GTA V Craze, Go Away Watch Dogs, And more - Gaming Happens #4

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Slow news week for Gaming Happens. MORE LIKE GAMING DOESN’T HAPPEN. I covered what I thought of the Gamescom conferences in the special midweek episode, so this time I’ll talk about Watch Dogs hype (is it Watch Dogs or Watch_Dogs?), GTA V’s countdown, Moogles from Final Fantasy, and everything that Twinfinite is playing. The Caffiene Corner sisters are giving away 10 games this week! Find out how to win those by watching their latest episode! Also, watch this Gaming Happens, of course. Because, you know. Me."

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Mounce1704d ago

"Watch Dogs go away"? How ignorant :/ Can't enjoy both games that both offer great promise?

capitanandi1703d ago

That's not what she means. Maybe you should watch the video.

Mounce1703d ago

Then she should work better on her titling so no one misinterprets.

ZBlacktt1704d ago

Watch Dogs on the PS4 will be worlds ahead on every level of GTA on then last Gen. People play Watch Dogs for a serious story. Where GTA a lot of trolling and fun. So the gaming world needs both. I'll most certainly have both!

Other then man, you are annoying.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1704d ago

what was the whole point of that?

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