PES 2014 vs FIFA 14 - The Football War is not Going Away

GameSpot - Can Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 still hold it's own against Next-Gen FIFA 14? Find out in this video.

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3-4-51668d ago

PES is better. More options, more customization, more fun, better game of football/soccer, more realistic, better animations, better pacing, ect....

I love Fifa, but I've recently got into PES over the last year and love it even more.

Africa-Garvey1667d ago

pes 2014 much better FIFA 14 anyday, 24/7 as stated above by 345 times.

Sadly, it is not on Wii U and the other next gen. Consoles

Modi19841667d ago

this year PES for me :)

Whitey2k1667d ago

I prefer pes but fifa might win I dont think pes is coming to next generation where fifa is

teezy1667d ago

As they mentioned the main downside for PES for me is the licensing...being from England where football is a major passion, not having everything as it is around us is off putting.

Baka-akaB1667d ago

yes but as seen everytime pes is easy to custom patch . Meanwhile , unless on pc or a cracked console , when fifa is missing licences (wich is more often than guessed) it remains missing

teezy1667d ago

But to patch PES do you not need to have it on PC? Most people play Fifa on a console with their mates and like to play as their favourite teams and players etc.

Not everyone wants to get it on PC just to patch it.

Baka-akaB1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Er no you dont that's the point . You copy obtained saves files with usb . And there are various patches , ultimately giving access to every transferts and teams possible .

"Most people play Fifa on a console with their mates and like to play as their favourite teams and players etc. "

Sure , that's why i dont know a single person that would play PES without the patches and official teams .

I wouldnt say everyone knows that but it's kinda a non issue , or at least one easily fixed

3-4-51666d ago

For me, being from U.S., I don't have a rooting interest in any one club over in the premiership, so to me having 20 clubs for me to create my own league is just awesome.

I create all the names, team names, kits, colors, logos, everything and it's my own custom league and Fifa won't let me do that in the same way.

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