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PES 2014 vs FIFA 14 - The Football War is not Going Away

GameSpot - Can Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 still hold it's own against Next-Gen FIFA 14? Find out in this video. (FIFA 14, PC, PES 2014, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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3-4-5  +   393d ago
PES is better. More options, more customization, more fun, better game of football/soccer, more realistic, better animations, better pacing, ect....

I love Fifa, but I've recently got into PES over the last year and love it even more.
Africa-Garvey  +   393d ago
pes 2014 much better FIFA 14 anyday, 24/7 as stated above by 345 times.

Sadly, it is not on Wii U and the other next gen. Consoles
Modi1984  +   393d ago
this year PES for me :)
Whitey2k  +   393d ago
I prefer pes but fifa might win I dont think pes is coming to next generation where fifa is
teezy  +   393d ago
As they mentioned the main downside for PES for me is the licensing...being from England where football is a major passion, not having everything as it is around us is off putting.
Baka-akaB  +   392d ago
yes but as seen everytime pes is easy to custom patch . Meanwhile , unless on pc or a cracked console , when fifa is missing licences (wich is more often than guessed) it remains missing
teezy  +   392d ago
But to patch PES do you not need to have it on PC? Most people play Fifa on a console with their mates and like to play as their favourite teams and players etc.

Not everyone wants to get it on PC just to patch it.
Baka-akaB  +   392d ago
Er no you dont that's the point . You copy obtained saves files with usb . And there are various patches , ultimately giving access to every transferts and teams possible .

"Most people play Fifa on a console with their mates and like to play as their favourite teams and players etc. "

Sure , that's why i dont know a single person that would play PES without the patches and official teams .

I wouldnt say everyone knows that but it's kinda a non issue , or at least one easily fixed
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3-4-5  +   392d ago
For me, being from U.S., I don't have a rooting interest in any one club over in the premiership, so to me having 20 clubs for me to create my own league is just awesome.

I create all the names, team names, kits, colors, logos, everything and it's my own custom league and Fifa won't let me do that in the same way.
xristostsaou  +   392d ago
I believe that FIFA its better for some reasons , i played PES for 8 years and from 2011 and after FIFa win a lot of players because it has all teams with their real names and a lot of stadiums insted of pes that it has good gameplay but it must developed in other parts next years.
ghoh1  +   392d ago
konami fucked up by not releasing it for next gen.
teezy  +   392d ago
@Baka-akaB (I can't reply for some reason)

I never know that so thank you for enlightening me.
Baka-akaB  +   392d ago
Np . Having the licenses from the beginning would be better , but yeah at least there are options

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