Build Your Own Gaming Computer

Featuring reviews of the best components for your gaming rig. CPU, GPU, PSU, HDD, SDD - this one's got it all. If you're looking forward to BF4, you might want to give this one a look-see.

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NatureOfLogic1571d ago

I might do this to play some of the games on X1., like titanfall.

cesuf1570d ago

I wouldn't wanna do that. It would have a bunch of bugs and you wouldn't be able to play it online.

KING851570d ago

A bunch of bugs? What brings you to that conclusion?

KING851570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The bunch of bugs can also relate to consoles hence why they're patches for both console and PC. I believe in many instances people talk about bugs when gaming on the PC because of fear of the game not working which occurs very rarely. I have yet to encounter a game that does not work on PC (not saying it hasn't for others). Consoles are more convenient in the sense because you have plug and play so in that respect Titanfall will easier for those who prefer that. I'm know many people play on Xbox Live so that's where their friends will be. Yet for those who want to play with a higher resolution and whatnot have the option of the PC version.

Highlife1570d ago

I use to build gaming rigs back when Half-Life 1 and 2 and unreal tournament were out. Computer gaming was way ahead of consoles back then. But these days the gap isn't the same and consoles are good enough for me.

Stsonic1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The gap has widened. Consoles used to be the most powerful piece of hardware when they were released. The ps4 and Xbox one are more like mid to high range pc's.

Rubberlegs1570d ago

Compared to current console the gap is pretty big and it has been for the past few years. Next gen consoles are lot closer but it still wide compared to the type of setups you can do with a gaming PC.

3-4-51569d ago

Go to new egg, buy an ibuypower computer for $600.

Did that in March, I can play any game on Max settings and have it run flawless, on windows 8 even.

There are many rumors on the internet that aren't true. I didn't believe it was possible until I bought it and I've loved it since.

amnalehu1570d ago

The only game I would do this for is Star Citizen.

iamnsuperman1570d ago

For me it is ARMA and Rome 2

Stsonic1570d ago

Gaming PC is the way forward if you want to be always playing the most advanced games. Expensive hardware cheap games. Consoles have cheaper hardware and expensive games.

Seafort1570d ago

That's no longer the case for AAA games on PC. Expensive hardware, expensive games (£35-45) now courtesy from the likes of EA, Sega and Activision and a few other publishers.

Indie games are somewhat reasonable but they are creeping up into the £15-20 mark as well now.

Rubberlegs1570d ago

You need to shop at other places. Getting digital versions of games you find then for near half off from a few different sites and that's getting them day one. I hardly ever pay full price for PC games anymore.

There is all type of different sales going on too like Steam daily, weekly and yearly annual sales. There is also Humble Bundle which currently has a big EA bundle sale going on now. Dead Sapce 3, BF3 and several other games you can get as little as $5.

Seafort1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

yeah I do shop around but that doesn't negate the fact that publishers have increased the prices on PC over the last few years by £10-15 especially when there is no royalty to pay on PC games. This is just publisher greed as usual.

And publishers wonder why game sales have decreased over the years. You put the prices up you sell less. Simple economics.

Most of my 600+ games on steam came from the indie bundles and steam sales.

I recently preordered GTA5 on PS3 for £30 :P but that was a one off deal at Greenman Gaming.

pyramidshead1570d ago

Building your own computer is easy. Just learn what goes where and what comes out first and what needs to be disconnected and you're pretty much set. Working out what components you need may be taxing but if you buy the motherboard first it will have a detail on what's compatible.

I see it as expensive lego haha.

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