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10 Reasons Why The PS4 Is Better Than The Xbox One

AS writes: "In a few months, many gamers will have to make a decision: Xbox One or PS4? How do you choose? Well, we’re here to help, with our list of come up with this list of 10 Reasons why the PS4 is Better Than the Xbox One. There are lots of rumors out there, and plenty of blind console loyalty, but how do the consoles really differ? In terms of specs, the two consoles are virtually identical. So we decided to take a look elsewhere in these consoles’ launch lineups, policies, and plans for the future." (PS4, Xbox One)

MonkeyNinja  +   773d ago
#11: Exclusives
#12: Price
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NatureOfLogic  +   773d ago
Maria is the best.
Hellsvacancy  +   773d ago
Stop being such a fanboy, I'm better than Maria
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thetruthx1  +   773d ago
10 reasons Xbox One is the best in no particular order

1. Launch lineup

2. The controller

3. Snapping

4. Dead Rising 3

5. Xbox Live

6. Titanfall (even if Sony does get its paws on it won't be till 2015)

7. Exclusive directx 11.2

8. Every One will be a dev kit

9. One of the best selling and most popular games Halo

10. New gameplay experiences with Kinect
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Hellsvacancy  +   773d ago
"Exclusive directx 11.2" you really put that on your list?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   773d ago
Hahaha you're funny man.

1.) Opinion.
2.) Opinion.
3.) PS4 has "snapping" too. (Not for TV though.)
4.) That should be a part of launch lineup, you're really reaching.
5.) Both networks are fine.
6.) Valid. It's an exclusive. Looks nice.
7.) Can't Sony replicate most of the features in 11.2 in OpenGL?
8.)You act like you actually care about that. Like you're a developer lol. You're reaching.
9.) Valid. It's an exclusive.
10.) Maybe, maybe.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   773d ago
Your point? the entire article is opinions. I disagree with every point to why the ps4 is better according to author.

Ps4 does not have a snap mode or anything remotely like it.
NextGen24Gamer  +   773d ago

Excellent points, Well said but let me add to your list

11. kinnect 2.0

12. hdmi input

13. wifi direct

14. 4k resolution ready for GAMES

15. 1080p 4 people conference Skype

16. TV integration

17. Halo television series by Steven Speilburg

18. 3d scanning of face & body to put in games

19. IR Blaster

20. Exclusive or early content for multiplatform games

21 Dedicated servers

22. The Cloud

23. recognizes your controller & person

24. A USA Product

25. The return of 10 member family share for digital content

26. SmartGlass
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edgeofsins  +   772d ago
Why do you guys have to come up with terrible reasons just to have as many as possible?

SmartGlass isn't exclusive and Sony so far shows far better support for that kind of thing, which they had thought up first with Home on PS3 btw.

USA product? Still assembled in other countries and it has terrible engineering.

The cloud is for doing what is already done on current consoles. The only difference is new consoles are more built around it so they support more features with more ease. NOTHING about Microsoft's cloud is exclusive. In fact Sony so far has the only exclusive features when it comes to their cloud through Gaikai streaming games.

Dedicated servers? PS3 has had dozens more of those then 360 already. Welcome to what Sony had been doing.

So far Sony has far more announcements for early content for multiplatform games and plenty of exclusive content as well.

Kinect could 3D scan your body, but did it? No. Microsoft holds themselves back for profit.

Halo on TV? That's cool. So it isn't only on 360 or X1? Oh that is right it is on Netflix. I can watch it on a Sony platform or my PC if I wanted to.

TV integration.. That's cool. Not a selling feature though. Not to mention Sony has digital TV in the works, so no need for a separate cable box.

You better get 4 person video calls if you pay for Live which essentially has done nothing to compensate for your subscription except in the recent months with free games up until the X1 launch, even though those games are old and many had been already released for PS Plus users.

4k resolution? PS4 has it. Thetruthx1 is trying to say why X1 is the best. If you are just listing reasons to like it then sure. But you are adding on to why X1 is better then PS4, but you list tons of features on PS4, and so far better on PS4. Now when it comes to 4k gaming that is extremely hardware intensive, not to mention almost no one has a 4k TV for 4k gaming so pretty much no game is ever going to do it on PS4 and x1 unless just for show. PS4 is more powerful. So it's not like X1 could do it better.


Lets list games separately to make up more reasons, despite listing launch lineup on the list that those games would file under.

Lets also imagine we know the x1 controller is better despite not using it yet and despite most analysts saying it was better when they used it.

Live has been behind PSN for years, despite popular belief. More PSN games had been using dedicated servers, more intense battles with more players, better price system, more innovative titles and variety, no contest once PS Plus arrived, less intrusive advertisements, etcetera.

DX11.2 is not exclusive. Not at all. Also, thanks to PS4's more open design you might find more features actually exclusive to PS4.

You don't know how the One devkit thing works.

Halo is not Halo anymore. Halo 4 just slapped all good writers in the face. I'm not saying the other Halo's had phenomenal stories. I am saying Halo 4 was like a terrible fanfic. You don't just suddenly act like Chief had a jetpack in his suit or that spartans were so simple to replicate. Inconsistent, overly imaginative. Bad twists.

If Kinect 1.0 hardly showed games better then the PS2 Eyetoy then I doubt Kinect 2.0 will show much difference to 1.0. Who knows. Maybe Microsoft will actually try for once in their life after XP. Can't wait till Steve Balmer is gone. As a disclaimer, I know Kinect has a clear advantage over the first Eyetoy in performance and capabilities, but games wise there wasn't much innovation going on.
thetruthx1  +   772d ago
@Elite24Gamer very good list
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annus  +   772d ago
You know someone has no idea about Direct X when they use it as a reason for something to be superior.
thetruthx1  +   772d ago
@annus what a weird name and to your reply I know directx 11.2 features tiled resources which can crunch Gb's of data into Mb's.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   772d ago
Dead Rising 3 is part of launch lineup.

Titanfall is just another exclusive. A man could counter with Infamous SS.

Direct X 11.2? Wow just wow you will NOT notice that.

The controller a man already prefers on PS3 and now it's being improved upon superbly according to all those who have gotten their hands on it.

Xbox Live was like PSN this gen only with cross game chat and a Pizza Hut app. A man doesn't use apps that much on his console but the most popular and important ones are on PS3 already and of course PS4 will only get more. Cross game chat is also included free of charge. Then we get into PS+ which will give a man games every month and awesome discounts compared to Live so a man doesn't see how that is an advantage. Kinect? lol
ChipdiddyChip  +   773d ago
All these reasons suck.
corywebb93  +   773d ago
10 reasons why the xbox1 is better than the ps4.

1. Halo.
3.Cod dlc, 1 month earlier
4.Has strongly funded backing by Bill Gates.
5. Award winning Xbox live,the best online gaming experience in the world.
6.Comes with kinect, something that will revolutionse gaming forever.
7. xbox 1 controller made specically for gamers .
9.Can turn of my tv by talking to kinect.
10. Exclusive Nfl content.
Kingthrash360  +   773d ago
bots are funny...halo+halo=halo.....1 month cod dlc? lol so what!.....kinect revolutionise gameing lmmfao...you dont even believe that! can turn on tv by talking to kinect.....is that what you ment by the kinect revolutionizeing gamimg....with a "xbox on" command? or is it the super lag of that fighter game.....
you guys are only hurting tye xbox brand....I really dont care whats better (ps4 is imo) its just when ms fans get to reaching its so embarrassing.....
saying things like xbox 1 controller made specifically for gamers....so sonys are made for who?...Nintendo's are made for who? just so dumb.....I see you couldnt say xbox1 is made for gamers seeing they introduced the system witg tvtvrvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtv tv and ended with dogs in cod. please stop...just stop.

one thing is clear...ps4 is sold out again, ps4 is chosen by the masses....this article is trolling you guys and you falling for the bait...lol biting away and giving them hits....and people like me laughter. gamers shouldn't care about such things as sells we should care about games....not gimmicks.....but games....not specs...games...not list of someone's opinion but games......lost you are.
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DeeJayPorge  +   772d ago
Fanboy much
Kingthrash360  +   772d ago
never a fanboy...im getting all three to go along with the rest of my beloved systems....its just stupid for people to ignore facts and overplay minor stuff. just to justify a system they plan to buy. sony has flaws ms has flaws wiiu has flaws. its how it always been...im a video game fan boy....ill never lock myself to one system and call the other trash....its just my first buy is the ine im most interested in because it caters to what I want in a system.....people are to quick to yell fanboy because of honest opinions....if I was a fanboy I would left a list of somekind.....I need no list I need just to decide my first, second, and third buy. I want ms to succeed because I cant picture the gaming world without one same goes for Nintendo and sony......
fanboys want companies to fail...I dont. I love games ALL GAMES. hell titan fall is the top must buy game so far......but I love killzone and tgats coming at launch...so is bf and drive club watchdogs.....all on ps4 too. I dont like this KI or ryse and in not a fan of dead rising.....plus I own a vita so its only natural I go with a ps4 first...not because in a fanny but because its what I prefer as a gamer.
SnakePlissken  +   771d ago
Hey bud, no one asked you and no one really cares. I will state my opinion if i like and if you think for one second that you can control what people say? You got another thing coming! Next time, mind your own business! Now get YOUR black ass out!!!!! Lol
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T2  +   772d ago
Wow I actually thought you were trolling and making fun of xbox ... But nope there is your list
JP1369  +   772d ago
Let's look at the PS4
1) Better hardware
2) Cheaper
3) No paywall for services other than gaming. Free-to-play games don't require a Plus subscription.
4)Naughty Dog (two teams)
5) Sony Santa Monica (two or three teams)
6) Guerrilla Games (two teams)
7) Polyphony
8) Sony Worldwide Studios (untold number of teams)
9) Every other studio owned by Sony with a proven record.
10) Controller designed by game developers
11)Plus is a much better deal than Live
12) Developers love PS4 and can't stop talking about it. Xbone? Not so much...
13) Innovative games from indie studios
14) Free-to-play games like Planetside 2, War Thunder, etc.

These are the reasons I could think of while typing. I'm sure myself and others could add many more. Your list reads like a child wrote it. Funding by Bill Gates doesn't mean a thing. Money spends the same no matter who produced it, and it's never a replacement for talent. And really, a game controller was designed for gamers? Who would have thought. DLC is nothing to brag about, otherwise I would add the exclusive Destiny, AC4 and Watchdogs content to my list.

P.S. I love how you put so much faith into Kinect. If it was so great, then why is it no longer necessary? Why didn't the first iteration produce anything more than casual shovelware?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   772d ago
A man hopes you're joking but seeing as you're a Haze fan he'll just assume it's either that or you're a troll.
yellowgerbil  +   773d ago
#7 Enforced Multiplayer.
I haven't heard any confirmation about anything that one is claiming.
I know in Feb they said you could go into a friends game to show them how to get past a part, but I've not heard anything about able to have more than 1 person join in.
marcelliuss1  +   773d ago
WOW....The only good reason is number 9 seeing as Microsoft doesn't have a handheld on the market.The rest Microsoft is currently doing also or could do with a simple update.
Alvidta  +   773d ago
In all seriousness, both are better and equal, only a fanboy would be blind to see the others postives and negatives
Belking  +   773d ago
oh boy...lol 10 whole reasons.
No_Limit  +   773d ago
Just noticed this was posted by Maria.

She was M.I.A for a while but when she does returns, she brings the thunder.

Here are some of her approved headlines, all in a single day.

"Microsoft’s Xbox One Launch Is A Giant Mess"

"10 Reasons Why The PS4 Is Better Than The Xbox One"

"PlayStation 4 Will Win 2013 Sales, Not The Xbox One"

The great length she must've gone to find them.
Hicken  +   772d ago
All things considered, I doubt it's hard at all to find such articles.
Sevir  +   773d ago
Do we really need to list reasons! LOL The console that Most people want seems to be the PS4.. lets just leave it at that! people dont need convincing! MS and Sony convinced the buyers to get the system they want!
urwifeminder  +   773d ago
Seems too hip for me ill stick with MS.
Max-Zorin  +   773d ago
1 reason why you will need a gun just to go to the midnight launch. Sony and MS fanboys are lunatics.
Izzy408  +   773d ago
Has this journalist been living under a rock? Xbox has all of these things with the exception of the Vita. BTW, you can only stream Twitch TV, not broadcast on it, big difference.
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xkevmandc  +   772d ago
still waiting for reasons #1...lol
DeeJayPorge  +   772d ago
Vita connectivity?
I don't know anybody that owns a Vita.
MineHaxx  +   772d ago
Uh,MariaHelFutura again?He is the only PS Fanboy that won't stop until all of the people is buying a PS4.
ZHZ90  +   772d ago
Where're Hardware(Which will make Multiplats look better) and Sony's 1st Party Studio's Exclusives?
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