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GTA V Has Officially Gone Gold

"We’re pleased to confirm that Grand Theft Auto V has officially gone gold and we’re now preparing the game for release on September 17th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Batzi  +   456d ago
V has come to?
US8F  +   456d ago
Yes rockstar, without a doubt, it's a matter of time where all your efforts won't go to waste. A swan song to current gen. Nothing is expected from you other than the very best, and you always deliver.
pwnsause_returns  +   456d ago
i wouldnt say swan song, there's still a a bit more left out of this current gen, if anything, i want to say that MGSV will be this gens swan song,although it will make an appearance next gen as well.
cyguration  +   456d ago

Dude please. These current gen consoles are dusty old ancients. There's nothing left. Optimization is all dried up.

MGSV is next-gen through and through. You'll be lucky if that game even runs at 29fps on current gen when it finally does release. We're talking about hardware that's nearly A DECADE OLD!

It doesn't matter how much they optimized, there's a limitation on diminished returns and we're looking at it. Heck, I'll be impressed if GTA V even looks remotely close on consoles as it does in the trailer -- heck, I'll be even more impressed if the framerate doesn't bomb the way it did on the 360/PS3 with GTA IV.
brodychet  +   456d ago
GTA5 gold, It's on it's way guys! BRACE YOURSELVES.
Anthotis  +   455d ago
There's no turning back now. No delays or other bad news. Just the anxious wait until September 17th.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   456d ago
That was brilliant, lol.
RavageX  +   456d ago
Age doesn't mean a console still can't have great games made on it. NES can still have great games for crying out loud.
joe90  +   456d ago
And thanks to Sony the song list has been leaked.

Thanks for that guys.
maximus1985  +   456d ago
thanks to hackers
Mr-Dude  +   456d ago
@ Joe90
Don't be such a drama queen. As if this NEVER happend on the PC or Xbox 360...
Games leak all the time on those systems, even weeks before launch!
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Khajiit86  +   456d ago
I have a Microsoft console.... its hacked because the ps3 is so much harder to hack.
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EazyC  +   456d ago
I don't get it, what does that mean?
Stsonic  +   456d ago
You a bit lost there Phil? give Billy a call.
DigitalRaptor  +   456d ago
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alejandroelputo  +   456d ago
Metal Gear Solid V will come.
Martywren  +   455d ago
Im going too make sure stock with plenty of junk food.
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Snookies12  +   456d ago
I'm gonna get me a piece of that gold...
-Foxtrot  +   456d ago
Hows that for a slice of fried gold

zyphee  +   456d ago
Goro  +   456d ago
Awesome! Looking forward to this game!
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Caleb_H  +   456d ago
Ok bud.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   456d ago
I think that sounded a whole lot funnier in your head.


Oh gosh.
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Goro  +   456d ago
What's funny about that?
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maximus1985  +   456d ago
@yakuza you changed your comment to avoid looking foolish
Goro  +   456d ago
Actually i wrote that knowing i would change it later.
C L O U D  +   456d ago
It starts...
ape007  +   456d ago
matrixman92  +   456d ago
I hate how they do this so early...the game isnt even out until almost the end of next month. Now I have to stay off almost the entire internet to avoid spoilers for this game...its bad enough people already got into the sound files.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   456d ago
Here we go! Hell yeah!
ReesesPuffs  +   456d ago
24 more days guys. Can't wait.
Denatsu  +   456d ago
Gone gold? More like Diamond! :P
ajax17  +   456d ago
Best news all day.
kingPoS  +   456d ago
It's probably been golden for a week at the most. They have ramp up production so millions of copies can into different territories.

That sort of thing you want to make sure gets done right. Hence the mid September launch date rather than late August or early September.
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Hazmat13  +   456d ago
and now, we wait.
inf3cted1  +   456d ago
Actually it was already golden, otherwise it wouldnt be on PSN.
kingPoS  +   456d ago
/\ /\

Once again unlogic comes in the form of disagrees.
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Locknuts  +   456d ago
Can't wait to play it.
Freddy_Millz1  +   456d ago
You guys hear that? Its the impending sound of simultaneous phones ringing from ppl calling off work and school....
DARK WITNESS  +   456d ago
the economy was only just starting to recover as well....

here comes another downturn.
ApolloTheBoss  +   456d ago
And let current gen go out with a BANG.
Vlaitor  +   456d ago
Back in my days, Gold edition meant it was the final release with all the expansions included as well as the latest patch.
DxTrixterz  +   455d ago
AKA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gaming generation but best known as PS2 days.
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xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   456d ago
Expect 8-10mil day1 sales.
Plagasx  +   455d ago
Am I the only one who is more excited about GTA V releasing than the next gen consoles??
Drakesfortune  +   455d ago
DxTrixterz  +   455d ago
My body is ready for it. Bring it on.

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