-900 for the ps3 and 360 during the holidays because the stores were sold out (during their respective launches). It's pretty sickening.
strifeblade  +   827d ago
your price point calculations dont add up properly ps3 released at 600 while 360 was 400-500 in some regions but look now both systems have a 300$ skew and a 200$ skew. Time will bring down the price of x1 and before you know it they will be the same price. At that point try to convince the average consumer that ps4 has a better value than x1 at the same price. when ppl find out kinect features they will go x1- just like this gen sony been losing at sales for 6-7 years and only now they surpassed msoft by 1 million lol
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
PS3 was 500 and 600 at launch. Why do people always forget the 20 Gb model?
JackStraw  +   826d ago
"only now" - with a year late start, yet they still surpassed them? says a lot about the company and the community. as of lately, the ps3 has had more going for it, especially when it comes to games. factor in sony doing everything right with the ps4, and it's pretty easy to see which will outsell the other this year.
strifeblade  +   826d ago

Jeez you love following me don't you? You forget that the playstation 3 is the successor to the best selling console of all time. ps2 sold 150 million units while xbox in that same gen sold 25 million. The fact that both systems are practically neck in neck means the xbox took a pretty big chunk from sony's market. Grew it's install base by 60 million while sony lost market share to both nintendo and xbox. from 150 million to 80 million? Try explaining that to the board
JackStraw  +   826d ago
following you? lol. you do realize how tiny n4g is right? i'm bound to see your comments seeing as i read articles here the same as you do.

QQ more though.

also, all that tells me is that the recession hit hard in the US. so people went with the lower priced consoles, as evident by the wii doing so well and the ps3 outselling the 360 everywhere else. when the ps3's price came down, it started closing the gap like nothing happened and eventually passed the 360.

see what i just did there? that's called rational thinking. i commend you for thinking logically though, but you didn't look at all the factors.
#22.2.4 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
strifeblade  +   826d ago
QQ? you were the one crying to me "stop harassing me!" but it seems you follow me from one comment to the next- i am actually flattered LOLOL. If there was a recession that was as hard as you say it was most people wouldn't be buying consoles period. Next there doesn't have to be a recession to realize the ps3 at 600$ with crap games until mgs4 came out wasn't a good deal- ps3 had a rough start. The recession also does not explain the sales of the wii. The wii is as popular as it is because of wii sports which explains the wii's abysmal attachment rate- the market has also been expanded compared to last gen- which means the wii hit home with the casual market- a market that sony failed to capture with move- msoft with more success with kinect. Jackstraw grasping at straws suits you just fine after such a rudimentary and unintelligent explanation but i applaud the attempt- there are many other factors to explain the sales but i don't feel like going into them but i covered the majors. But seriously straw you have responded to 80% of my comment posting in two days- i think your stalking me...
Bhuahahaha  +   827d ago
no the wii u will
Rask  +   827d ago
Who cares about the sales?
xActionBasturdx  +   827d ago
Rabid fanboys from both sides like they are getting a check...idiots
ghostrider32  +   827d ago
The mouth foaming Rottweilers known as Sony and MS fanboys.
MasterCornholio  +   826d ago
Developers do.

Case in point: Wii U and the amount of 3rd party support that it has.

Motorola RAZR i
tokugawa   826d ago | Bad language | show
4me2  +   827d ago
Amazon posted release dates for "Forza Motorsport 5 Day One Edition" and "Ryse: Son of Rome Day One Edition" for Nov 27.
Another place/date holder or XB1 release date?
bullymangLer  +   827d ago
Waka Floka Flame is doing so good in sales, along with Justin Bieber . . . SO sales = caca

is that all sony fanboys and microsoft fangirls got?, saLe figures ??

ha haa haaa
WeAreLegion  +   827d ago
Waka and/or Bieber aren't going to stop making music due to low sales.

Though I'm sure we all wish one of them would...

I think that's the difference. People are worried that a company they support with games they love will stop making those games if their console doesn't sell well enough. That's why this whole thing is silly, unless something really bad happens. Both companies will sell consoles like crack for years to come. Everyone with even a slight interest in this industry should know that. It'll be fine. :)
G20WLY  +   826d ago
No mate, it's not all we've got...

We've also got games from EA ;P
arbitor365  +   827d ago
all the evidence points to a sony landslide. this is going to be nothing like the PS3/xbox360 launch. microsoft doesnt have the advantage of an early launch and 8 million unit lead. and this time they are the more expensive console.

its like Tony Sark said in The Avengers

"there is no version of this where you come out on top"
kickerz  +   827d ago
Big deal. You guys do realize you won't get anything if Sony outsells Xbox 3:1 do u think their gonna send all you Sony fanboys a golden Mickey Mouse badge in the mail LOL . I guess you can post comments on here claiming some sort of victory, meanwhile I will be playing awesome games like Titanfall , killer instinct, dead rising 3, quantum break, ryse. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.
Raven722  +   827d ago
So basically, you're a fanboy telling other fanboys that they're stupid for being fanboys. Got it.
kickerz  +   827d ago
Nearly mate.. More like - I'm a fanboy, telling other fanboys, that they're stupid for being "STUPID" fanboys. In all honesty if you are commenting on this site you are a fanboy of some kind. I like Xbox and PC gaming but I have respect for Sony and Nintendo guys too. We're all gamers.
CGI-Quality  +   827d ago
Well then, I'd have to say "DUH"! :D
KingKelloggTheWH  +   827d ago
Both will sell great, but with the given info the PS4 seems to be taking a pretty good lead.
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