GTA 5: Massive Video Leak of Commercials and TV Snips (Spoiler)

Techtorial: Massive video leaks were extracted from Grand Theft Auto V showing TV commercials and several snips for the game (Spoiler).

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THamm1610d ago

Some crazy stuff, typical R*

Double_Oh_Snap1610d ago

I really liked these.

*SPOILERS* None are story related btw, except maybe the last one.

Funny as hell because of the end.

SolidStoner1609d ago

Im so exited to see all this.. but if this is really a leak than there could be massive amounts of spoilers in there... Hope its kind of hidden commercial with its conspiracies and all.. :)

matt18771610d ago

seeing these videos made me scream like a giddy little school girl and quadrupled my excitement and anticipation for the game..

Freddy_Millz11609d ago

not gonna look....not gonna look....

gamertk4211609d ago

Way to spoil things, Sony.

porkChop1609d ago

Sony didn't do or spoil anything. Rockstar wanted the game to have a preload on PS3 and Sony provided that. It's not Sony's fault that people cracked open the game's files.

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