4 Reasons the PlayStation 4 Will Be A Holiday Mega-Hit

This holiday will see the next evolution in the video game market. With the introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the next round of consoles will provide not only the most advanced graphics ever seen in video games, but will also become a central feature of home entertainment.

Yet, while Microsoft saw huge gains after the Xbox 360's launch, its gotten off to a rocky start this generation. So far, a growing amount of evidence points to Sony dominating this holiday season. Evidence from not only Sony itself, but retailer GameStop points to the PS4 having a blow-out holiday season.

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thetruthx11734d ago

Both systems will sell well

The Ps4 will sell way more copies of Killzone than their other games

The Xbox One game sells will be spread out between Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Forza

Thatguy-3101734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

You would like that huh news flash though Ps4 sales are sky rocketing because of strong pre-order demand. Then we have Ps4 launching in more places. Yea I guess you can knock down the launch line up but we know Sony goes hard on first party content. Sony studios demolish anything that comes from Microsoft. You know what's good about Sony still holding all their AAA cards to their chest? The possibilities are endless.

1734d ago
NewMonday1734d ago

I don't pr-order myself and plenty here did not, but I'm getting a PS4 day1

pr-orders are market indicators, they are not an end themselves.

so far the market is going 4-1 for the PS4 in Europe and 2-1 for the PS4 in North America.


if the XB1 was selling well they wouldn't have done 180s every week.

SniperControl1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


"And i still feel that when the commercials start playing and the games start getting shown and the parents are watching their kids get scanned in to the kinect sports demo and people see the multimedia functions in action"

lol, you seem to think that that MS has a monopoly on advertising dont you???
You seem to think Sony are gonna just sit there and not advertise the PS4 dont you???

The only thing the X1 has extra over the PS4 in the mutimedia department is a HDMI in for TV functionality(i add the point you still require a cable box for said functionality to work).
PS4 will deliver Tbytes worth of net based multimedia content and are currently in negotiations with other network giants to stream their content to Playstation devices.
Combined with PS4's Blu-Ray support, movie & music apps(i add the point again, are not behind any paywall) gives the best multimedia experience on any console since PS3.

ZodTheRipper1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

If you think that Kinect advertisements are going to win people over you might just wait until Sony announces the really big IP's from their first party studios ...PS4 demand will skyrocket after that.
Games from Naughty Dog, Media Molecule or Santa Monica are system sellers ...and none of them have announced anything yet.

fredrikpedersen1734d ago


You gotta admot, 1 million pre-orders 3 months before launch is pretty impressive. And just think how many people there are like me, who will go to the store and try to get it day1 or preorder from today till release.

*sry for really long and poorly constructed sentence

Ju1733d ago

People don't seem to talk much about PS4's live game streaming.

The one feature which blows all others away, IMO. "Live on Playstation" ... so many people complaint about PSN this gen and how Live! is so much better (join friends playing a game). So now, the PS4 has a "friends" page and you can actually "publish" what you play (live!) and friends can join while being on spectator mode. No other platform can do that. That's Gaikai built into the PS4. No freaking tiles, but a UI optimized for gaming. No 5 minutes recording but full live streaming . Anybody actually noticed the video from the guy playing in the top corner? With the camera you have an additional "player capture" stream.

And Vita Remote Play - take you game to bed. Sorry spouses... ;)

PS4 is the best GAMEconsole. No doubt.

Sitdown1733d ago

I think you underestimate the casual market, the Wii is proof that people eat up such items......and how many sales did the original kinect have? On the other hand, I think you might overestimating how many systems are purchased based on Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Santa Monica. That was one of the points talked about this generation......while ps3 had exceptional games, the sales were not always there. Microsoft 's error is not realizing that they had the cheapest entry price to play the yearly releases.

abzdine1733d ago

I was at gamescom and PS4 was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Imagine even the official gamescom magazine had a PS4 on the cover.
PS2 Times are coming back I have a feeling, and greatness awaits.
X1 is left in da clawwd(or da dust)

DigitalRaptor1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

@ Edonus

I think everyone is underestimating or not realising how far behind the Xbox One is. Sony got its FCC approval for PS4 a month ago and there's no word about Microsoft even going into the approval process.

We all know about the Xbox One eSRAM yield problems and the scaling back the launch countries and pre-order number say it all.
Why do you think MS are being so vague about their release date?

PS4 will skyrocket into public perception and awareness before Xbox One anyway, and at this rate the Bone won't even be out before November. I know you want the XB1 to be the premier gaming console of next generation, but it's not happening nor is it possible at Microsoft's rate of release.

They've already been behind the curve in popular opinion for the last few months, so this won't make their situation any better. As it stands, PS4 exudes confidence as a platform, and Sony as a company is doing the same. All you've seen for the past few months from MS and consumers paying attention is doubt, uncertainty, confirmed negative rumours, massive consumer backlash, back-pedalling in horrible policy, and still more unbelievable policies that continue to insult consumers. If they delay into 2014, there's no moving ahead.

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jaredhart1734d ago

You forgot to discuss that the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One. It's already happened with the preorders.

STANK081734d ago

Preorders are very misleading tho, especially on places like Amazon where preorders require $0 down. Hell I know folks with multiple PS4 preorders but they plan on purchasing only 1. We'll know the truth when the dust settles.

Cupid_Viper_31734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@ Stank08

Of course preorders can be misleading, and over 1 million preorders and counting doesn't translate into over 1 million sold. But you better believe that no matter how you slice it, the PS4 has a huge lead.

If people are not going to follow through with their preorders, the most expensive console would suffer more from that, as more people are likely to back out when they consider that it's half a grand and that's without Gold fees and stuff.

So if you only half of the PS4's preorders come through, the Xbox would most likely suffer the same fate, if not worse since it's more expensive. PS4 still comes out on top.

Unless of course you somehow believe that people or going to not follow through with their preorder of the cheaper yet more powerful PS4, and yet every one who preodered the more expansive Xbox One is going to follow through.

It's a moot point really, that's like saying 5/10 is different 1/2. It's not the actual numbers that are being discuss, but rather the ratio, as in 2:1 or 4:1 in some places.

ABeastNamedTariq1734d ago

Oh shut up a little, will ya? You're getting sad.

Constantly having to justify your purchase. Just friggin look forward to your console of choice. No need to be jelly and resort to trolling.

KwietStorm1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

lol that's the exact same thing 360 and PS3 fanboys said this generation, in regards to exclusives available. And now all of a sudden, PS4 "has no games" or has a weak launch lineup because Microsoft finally got some exclusives again. You guys play the numbers so much, it's crazy.

SpecialSauce1734d ago

seriously doe... Ryse is whack

MasterCornholio1734d ago


That sounds like one of those porno games.

NateCole1734d ago

I do believe that the PS4 will have the early lead. Long term though is anyone's game but my bet is on Sony to top MS again next gen like they have this gen.

MazzingerZ1734d ago

"Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Forza" Not a lot of variation there, the first 3 games will get mixed reviews FROM GAMERS and already today one can tell there's no much deep gameplay- and story-wise

Ryse's QTE looks nice but combat-mechanics look terrible, it looks like you loose control of the character (moves lifeless) when you are supposed to get it back (after QTE) big difference with God Of War, my other grip is the UI, to crowded with all possible icons...what's the point of nice graphics and setting in sunch emblematic history period if you can't appreciate anything? you are reminded every second you are playing a VG

Dead Rising 3 and KI are rather X360 ports, reception will be poor just because of that fact, don't really showcase the X1 at all.

And the most worrying here is that, only one real 1st Party game is being released, that's says all about how rushed the X1 is, that Forza was probably also heading to the X360.

And why is it clear this launch is rushed? because a big selling market for Forza is actually Europe (Forza 4 sold 50% there) that got the console delayed in many countries, I don't think it was planned like that.

X1 was planned to be launched 2014, that's why Titanfall is released then and no gameplay for Fable and Halo 5 can be shown today but only CGI(2013 and still used today by MSFT!) trailers.

HugoDrax1733d ago

"Halo 5 can be shown today but only CGI(2013 and still used today by MSFT!) trailers."

As always on this site, it never fails. A Playstation article where Microsoft must be mentioned. So intelligent of you to mention Halo 5, when the teaser MS showcased didn't show the game title. For all you know it could be HALO WARS 2, because MS didn't state anything. We only saw a video of Master Chief, never was any mention of a HALO 5. Kevin Grace already hinted at the game being shown was not HALO 5, that it could be something entirely different.

aceitman1733d ago

Hell gamestop has 1.5 million let me know list for ps4. Ps4 will kick but. Plus parents will say we have kinect already so we dont need another one . They wont be able to tell the difference between the two.

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Pintheshadows1734d ago

I'm hoping i'll be able to get hold of one this side of Christmas. I cancelled my preorder to wait for Infamous and The Witcher 3. I regret that after seeing the KZSF MP gameplay as it looks like a true return to form.

ABeastNamedTariq1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


I'm not serious, but at the same time I am haha.

I'm sorry to say, but I highly doubt you'll get one. It's looking to be like it'll be sold out for a while after launch. You might have to be willing to fight a few moms lol.

Happy hunting.



True, true!

Pintheshadows1734d ago

To be honest I can wait. I have plenty to play in the interim. X:Rebirth, GTA5, GT6. I should be ok.

SniperControl1734d ago

X-Rebirth looks damn good, seems a bit like "Freelancer" from all those years ago.

Ju1733d ago

I didn't pre-order and truth is, I doubt I'll be able getting one for Christmas. Which is OK. I got my PS3 after launch. I probably will do the same for the PS4. But man, I can't wait for KZ:SF.

ABeastNamedTariq1734d ago

I'm just trying to keep calm until November. The wait is KILLING me. First I have to wait until November. Then December (VGAs; expecting a ND announcement). Then February (Infamous). Then, onwards.

HNNNGGG *dies*

No_Limit1734d ago

Of course it will be a hit and sell a ton. No doubt.

jessupj1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Who are you and what have you done with No_Limit?


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