COD4 Online has turned down the Suck

Geekpulp's Sock Merchant is reporting that the patch released along side the recent Variety Map Pack has inproved the matchmaking experience online. He writes - I have had very good connections for the most part since it was released. The latest patch was released at the same time as the new map pack. Give it a go if you liked you some COD4. If not, I'm sure I'll be killing you in a GTA IV in three weeks time.

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CNIVEK3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

...they didn't fix a thing. In fact, since the original patch, it's worse. The "host migration" is so broken, it's pathetic. Also, if you get sucked into a match, without joining a lobby...and you don't like, or just played the map that's currently register a LOSS for quitting. This REALLY sucks if you're only wanting to play the NEW maps, because they've now been thrown into the mix with the OLD ones. Thanks a lot suck balls.

Tomdc3870d ago

COD4 I find boring, just tonnes of walking around and then about 2 seconds of action where either you die or your opponent and then more walking about...

CNIVEK3870d ago

...hell are you talking about?? o_o

Bolts3870d ago

Well if they increased it to 4 seconds then people would complain it takes too long to kill someone.

003870d ago

won't even let me get in a match and it's becoming very irritating,they need to learn how to patch their games.

kwicksandz3870d ago

they still havent fixed the most glaring issue in that americans who join your game will always become the new host. 15 aussies and 1 random yank = yank host and lag for the rest.

They have till april 29 to fix it or im trading in cod4

HeavyMetalGear3870d ago

Hmm, That sounds like a good idea but it could on you.

The Milkman3870d ago

But it depends what you like. I honestly dont enjoy COD4 that much anymore. I'll get that urge to play it for awhile sometimes but ends of feeling repeative to me.

They did great work on the for the style of there FPS. But its just not the style I like to play much.

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