SYSTEM UPDATE: Thanks to price cut, Sony PS Vita not dead yet

So Sony's PS Vita isn't dead after all.
For the last year or so, it certainly seemed that way. I loved Sony's latest portable console when it was released early last year because it was overflowing with potential, backed by dual thumbsticks, a fabulous OLED screen and touchscreens galore. Tablets had fueled a resurgence in on-the-go gaming, and the Vita had the chops to capture the mobile hardcore.

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PSNintyGamer1671d ago

This title + N4G = Guaranteed hits.

SonyPS41671d ago

This article is poorly written. Everyone should go N4G style and only read the title.

Gridloc1671d ago

Had the vasectomy worked we wouldn't be reading this anyway...

Cam9771671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

This should be an opinion piece and it's poorly written.

arbitor3651671d ago

so many great titles to look forward to (some in a few weeks)

killzone mercanary
rogue legacy (this especially)
project phoenix
god of war collection
hotline miami 2
Murasaki Baby
hell divers
phantasy star online
velocity 2x
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
disgaea 4

and im sure I am missing a crapload

Ketzicorn1671d ago

Yeah also Valhalla Knights 3 and YS.Celceta

ThanatosDMC1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I cant get more info about VK3... but i saw a video of a guy licking his screen to please the chick on the screen. WTF i thought it was about knights and killing?!

Ended up in the weird channels of youtube when i was looking for more information about the game.

clearelite1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Woa, I got into the Ys series recently and it's amazing.

Correct SonyPS4 below, and gullible people will believe them.

Also i'm surprised people were expecting journalistic excellence from the ny daily news.
Better than a sasquatch sighting I suppose.

arbitor3651671d ago

lol. butthurt anti vita fans cant reconcile their hatred for the console and the fact that it has a ton of games that they like and/or want

SonyPS41671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

They'll find new "reasons" to hate:

-it's Sony
-no Halo
-gimmicky OLED screen
-nobody wants console gaming on the go (we do and many 3DS owners also do)
-not a smartphone or tablet
-not an Apple

The hating possibilities are endless! All the hating only proves the Vita is a fine piece of handheld console!

clearelite1671d ago

hahahaha, and their ego wont let them shift their perspective and just go buy a Vita.

I have friends that were more than willing to finally admit that it is a great device.

TheGrimReaper00111671d ago

If anyone says the OLED screen is gimmicky, they obviously haven't seen it.
I think the 3DS's 3D screen is kinda cool, but I'll take PS Vita's OLED screen over that anyday.
It has really deep colors, it's vibrant and doesnt give me a headache after half an hour

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SonyPS41671d ago

Alongside most of those games, I am really looking forward to Borderlands 2. As far as collections go my most anticipated PS2 collection would be the Ratchet & Clank trilogy in which I am sure we'll get. It was my favorite trilogy on the PS3 and having that on the go would really make my day.

PSVita is getting the games and support it needs and haters can finally find new "reasons" to trash it.

CocoWolfie1671d ago

theres a new dynasty warriors, borderlands 2, and a updated ragnarok odyssey :)

Protagonist1671d ago

BigFest!!! Why is it not getting any loooove ;)))) it is even F2P.

BX811671d ago

Damn, are you getting all those or just looking forward to them?

arbitor3651671d ago

i will get as many as I can. alot of them arent too expensive. so I should be good

BX811670d ago

Now that's dedication.

tarbis1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

many and are still stuck in Japan.

_FantasmA_1671d ago

You forgot Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate

ritsuka6661670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Yea nothing really stands out as a killer triple AAA game there. Thanks for the list buddy...

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Lord_Sloth1671d ago

I've had my Vita since launch and the only thing that's upset me with it is I still don't have Monster Hunter and no idea WHEN the hell I'm getting PSO2. And that I can't get PSP2 on the damn thing but that's it. Otherwise I love my Vita.

Hicken1671d ago

Pretty much the only people claiming the system is dead or has no games are the ones that don't actually have the Vita, and have no real interest IN it.

The rest of us know better.

SonyPS41671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Oh well, their problem.

buynit1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Im going on a yr in sept. On owning my vita and i have to some what disagree.

I just cant get into the games made for vita i liked uncharted, gravity rush and a pin ball game and i got those free from ps+! But i was expecting more from the handheld considering the price i paid for it..

This is just my experience with it so dont hate me over it but basicaly if it wasnt for ps+ i wouldnt even touch the thing i just didnt feel like those games was worth the price at launch. The worse part of it all is the damn price of the memory cards! When are they going to drop the price on that? Talk about pulling a ms move like the hdd.

Whats bringing it back to life for me is the ps4, even though i got it thinking i could play my ps3 games on it like sony said it would. I swear i will throw the thing out the window if sony pulls back from that too and never buy another handheld from them again, incase your wondering i regreted buying the psp too.

tiffac0081671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


At least you're honest and admits the games are just not for you. Unlike other people who keeps spreading "FUD" and continues to proclaim the Vita has no games.

TheGrimReaper00111671d ago

I kinda agree (wish there were more games NOW, but there are some great games coming), but can you really blame them?
I've barely seen any advertisement for the vita or its games!
When I was playing my vita the other day, people asked me "O is the new PSP already out?"
That being said, im really looking forward to
- Killzone mercenary
- Minecraft on the go
- Borderlands 2 on the go
- tearaway
- rayman legends
- PSO2
- Murasaki baby (looks interesting)

AfterThought1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


The only thing I find weird about what you said.. Is why would you buy a PS Vita anyway when you added at the bottom you didn't even like the PSP either?

That just makes no sense to me, sorry. I usually have interest in new systems because I enjoyed the previous ones not the other way around.

Almost like buying an Xbox 360, regretting every waking day you own the thing. Then the Xbox One comes out and you are like oh shit I have to get that? See why I am confused.

What made you buy the PS Vita then if you didn't even like Sony's previous portable?

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naBs1671d ago

Need to pick one up ASAP, been wanting a Vita for a while now just not really got round to it, now with PS4 and Sony pushing remote play even more I'm going to have to get one within these couple of months hopefully :D

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