Battlefield 4 - Water you talking about?

GameSpot - Patrick Bach explains how churning waves and sea-craft mix up the combat in Battlefield 4.

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ZBlacktt1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I am SO loving the water and much added details to these up and coming Next Gen games. I mean my god Assassin's Creed 4 BF looks absolutely stunning on so many levels. The realism the developers are bringing to the games is getting very exciting!

3-4-51736d ago

Jet skis through the city !

ZBlacktt1736d ago

I saw that, lol. It's so over the top fun looking to play now. I mean, it's not just a FPS anymore. Now it's think out side of the box and make it exciting. Then with a PS4, you can record it and share it instantly with others on the PSN.

3-4-51735d ago

Yea, Imagine just pure jetski only maps, and other random possibilities we haven't thought of yet.

OhMyGandhi1736d ago

I love how there will often be the "big event" of the match, where the destruction creates new chokepoints and such, and because almost everything can be toppled, how drastically different every match could be, potentially.

sort of reminds me of Split Second in shooter form.

ZBlacktt1736d ago

Yes and how weather and waves change the game play dramatically. Along with the added full scale destruction going on. How could one not love this game!

JackOfAllBlades1736d ago

It is getting pretty amazing, especially things like water which for the most part up until now has looked like garbage

Genesis12951736d ago

Glad there trying to give light to naval vehicle warfare in the next battlefield it was undermined so much in the previous Battlefields, so I can not wait for this game.


JunioRS1011736d ago

You just KNOW the guy who came up for the title of this article is just soo impressed with himself.

dcj05241736d ago

He's throwing himself a party. With only him self.

spike1736d ago

But does the water have fishes moving like Call Of Duty Ghost have.

gamejediben1736d ago

CoD has Dogfish and they have been specially mo-capped just to show how next-gen CoD is!


RyuCloudStrife1736d ago

Yea I saw no intelligent fish AI... I am disappoint.

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