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The ultimate PS4 Buyer’s Guide

PS4Home: "Whenever it comes time to begin courting the idea of purchasing that new console some significant questions tend to arise." (Culture, PS4)

dohdeaux  +   522d ago
looking forward to next gen consoles and what they bring!
Genesis1295  +   522d ago
Agreed bring on the PS4 and X1
stevehyphen  +   522d ago
Buyer's guide:

Step 1: get console
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit
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thelaughingwiseman  +   522d ago
Yes! Thank you! stop all this petty squabbling like hens! This is a new era in gaming, let us play games!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   522d ago
"Let them play PS4, WiiU, and X1!"
-Marie Antoinnette
philfogg  +   522d ago
Pretty helpful, thanks!
friedricr  +   522d ago
Does anyone here know if the Ps4 will be able to have a 1tb HDD in it???
ABeastNamedTariq  +   522d ago
Yes, the PS4 has an upgradable hard drive.
friedricr  +   521d ago
i do realize that its upgradeable .. just wanted to know if it would be able to read 1tb! Thanks alot!!!
GentlemenRUs  +   522d ago
Possibly even more my friend!

TemplarDante  +   522d ago
To author, BLU ray drive is 3X faster.
PS3= 2 speed,
PS6= 6 speed.
Great article though.
Given Shu Yoshida saying Sony are experimenting with Occulas Rift type tech for PS4... makes me regret not getting a camera at launch.

Imagine.... The camera tracks your movement in 3D space, Occulas Rift takes your mind into the 3D world.
Imagine... using a steering wheel in DriveClub, occulus device+camera. You would like you're really in the car! Turn left, right, up, down. Every detail in the car is there, The camera would sense your hand movement, so when the race is about to start, when you grab the steering, your digital hands do too! What an intense experience. :)
hazardman  +   522d ago
Dude thats how its gonna be. I read that occulus rift was using the Kinect camera to follow your limbs while headgear did everything else. I know its not Xbox article but just giving you an example of your idea thats already being done.

With the power of the PS4 an occuluc type gear would be anything short of amazing!!! Heres hoping I'm in a real life Virtuosity in a couple yrs!!!!

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