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The Xbox One and PS4: When did gamers stop caring about video games?

GameZone writes, "I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point in the recent past, being a gamer started to mean that you had to religiously align yourself with a console manufacturer. And these days ridiculing Microsoft has become so vogue that the rhetoric is starting to resemble the kind of meaningless drivel that we've become accustomed to in politics." (PS4, Xbox One)

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ShugaCane  +   707d ago | Helpful
"This week, Microsoft published a list of 50 titles that are in various stages of the development for the Xbox One, and 23 of those will be available on launch day. By contrast, Sony’s console has 33 titles in the works, and only 15 of those will become available during the launch window (notice that I said launch window instead of launch day for the PlayStation 4)."

May I correct this. The PS4 has 180 titles in development.

ABeastNamedTariq  +   707d ago
Thanks for stopping the flow of misinformation. Where the hell do these guys do their research?
NatureOfLogic  +   707d ago
Fellow Fanboys.
guitarded77  +   707d ago
"Where the hell do these guys do their research?"

On the internet... that's why misinformation breeds misinformation. It's a vicious cycle. One loser posts inaccurate info, and it all falls like a house of cards. Sony also has many more games launching with the PS4, they're just looking at retail titles... but there are many downloadable games for day one too.
Brazz  +   707d ago
I can forgive misinformation but after this read i dare say that this guy is extremely partial ... It puts the X1 in the sky, asks why some people do not like the product, clearly says that microsoft is doing a better job than the sony and repeatedly tries to mask a preference for microsoft with "words of comfort" for Sony, he assaults indirectly playstation and after says he'll be fine, things are kinda cool and "both are good machines, x1 is just a little better" ...
I don'tthink this is misinformation, i think this guy realywant to boost X1, sadly...
MizTv  +   707d ago
Games is why I picked ps A long time ago
SolidStoner  +   707d ago
yet, another porn gaming news...
XB1_PS4  +   707d ago
I want to know the true numbers with these 4 categories. All release dates must be scheduled for 2014, and works in progress.

1)PS4 AAA Titles
2)Xbox One AAA Titles
3)PS4 Indie Titles
4)Xbox One Indie Titles.

That would be a good article.
levian  +   707d ago
I really hate to say it, but how many of those 180 are indie games? Don't hate me saying I'm an XBone fanboy, I'm getting a PS4. But I really don't think indie games should be counted. Out of all the indies out there I think I've enjoyed like 3 or 4. And it's not like they're PS4 exclusive - they'll be on PC, possibly iPhone/Android, and a lot of these indies are said to be "coming first" to playstation.
windblowsagain  +   707d ago

They do their research at the VGCHARTZ factory.

Now pick a number and go with it.
SilentNegotiator  +   706d ago
Xbox fanboys are always whining about people "aligning" (taking favor) with one console while making crap up to make Xbox One seem superior.

Playing the "victim" while boasting your side supreme. Like politicians.
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avengers1978  +   706d ago
Total games announced
PS4 79 XB1 55
Original IPs
PS4 42 XB1 18
PS4 24 XB1 5
True exclusives (AAA)
PS4 15 XB1 17
dantesparda  +   706d ago
"And these days ridiculing Microsoft has become so vogue that the rhetoric is starting to resemble the kind of meaningless drivel that we've become accustomed to in politics."

Yet i bet you not one peep out of this guy when people ridicule Sony or it was "vogue" to ridicule Sony. Fanboys (and yes that's what this guy is) are so phony.

And p.s. to MS fanboys stop whining
Godmars290  +   706d ago

Still need to regard production into when those games show up. For both MS and Sony.
clearelite  +   706d ago
Personal bias can lead to all sorts of misinformation on here.

I am more of a Playstation fan but at least try to use factual information

These articles make for a lot of funny threads though.

Well said bubble come_bom.
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UnholyLight  +   706d ago

Thank you for having a brain on here! I was more of an Xbox guy this gen but this coming gen I'll be on both PS4 and Xbox One. To each their own but I think I have to agree with some of what the guy in the article says about how Microsoft has gone back and done what everyone asked them to reverse and yet the same people are mad at them for listening to them?? I don't understand!
come_bom  +   707d ago | Well said
Fanboys play consoles, not games.
XB1_PS4  +   707d ago
Ay Dios Mio. That ^^^ is the quote of the day.
walkincarpet  +   706d ago
Good point and they constantly make fools out of themselves. Look at all of them lining up to prove the authors point.
Truth  +   706d ago
Well said and bubbs added.
theoneb  +   706d ago
Very true and have existed since Genesis does and Nintendont.
I was a die hard Sega supporter, knew all the specs of the Sega CD 32x and asked my mom for both until I found out about Sega Saturn.

Sega could do no evil in my eyes. So one faithful day we went to walmart to buy a Saturn and I saw the game Tekken on the shelves. I was amazed to see that game as I remember being blown away by the still in the arcade version at my local pizzeria.

I picked up the box to find that Tekken was only on PlayStation a consle that I didn't even know existed. I was torn between brand loyalty and great games and nedless to say I never owned another Sega console.
devwan  +   707d ago
pfffft, very poor article!

It's 33 games released before the end of the year - that's in the first 10 or 11 weeks of the ps4 going on sale!

Yes, many of those are indie games... but my god, some of those indies are looking fantastic!
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MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
@Gman - Get used to it. Indies are cheaper to make, and last year there were two that became legitimate GotY candidates, Journey and The Walking Dead.

AAA games are a much bigger risk, especially when most of the buying power is now in the hands of people who started their gaming careers with simple games. Indie games play right into that demographic, even though those same people also play plenty of AAA games.
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levian  +   707d ago

I know how you feel, even though stating your opinion on the fact gets instant disagrees. Out of all the indie games, I've only really enjoyed Terraria, Super Meat Boy and Dungeon Defenders.

People don't buy consoles to play indie games (no offense PS Vita), and they need to stop being counted as actual console games. If you're going with that logic, you may as well say that the iPhone/Android is the best console, because it has 1000s of games, and a ton of them are free! They don't count.
MysticStrummer  +   706d ago
"People don't buy consoles to play indie games"

Anyone who's been paying attention to the last 3 generations knows Sony always brings the games. Indie games were a nice plus last generation and produced smaller games that were nonetheless legitimate GotY candidates, so it's good to see support for those developers.

I know for myself there were several indie games I wanted before I ever bought my PS3. They were part of my anticipation then, and they're part of my anticipation now. I think this gen will see some great indies on both consoles.

Personally I think neither console has a must have exclusive in the retail launch line-up, but DC Universe, Warframe, Warthunder, Blacklight Retribution, and Planetside 2 ( All Free ) will certainly keep me busy in between playing Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs. If I go with PS+, add Drive Club and Outlast to that list. That can't be beaten, it's all about games, and there's already great stuff on the horizon.

Indie games are the icing on that cake.
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SilentNegotiator  +   706d ago

It's funny how certain fans of Xbox, known for its indie games, suddenly don't care so much about them after Microsoft temporarily planned not to have indie games at all (since having a publisher is exactly what destroys your "independent" status).

Perhaps, like DRM, they repeated to themselves that it was a good thing so many times that they actually started to believe it?
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rainslacker  +   706d ago
I disagree.

That's within 6 weeks and 4 days of the system going on sale...in the US at least. Less for Europe. :)

Also...how do people call themselves gamers if they disregard games just because they aren't AAA? Serious question here.
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devwan  +   706d ago
@rainslacker - yes, I added a whole extra month for some bizarre reasons, it's just 6 or 7 weeks and 33 games!
DigitalRaptor  +   706d ago
@ Gman

All Sony is doing is opening their arms to creative minds who want to make games, and emphasising that to the world. Again, you are strangely worried that Sony aren't going to focus on AAA because they are giving indies a platform on par with AAA? That is simply ridiculous to suggest based on a proven track record.

Let's face it though, Microsoft drove the whole indie popularity on consoles regardless of the fact that consoles have been supporting indie status before Microsoft even got into the XBox business. Naughty Dog and Insomniac were indie developers at one point in time. Think on that one for a second.

This company is supporting the developers of tomorrow and giving them a stage, a catalyst if you will, to prove themselves. If the games they make are shite, then we won't buy them. If they make creative, fun and unique experiences (which they mostly always do) to compliment AAA productions, what is to complain about?

Games that truly deserve it will be promoted and lauded, and the ones that are not good will stand out like a sore thumb. Just like we know exactly which AAA games are duds.

For example: RiMe, Outlast, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Shadow of the Beast, Transistor, The Witness, all look like they're shaping up to be pretty great games, and those are to name but a few.
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humbleopinion  +   706d ago

The main problem with all the games you mentioned is that they're not really falling into the category of "This company is supporting the developers of tomorrow and giving them a stage, a catalyst if you will, to prove themselves".

When Microsoft picked up games like Bastion or Braid or Limbo or Deadlight or Fez and many others they took a risk with an unknown developer who had no prior games to show for. It was kind of a gamble. The same applies to Sony and ThatGameCompany I think.

But right now? People like Jonathan Blow and companies like SuperGiant games already proved themselves, have an immense fan following, and can pretty much release their games anywhere they want knowing that it will sell pretty well based on their name alone.
So when Sony picks up their games throwing some money in their general direction, they're not really incubating new idead giving unknown developers a stage (obviously the same applies to Microsoft picking up games such as Minecraft after it became an immense success).

It's also not a new practice: Microsoft did it last gen with Alan Wake after the success of Max Payne, and Sony did it with Heavy Rain after the success of Indigo Prophecy. Both games could have seen a multiplat release if it wasn't for this.
The only difference is that the costs of development are rising, so it becomes more risky to invest in one big franchise from an external developer (not to mention the possible loss of sales on other platforms). Instead Sony opted out for much smaller developers who are truly indie and produce smaller and cheaper games, but are still known to be the developers of today - not the ones of tomorrow.

I want to see which company manages to nurture the real indie innovators of tomorrow, not simply buying out exclusivity for games from developers we all know and love. That will be their true test next gen in my opinion.
Jazz4108  +   706d ago
360 had tons of indie games and arcade games and kinect games but those were not allowed to be used against ps3s official list that still has games from 6 years aggo that have not released. What was said was sony shows there games ahead of time ecen in concept stages. Wow. Its just really twofaced. Like i have said many times play games not systems.
Seafort  +   706d ago
I'd rather play indie games than the AAA games. Most of the time indie games have much more variety and depth and come at an affordable price.

Indie just means Independant and can be 100+ people or 1-2.

I'm glad Sony are treating the indie devs with respect and including them on their console at launch.
Bzone24  +   707d ago
I think the difference is that they are using numbers for titles that have been posted. Unless I'm wrong and there is a list of the 180 titles Ps4 has in development?
thezeldadoth  +   707d ago
you really think that all 180 games are going to be big AAA worth playing titles?
pyramidshead  +   707d ago
180 holy shit, that's more than the 150 previously rumoured. Will be a good gen to be a PlayStation gamer!
Narutone66  +   706d ago
Hahaha... So PS4 also did a 180. Joking aside, that's a lot of games.
coopman300  +   706d ago
Yea but how many of those 180 games will be worth playing, 3 or 4? For every good indie game I've played there are a host of them that are total crap, jus sayin.
SpecialSauce  +   707d ago
meanwhile sony continues to produce many great games for the ps3, the same cannot be said about microsoft. microsoft does dirty tactics, real gamers notice these things. investing all their studios and time in the new console while ditching the old
MizTv  +   707d ago
I agree
And don't forget about there Reliable hardware
Edward75  +   707d ago
I have clarify your statement sugercane....


The now 180 titles in development INCLUDE third party.

Microsofts titles in development number DOES NOT INCLUDE third party.

The numbers in actuality have more titles being made by MS.

Why do many people twist the info? The amount of games is a lot closer with an actual edge to MS right now. The 33 titles are Sony "made" games compared to 50 by ms.

I wonder what it would be if MS included the third party titles. Like I said very similar. People would be stupid to think that 180 in house games are being developed now for the PS4. That wouldn't even be close to financially viable.
calis  +   707d ago
"The 33 titles are Sony "made" games compared to 50 by ms. "

There is no way in heck MS are developing 50 exclusive games at the one time.
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Jiggins99  +   707d ago
did the 360 even have 50 exclusives?
the only ones which come to mind are halo and gears.
theres another big one im missing but i just cant think of it
JackStraw  +   707d ago
thanks captain obvious. OF COURSE it includes third party.

face, meet palm.
HammadTheBeast  +   707d ago
MS doesn't even have 25 in-house studios, unless each of their studios is making 4 games each, then it includes third-parties.
mistertwoturbo  +   707d ago
lol seriously...

You actually think Microsoft is going to make 50 exclusive games in one year?
Edward75  +   706d ago
Mister two, no I don't. Not in the first year, that would be a bit crazy. I am saying in development, period. When did I say in the first year? Feel free to answer.
JBSleek  +   707d ago
Obviously we are talking about studio only or publisher made not third party. If you included third party MS numbers would be huge as well.
Edward75  +   707d ago
50 and 33 by both are very possible. Especially considering ms dumping all the money in games.

The biggest thing I want to make clear is simply this... This next gen war between MS and Sony is going to be a lot closer then many on this site want to admit. It's great for all of us!
n4rc  +   707d ago
for one thing... saying you have 180 but can only manage names for 33 and providing a list of 50 titles are two different things.. i seriously doubt that every single title MS is working on is on that list..

"On the internet... that's why misinformation breeds misinformation. It's a vicious cycle. One loser posts inaccurate info, and it all falls like a house of cards"

so very true.. but it works on both sides.
StoutBEER  +   707d ago
See this is true. I go on PS4 vids even though i'm getting an Xbox One cause some of the games they have look interesting. Murasakibaby, Infamous Second Son, and Killzone to a lesser degree. But I don't go on there to bitch, i do it cause i'm interested. Yet all I see are people bashing my choice. Why? Because they are petty as hell. I wan't to seewhat people think about the game, not how much they hate me and my console
quenomamen  +   707d ago
I really like how all the focus is on launch day games, not on what comes months or years after that. You can have 100 games on launch day. So what ? How many of those do I want to play ? How many of those do I want to spend $60 a pop on ? You're still paying more for an under powered system fact. You enjoy your rehash of a game From 1992 that they're charging $5 a character for and I'll enjoy playing BF4 and Watchdogs and keep my extra $100. Come back in 1-2 years when Devs start to take advantage of the better hardware and tell me how much you enjoyed Ryse Son Of Rome.
buynit  +   706d ago
Did this fool just take a stab at killer instinct?! You sound like a bitter "gamer"..

How aboit you just dont come back at all?
NextGen24Gamer  +   707d ago
Who counts indie games honestly? For every 1000 indie games developed....1 or 2 end up being good or great. Sony fans can't be serious with this...This has got to be a joke. Since when does console gamers care about cheaply made, a dime a dozen, indie games that 1/100 end up being OKAY? LOL....This has gotten absurd and it's at an alltime low. Who the heck buys a next gen console for indie games? LOL...

LOL...I guess sony fanboys preferences are different than mine and that is fine. As a 35 year old gamer, I admit that my needs/wants have changed. I like all of the navigation features and having my Xbox taking care of pretty much everything. I also have family living in other states, so to be able to just tell it to Skype up to 4 of them in one session will be great. Will I play Kinect only games? Most likely not. Though my 4 year old daughter loved a couple kinnect games on the xbox 360. But I'm optimistic that devs can find ways to complement hardcore games in ways that we haven't seen before, such as touching your temple to activate night vision. The possibilities are exciting for me as a hardcore gamer. I'm also pretty excited for the games that we've seen so far. I personally think that XB1 has the stronger exclusive line up so far. Again, these are just my opinions and preferences and while I don't understand the excitement for all those indie games, I respect that sony fans are different.
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walkincarpet  +   706d ago
I'm right there with you, E24G, well almost, 38, with three young sons. So have limited time playing games, but when I do, I want the best experience, I want to connect online with out of town family, and I want some new game play! Playing with the same fundamental controller input has gotten old after 30 years. Can't wait for X1 - the system is better than PS4 in every way except for graphics and surprisingly has better games out of the gate.
NextGen24Gamer  +   706d ago

I know we are not alone by any stretch of the imagination, though on this site the loudest and most vocal gamers would attempt to make it seem that way. I'm a self admitted graphic geek...And my eye test tells me up to this point the games look as good or better up to this point on the xbox one. But, listening to the many developers who have spoke out on it, it seems the differences will be less in the hardware and more in what the developers do with each console.

So, when sony gamers say that games will look better on the ps4...I actually think that it will depend on the game. There will be 1st party games on both systems that will be mind blowing graphically. Raw power rarely automatically means games will look better. 1080p 60 fps is great and both systems will push that consistently at some point.

There are so many other things that go into graphics on top of the raw power.

Software tools, esram, texture tiling, etc...It's more complicated than gamers understand. Pushing numbers and graphics are not one in the same.

You already have sony fanboys YELLING that Killzone looks amazing...That alone tells me that obviously people have different opinions about what looks good to them. The graphics don't look amazing to me and the gameplay looks boring just like the previous Killzones. That is my opinion and I own all 3 previous Killzones.

To me TITANFALL looks amazing. Graphics & gameplay, but yet I've heard some sony fanboys say the opposite. Once again, obviously opinions will vary on what looks good and what doesn't.

One thing that is clear is that TITAN FALL will releasing 6 months from now, won more awards at E3 than any game in the HISTORY of E3.

And gaming journalist who have played it have raved about how it looks and plays...

Not xbox fans or sony fans...but gaming journalist who do this for a living.

My point...the argument about graphics will never be settled with fanboys...

Devs have already said that there will be little difference and more parity than with the 360 and ps3...

It will ultimately come down to devs....1080p 60fps...Games will look beautiful...

Now lets enjoy the next gen...the graphics argument will never be settled or agreed upon by fanboys....

Outside of graphics...which will never be settled...the xbox one is the only next gen console actually offering something special outside of updated graphics!

Easy choice for my family!
Chevalier  +   706d ago

Really? Sony fans are gamers. We're playing a couple dozen exclusives this year and not just indies. What are 360 fans playing? ! Gears Judgement, Fable HD, and Dark. You guys are trying to make it seem like all Sony is only indies when this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon and Sony just keeps on delivering game after game.

PS3 has Gow: Ascension, The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Rain, Gran Turismo 6, Journey, Beyond, Sly Cooper, MLB 13, Until Dawn from Sony alone. Then FF X/ X-2 HD, KH HD, FF XIV, Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Dragons Crown, Atelier Ayesha, Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2, Guided Fate Paradox, Aquaplus and more. Games in every genre and many excellent games so quality and quantity.

Also really mature of a 35 year old man to call people fanboys. Guess being older makes you more intelligent? Important and entitled?! MS has dropped support early 2 generations in a row and now you have faith based on a handful of launch titles? Seriously?! Sony systems have a heritage of supporting gamers and releasing a lot and taking creative risk to push gaming forward whether it be games or disc format. So maybe don't talk about respecting Sony fans for being 'different' as you put it when clearly you can care less.

@Walkincarpet - Does your best experience include actual games? Last I checked you guys don't have much to choose from this year or the last few in fact. Irony is last time I had a discussion about games with 360 owners ALL they said was a few good xbox live arcade games. But Indies are bad right? Also you want 'NEW' gameplay? Weird that 'new' is that coming from all those sequels? Dead Rising 3, Halo 5, Fable, Forza 5, Killer Instinct 3 anybody?! Most of the MS developed games are sequels except for what Project Spark?
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DigitalRaptor  +   706d ago
Nice number you pulled completely out of your buttocks there, mate.

What you fail to realise and gain is any real perspective of gaming as a whole. All I see here is a rant that you think Sony are not actually going to focus on AAA in a big way, regardless of the generations of evidence that works against you. Of course an Xbox fanboy would negate great looking indie games that are on more than a basement dweller's budget as you seem to believe.

Naughty Dog and Insomniac were indie developers at a point in time. What you fail to perceive is that the bad games will be weeded out and the great ones (more than you seem to believe based on the 1000 indie games you've supposedly played) will be lauded as the developers of tomorrow, on a platform where their work can be truly recognised and their next projects become something bigger and better.

There are a ton of great indie games out there, so why should we spit on them all because their good to average/bad ratio is split? The same can totally be said for AAA retail games. Do you realise how many crappy games hit retail every year? Do you honestly see every retail game as something you want to buy? Exactly.

We had 2 genuine GOTY contenders last year in indie games. Now how does THAT come about?

Warframe is indie - looks great. Blacklight Retribution is indie - looks great. Helldivers is indie - looks great. Transistor is indie - looks great. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is indie - looks great. RiMe is indie - looks great. Dreamfall Chapters (on PC) is indie - looks great. Shadow of the Beast is indie - looks great. Primal Carnage: Genesis is indie - looks great. The Witness is indie - looks great. Resogun is indie - looks great.

You see, even these early-on indie/free-to-play games look good and many have great ideas with lots of potential. Some of them already have thriving communities on PC, so keep pretending that more options for more diverse, unique and creative experiences are a bad thing.

Sony fans are different for sure, we support the same creative ideas that the Xbox fanbase and PC communities have been supporting for years. This gen we've had Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Braid, Bastion, Spelunky, Trine, Telltale Games, Guacamelee, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dear Esther, Hotline Miami, The Binding of Isaac, PixelJunk, Thomas Was Alone, Closure, Mark of the Ninja, FTL: Faster Than light, Don't Starve, and most recently, State of Decay and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on XBL - and the list goes on. I think that list is large enough to show the indie development community has had its fair share of great games and relevance for that to expand into future development.

So yes, they do count and Sony fans and fans of gaming in general are serious. Sony are serious because of the indie dev community themselves, and Microsoft are getting serious again after seeing the movement from Sony. See, just like Microsoft, their fanboys only care about the indie development community when it suits them.

@ Chevalier

"xbox one is the only next gen console actually offering something special outside of updated graphics! "

Go on, do it. Tell us what these mythical offerings are, and keep spouting your "PS3.5 philosophies" until you actually believe it some more.
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Jazz4108  +   706d ago
Like I said early sony fans discounted and did not count indie games on 360 or kinect. I think sony is going to be using alot of these indie games to pad there ps+ offerings.
Jamaicangmr  +   706d ago
Lol! With that correction this article has just become irrelevant.

Good catch ShugaCane
strifeblade  +   706d ago
180 games! OH my god no Sony please have mercy stop shoving indy games down my throat- i have had enough just give me fewer titles but that actualy have more than one "A" preferably AAA but thats wishful thinking.
xtremeimport  +   706d ago
Literally...the "playstation has no games" argument is returning. Do Xbots not have any other argument against the Playstation?

We all know how well that worked in the current gen now dont we..
DigitalRaptor  +   706d ago
They are the only fanbase in gaming that simply doesn't learn, or maybe it's because they refuse to listen. And they won't ever learn with the attitude they've shown over the past few months.
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kickerz  +   706d ago
Who cares about exact numbers. Gosh.Missing the whole point of the article. Typical. That was an excellent read and What he says is 100% true especially for N4G. You lot wine and bicker non stop about how crap Microsoft is, how about you get a life and enjoying gaming on whatever console you buy.Maybe get a job and buy all consoles. I'm a huge Xbox fan, i like their games, but you won't see me paying anyone out if they are playstation or Nintendo or PC gamers. We"re all gamers.
ShugaCane  +   706d ago
Typical what lol ? Did I bash the Xbox brand or anything here ?

"Who cares about exact numbers"

Well, it's not as if there was not a huge difference between 33 and 180. If you think this is a neglectable margin in a supposedly fact-based article, then let me question the reliability of your argumentation.
kickerz  +   706d ago
Sorry I was more so aiming that comment on all those comments who were bashing Xbox. so how many of those 180 games are indie games? how many of those games will be coming to Xbox also? don't get me wrong whoever buys a PS4 is going to have a hell of alot of fun and their will be heaps of great games, but there will also be awesome games on Xbox one.
BallsEye  +   706d ago
It's all just talk as usual. If sony will show that 180 titles anywhere untill 2015 I will castrate myself. That's kist a bullsh!t number and you know it. mediacore game takes 2 years to develop by 1 studio. If you really believe this number you are just silly unless we include all the indie crap (not including the good indies) that take 10 days to develop.
itBourne  +   706d ago
Ummm... really? I think gamers stopped caring when the 360 outsold the ps3 2:1 in North America... PS3 had 3x the exclusives and a lot of which were games other publishers would not even green light. When the 360 is still out selling the ps3, despite M$ having no exclusives for well over 2 years now, thats when you realize gamers do not care about games. hmmm.... lets support microsoft because they give us nothing, fuck sony who supports games despite them knowing some are not "mass" market. yah ok the so called gamers can go screw themselves. I will own my ps3 and my pc, and get the best games there are, i will never support m$!
BallsEye  +   706d ago
MS had no exclusives for 2 years? Please tell me which years were those? Please don't pull out these statements out of your butt. Makes you look bad. You obviously never owned a 360.

Ooo look


242 xbox 360 exvclusives. You probably never heard of them, too busy posting on n4g?

And those are only 360 exclusives that arent even on pc (thats why no fable 3 alan wake etc) with those pc/360 exclusives it would be easily over 400 titles.
#1.19.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
itBourne  +   706d ago

Lol ok yah they are really churning out the quality exclusives..
killcole  +   706d ago
I think the problem with this is differentiating between development stages. Don't expect to see the 147 titles the article doesn't account for anywhere near the first year. We won't reach that figure for years.
DecoyOctopus  +   706d ago
I just want to add that the Xbox one wont release in scandinavia and other parts of europe until some time next year so we who live in those places cant get it unless we import and MS has adviced not to ïmport so yeah that sucks... im getting a PS4
dennett316  +   706d ago
@levian, games are games....it doesn't matter the budget level, who developed it, what platform it appears on...all that matters is if it's a good game or not.

Of course indie games should count, why wouldn't they? You trying to tell me that Hotline Miami isn't a game because it has a lower budget than Aliens: Colonial Marines? I can tell you whichj one of those two I'd classify as a game and which I'd classify as an abortion....here's a hint, the one that misled gamers with fake footage isn't something to be celebrated, despite being a so-called AAA release.
iamnsuperman  +   707d ago
"I'll never understand why Microsoft isn't getting credit for actively changing their policies based on customer feedback. The console no longer requires an always-on connection, indie publishing is becoming easier, and now we've learned that the Kinect 2 isn't required to operate the system. This basically covers all of complaints that gamers originally had about the console, doesn't it"

But why give credit? They tried something that was not really in our interest at all (almost insulting in some parts) but you questioning why no one give Microsoft credit for abandoning those policies. Does that really make sense. The reversal is more of a "thank god. Finally some sense" than a "well done Microsoft, have a cookie" moment. You shouldn't give credit to a company that should have be doing those things from day one. You just put that issue under the carpet and move on
#2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(37) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
LOGICWINS  +   707d ago
"They tried something that was not really in our interest at all"

Speak for yourself. Over 500k people pre-ordered the One before the policies were changed. Some people were okay with what MS wanted to do, just not enough people to make MS a profit.
Smoovekid  +   707d ago
No. Does the Xbox One even have 500k pre orders. lol
LOGICWINS  +   707d ago
At this point it has somewhere between 500k and a million. Not as much as the PS4, but its something.
805Junior805  +   707d ago
Do you have proof of this? I wouldn't be surprised if they have a quarter of a million pre ordered right now. If they had "500,000" pre ordered before they changed their policies.... than why did they change their policies?
InTheLab  +   707d ago
500k.....seems a bit suspect. If there were 500k prior to the switch and there's still only 500k, there would be no switch. I think you might have mistakenly added 450k to the actual number...lol
ForgottenProphecy  +   707d ago
I'm sure a lot of those 500k were die hard Xbox fanboys (Like GeneralMLG) who refuse to purchase anything with Sony on it.
This generation is going to be really close, and that is good for everybody.
DragonKnight  +   707d ago
@LOGICWINS: There is no way in hell that the Xbox One had 500,000 pre-orders while the DRM, online necessity, and Kinect dependency were all in place. No frickin' way in hell. Stop pulling numbers out of the void to make up B.S. like that. They barely have 500K pre-orders now, and if they had 500K pre-orders then then they'd never have reversed the policies.

Wow, I've seen some ridiculous stuff on this site, but that's right up there.
NegativeCreep427  +   707d ago
As an Xbox 360 owner myself, I dont believe Microsoft deserves any brownie points for wising up to the situation and changing course just to save their own a$$es. Money talks. They didn't listen to "consumer feedback" they listened to the preorder sales and it didnt sound good to them. No credit deserved.

Plus these changes are only being amended by a simple patch download that is required at launch. If Microsoft can disable the unpopular features so easily, whose to say they cannot re-enable same features just as easily in the future? I'm going to wait a good while before considering the Xbox One.
#2.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   707d ago
Customer opinion IS their preorder... are people emailing microsoft to let them know how they feel? (ok probably...lol)

and you cant... just like you cant rely on sony to not change stuff post-release... both companies have been known to do it..

customer opinion (or as you pointed out, their money) will dictate ALL policies on both platforms.
#2.2.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
DragonKnight  +   707d ago
@NegativeCreep427: "If Microsoft can disable the unpopular features so easily, whose to say they cannot re-enable same features just as easily in the future?"

They will. Phil Spencer has gone on record saying that MS will still believe in the original vision and move forward on that belief. You can count on the DRM returning.

@n4rc: "Customer opinion IS their preorder... are people emailing microsoft to let them know how they feel? (ok probably...lol)"

Umm, you understand that there was huge online backlash BEFORE pre-orders were open for the Xbox One right? Pre-orders didn't start until after E3 and people were outraged before and during E3. MS listened to the Jimmy Fallon show that showed them that the mainstream audience that they really care about, the ones that question nothing, were just as unhappy as the core audience. MS do not care about the core audience until that audience gets the casuals on their side.

"and you cant... just like you cant rely on sony to not change stuff post-release... both companies have been known to do it.."

Changing stuff isn't the same as reinstating stuff. Don't try to lump Sony into MS' B.S.
killcycle  +   707d ago
well said
Gridloc  +   707d ago
I'm in total agreement that Microsoft is actively listening to consumers, BUT...who have they been listening to for the past 3 years? People constantly asking for new exclusives and what do we get, Kinect this and better with Kinect that. They have always heavily relied on third party and timed exclusive content. If you haven't noticed no one in Microsoft Studios is working on anything 360 besides Kinect crap if at all. So yeah, their listening...just not to us gamers.
Godlovesgamers  +   707d ago
"The Xbox One and PS4: When did gamers stop caring about video games?"

The minute Microsoft thought it was above caring about protecting their customers' rights and privacy. Which was right after we all learned about PRISM and Microsofts MANY ties to the NSA. So you see, M$ isn't as blameless as your headline would indicate.

This is all M$ own doing, not gamers. M$ knowingly or unknowingly turned this into an issue over consumer rights/freedoms/privacy and so it's logical that when something as important as your personal right to privacy is on the line, the people are going to back the system that has puts their concerns/interests and in this case "rights", first.

If this whole debacle with M$ didn't happen, we would still see the idiotic perpetuation of fanboyism and the dreaded and immature 'console wars'. This of course is another symptom of when gamers stopped caring about games, that and when it became en vogue to check your preferred console manufacturer's sales #'s and stock prices and listen to anything that Michael Pachter has to say.
IcicleTrepan  +   707d ago
Get a mental health check lately?
Godlovesgamers  +   707d ago
Typical response of the uninformed. "That's a thought that bothers me so the person who said it must be crazy".

Do a little research before you go shooting off at the mouth.
Izzy408  +   707d ago
Have you ever considered taking Thorazine?
buynit  +   706d ago
Do you own a cell phone?
rainslacker  +   706d ago
Funny how not a single reply to your comment actually argues against your comment. Guess they're saying you might be crazy, but hell, you are probably right, since I've never known a fan boy to not come back with some retort if there was a glimmer of a flaw in an argument.

Ironically, my comment does not address your comment either.:)
captain_slow82  +   707d ago
thats easy when MS got a foothold :P
xJumpManx  +   707d ago
You mean when Sony launched the ps3. They tried over charging gamers for unit that did not even have basic rumble features and they had little done with the online portion of gaming either.
#4.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
captain_slow82  +   707d ago
so hats off to MS to try an do what sony did o.o

there your words btw lol

samll edit MS sold me a broken console o.o and they knew it o.o

how long did it take to fix that problem?
#4.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report
Skips  +   707d ago
LOL!!! Do you even have a clue how much it took to create the Cell and not to mention put a Bluray drive (Which costed around $800, if not more alone at the time) into the PS3?

"They tried over charging gamers"

Not really... Expensive? Yes... Overcharged??? LMFAO!!! ... No

"even have basic rumble features and they had little done with the online portion of gaming either."

This is like me complaining about MS relasing faulty hardware which failed half the time, no built in wifi, no upgradable HDD, no Blu Ray drive, batteries for controllers (which are STILL needed for Xbone controllers) lol, or having a power brick almost 1/3 the size of the console...

How the hell can you have a power brick that huge, OUTSIDE OF THE CONSOLE, and still have overheating problems?!?!?!

#4.1.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(7) | Report
ForgottenProphecy  +   707d ago
They weren't really overcharging when they were selling at a loss.
_FantasmA_  +   707d ago
M$ is trying to charge people $500 for VCR.
_FantasmA_  +   707d ago
Sorry double post.
#4.1.5 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
DragonKnight  +   707d ago
@xJumpManx: You realize that nothing you said has to do with games and that the examples you provided are ridiculous right? You're literally saying that gamers stopped caring about games when a controller didn't have rumble and one console had a "better" (subjective) online service than the other. But those examples literally have nothing to do with games at all. You can play games without rumble or online, so you're saying in order for gamers to care about games then they first care about rumble and online. Absolutely ludicrous.
bub16  +   707d ago
I never stopped caring about video games, Sony holds the best exclusives, i'm no fanboy but i know what i prefer and Sony are offering it
vividi  +   707d ago
Last of Us at this time speak for it self
BG11579  +   707d ago
I second that with Dragon Crown!
Izzy408  +   707d ago
The Last of Us is the only PS exclusive that I would consider one of the best in general. The rest of the PS exclusives couldn't care less. So it all comes down to a matter of opinion.
bligmerk  +   707d ago
If I read another whiny, girly post from some nobody that is another "bored gamer" supposedly representing some significant majority, then I will be extremely displeased -- again. You do not want to see me displeased.
#6 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Brucis  +   707d ago
I'm quaking in my boots.
TheOneEyedHound  +   707d ago
Oh god.... Slow day huh?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   707d ago
Really? We don't care about games?
Isn't that one of the main reasons people were mad about microsoft and honored Sony?
Thats why people were upset. Gamers want a console for games first. Everything else can be found on a pc and even better.
Why would i use my ps4 for internet? My laptop is always on
Why would I use it to watch tv? I can watch more videos on internet.
Sony said it was a gaming console and microsoft said it was an enternainement system and nobody cares. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have those features, but its not why we buy them. Im just seeing who offers wich games and get wich interest me the most.
I luv infamous, killzone, quantic dream, media molecule, santa monica, insomniac and def Naughty Dog and I know Im gonna wanna play THOSE games.
People, just buy whatever YOU think is best nd dont even listen to anyone else saying why you should buy one or the other.
Remember, Its about you. How are YOU gonna spend your money? Which games do YOU wanna play?
I named a few, because I wanna play them.
Dumb article is dumb
#8 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
devwan  +   707d ago
If these kids had a ps3 and ps+ they wouldn't have time to sit around whining in blogs like this, they'd be off enjoying themselves playing tons and tons of games!
theWB27  +   707d ago
So how do you have time to post? If you don't have ps+, then how do you know they wouldn't have time to whine?

Huh, huh.. : )
BillytheBarbarian  +   707d ago
I never stopped caring but I do get tired of being crapped on.

Madden's exclusive rights killed momentum for where football games were headed. Instead of getting a new engine Tiburon dumped a physics engine on top of an ugly broken engine.

MMORPGs have successfully killed true sequels to fantastic single player experiences. KOTOR, Phantasy Star, Warcraft, and now Elderscrolls and Dragon Age are following suit.

The ending of the Aki engines wrestling games in favor of Yukes crappy Smackdown engine.

DLC ruined a generation of games. 10 years from now will your core games work right without missing missions, perks, costumes, and above all...game breaking patches.

Gamers have every right to want a product that doesn't screw you over.
BG11579  +   707d ago
When did Microsoft stop liking making games to their 360?
Because if Xbox One-heighty has games right now, it's at the 360 expense...
theWB27  +   707d ago
The Xbox One-heighty hasn't been announced. I don't think any devs have kits either. How is it linked to the 360?
BG11579  +   707d ago
Rise was a kinect game in developpement for the 360, but MS though it would be better to put it in the Xbox One. That's just an exemple...
Xbox One has many title at its launch due to this shady practice.
#11.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report
Soldierone  +   707d ago
They never did. Remember the Xbox Reveal? They could show off the Xbox One cured cancer and people would still be mad. You don't reveal a console and skip the gaming portion of it entirely.....
ForgottenProphecy  +   707d ago
I think Microsoft's plan was to get every bad aspect about Xbox One out of the way so they can show their games and recover.
RandomDude655  +   707d ago
When politics and money became more important to Games Journalism
naBs  +   707d ago
Yeah, I had to vote down the Story/Website lol.
Hicken  +   707d ago
Gamers never did. Unfortunately, other things outside of the games, themselves, became factors that heavily affected games.

Company policy became a threat to games. Corporate greed diluted the experience. So these became things we cared about, too.

It's no longer JUST about the games, because all these other things AFFECT the games. Which is why I hate the stupid articles and comments that try to downplay the importance of supporting or NOT supporting a company based on their policies. That's just as important as the games themselves, because they will have a massive impact on the games, how we play them, and what we can do with them.

Stop trying to make excuses.
trafalger  +   707d ago
the article is talking about now. m$ changed its policies and have made it easier for indie developers. those were the two biggest issues on forums. so are we going to actually start talking about the games now?
Hicken  +   707d ago
Serving 20 years for murder doesn't erase your crime. You have to earn the trust and/or forgiveness of people again.

Despite evident public opinion, Microsoft went ahead with the DRM, and defended it up until the very day they changed it by saying it couldn't be changed. Even though millions wouldn't have been able to use their console, Microsoft had zero intention of changing; and the reversal still requires connection to the internet, rather than including the required patch on disc for places that don't have internet like that. Half-assed change, at best.

Indie support on the heels of poor indie relations, and support that won't be available any time soon, indicating just how late the change was. But the relationship between Microsoft and indies isn't just patched up like that. Trust must be earned back.

So no, we're not gonna just forget about that stuff and only "start talking about the games now." That's not how it works ANYWHERE.

Be real.
trafalger  +   707d ago
"Serving 20 years for murder doesn't erase your crime. You have to earn the trust and/or forgiveness of people again."

is this really a good analogy to use? if so it shows how far off the beaten path you are on what videogames are all about.

"Despite evident public opinion, Microsoft went ahead with the DRM, and defended it up until the very day they changed it by saying it couldn't be changed. Even though millions wouldn't have been able to use their console, Microsoft had zero intention of changing; and the reversal still requires connection to the internet, rather than including the required patch on disc for places that don't have internet like that. Half-assed change, at best."

it no longer needs a constant connection. things change but your views seems stuck in a timewarp.

"Indie support on the heels of poor indie relations, and support that won't be available any time soon, indicating just how late the change was. But the relationship between Microsoft and indies isn't just patched up like that. Trust must be earned back."

are you an indie creator? if not then don't worry about it. all we can do is see what games come out.

"So no, we're not gonna just forget about that stuff and only "start talking about the games now." That's not how it works ANYWHERE."

sure it does. sony went with the psp go, it failed and they stopped production and carried on with the psp. sony was also involved in the rootkit scandal.


"Following public scorn, government investigations and class-action lawsuits in 2005 and 2006, Sony BMG partially addressed the scandal with consumer settlements, a recall of about 10% of the affected CDs, and the suspension of CD copy protection efforts in early 2007."

did that stop people from supporting the cd format?

the big difference is the xbone isn't even out yet, those policies didnt get out there. consumers voiced there concerns.

the reason why you wont move on is because going by your post history youve been after m$ long before the xbone was even announced. your history supports that of a sony fanboy. which of course means you will cling onto anything that makes the xbone look bad like you did for the x360.

so go ahead and talk about this stuff until you turn blue, the rest of us will be enjoying what these systems offer.
Hicken  +   706d ago
Failure after failure.

"is this really a good analogy to use?"

If you can't grasp the gist of it, I think you're the one that's a little off. Lemme simplify it for you: admitting you did wrong or attempted to do so does not erase the knowledge of your intent from the minds of those you did or intended to wrong.

"it no longer needs a constant connection. things change but your views seems stuck in a timewarp."

What timewarp? I neither outright stated nor implied that a constant connection is required, but it still doesn't help a lot of people if the only way to eliminate the need for a constant connection is to connect to the internet first.

"are you an indie creator? if not then don't worry about it. all we can do is see what games come out."

I might or might not be(actually not trying to be indie at all, but that's irrelevant). But we can do more than just "see" what games come out. As consumers, we can influence the games they choose to support.

"sure it does. sony went with the psp go, it failed and they stopped production and carried on with the psp. sony was also involved in the rootkit scandal."

No, it doesn't. The PSP Go is irrelevant. It was never a replacement for the PSP, and... what the hell does it have to do with any of this, anyway? Grasping at straws?

as for the rootkit scandal, it certainly hasn't been forgotten, given that it's brought up at every opportunity. No, people weren't afraid of CDs, but nor was it an EVERY CD problem, and nor did all who used it do so through their computers, meaning it didn't affect everyone. In any case, it failed, and nothing similar has been tried by Sony or anyone else.

"the reason why you wont move on is because going by your post history youve been after m$ long before the xbone was even announced."

The reason why I won't move on is because Microsoft has given no reasons to do so. Their recent actions aren't a new development; it's a continuation of policies and attitudes they've had for decades.

Actually, if you'll check my history, I had high(er) hopes for the XB1. Like most, I didn't think MS would be stupid enough to actually try what the rumors said they'd attempt.

That they did reaffirmed why I don't support them. Sony be damned; it's a dislike of certain actions. Had Sony been the ones to do such idiotic things, it'd be them I'd be slamming, instead. Same if it were Nintendo. Hell, or Sega.

You and others jump to the term fanboy because you can't imagine people as having long memories or legitimate reasons for disliking a given company. You want to see that dislike or distrust as blanket hatred for that company and all its products, regardless of reality.

I don't really care, except that you all like to perpetuate your misunderstanding and pass it off as truth, when it's far from that.
trafalger  +   706d ago
"I don't really care"

actually you do, too much in fact. needless to say there is no point in discussing this with you any further. nothing i or anyone else will change your views since it looks like you've been a major player in these console wars and feuds between the two brands for years. have fun discussing everything outside of the games, i'll be having fun actually playing them.
King-u-mad  +   706d ago
Lol traf gave up. Well I don't blame him for self patting. Hicken destroyed all of your failed attempts at making a point.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   707d ago
" And these days ridiculing Microsoft has become so vogue.."

There's the real agenda of this article, to promote this idea as a reality when its not even remotely true. Front page as always. Top of the page. No surprises here.
Jazz4108  +   706d ago
Why dont people wait till ms actually releases there console and if they make changes then you have a point. They can add and change what they want until it releases. Ask sony about the the other operating system now thats a 180 or the pspgo or the possible new vita.
#16.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   707d ago
I love these meltdowns :D

A console is a 5+ year investment. Neither launch line up nor launch window is enough to buy one over the other. You have to think about games that are coming next holiday or the one after that. For example, iwth Xbox One that would be Halo, for PS4 that would be Uncharted 4 or Naughty Gods next masterpiece.

Console launches are never good. Picking the one that sucks less is the stupidest way of choosing one.
Lazarus69  +   707d ago
Half of the 50 games in list Microsoft published will be on the PS4 aswell,so it like it's 50 exclusives
Nocando  +   707d ago
Since the market became flooded with a glut of titles. I believe when something becomes so ubiquitous it's value is diminished.Often times we are already eyeing the next plate of food when we are scarcely halfway done with whats in front of us.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   707d ago
When did Microsoft, stop caring about Gamers?

(don't tell me that the Casual centric Unveil, of the x1 was anything but... hell, support has died for 360 over the last 2 years,.. I know you xbox fans really want to think that M$ cares about you,. but the sad truth is they don't,. they Care more about sending you customized ad's, and marketers., and those Nealson Ratings.(giving you a little fluff to keep you satisfied, and 3rd party TitanFall.) They spent more money on DRM schemes, R&D for Kinect and market research programs, than a great gaming experience. -TRUTH- stop drinking the Green Kool-Aid)

Kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, & then jet.
#20 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   707d ago
What a tired, boring diatribe. If anyone is "drinking the green Kool-Aid", it is you my friend, to think one company "cares" more about you than any other. Companies are made up of people, just like you and I, please stop with this whiny us-them-down-with-the-man crap.
King-u-mad  +   706d ago
Last time I checked sony gave valid reason to buy their console and or support them. From day 1. They ddidn't dick us over like microsoft. Then once they realized consumers had brains they copy sony. and try to act as if nothing they did was wrong. Lol just saying. Its a no brainer as to why people support sony. Great hardware and software along with the many features you get. You would have to be an idiot to think otherwise.
Silly gameAr  +   707d ago
Another one of those "why don't you guys love MS like we do" articles.
mmj  +   706d ago
Early adopters always get screwed, they pay the most and have fewer games available to buy, that's not even getting into reliablility issues.

The line up over the course of the consoles life span is what really matters and Sony has won that in each of the two previous generations.
Minute Man 721  +   706d ago
How so? The way I look at it the earlier you get one the longer your money goes. Example, at $400 and a 6 to 8 year cycle you are looking at a $66 to 50 a year investment to play games (not counting online)
#22.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Minute Man 721  +   706d ago
I was plan on getting both til I heard DRM, always online. Policies are reversed but a Kinect-less version is shot down by Micro. Know it's looking like I'll get it at $299. I can wait
AlphaGamingNerd  +   706d ago
if you go out & say your not a fanboy then you are one
Kydawg  +   706d ago
I don't know if anyone answered the original question of when people stopped caring about video games but that is a very stupid question. I reply "I hate video games! That's why I, and millions of other people, spent hundreds of dollars on a new video game system!" How did this article ever get to 400 degrees?
MicDude  +   706d ago
I guarantee you that 95% of these "fanboys" are less than the age of 20. Only kids argue with each other on the internet about which gaming console is better than the other and spout the kind of immature drivel that we have seen. There's nothing anybody can do to stop it so it's best to ignore it. Kids will be kids.
EXVirtual  +   706d ago
To be honest, MS is to blame for gamers looking at the XB1 badly. Their initial reveal shafted the gamer and the consumer, Don't forget that these guys basically told evry1 they were doing DRM. Pre-orders fly in and boom. Praise should not be easily given to that sort of company.
JohnS1313  +   706d ago
How much did Microsoft pay for that article?
Thomaticus  +   706d ago
That's what I'd like to know.
jspillen  +   706d ago
xbox one is like a Politician.

1. Get caught doing dirty shit that everyone despises.

2. Tell em what they want to hear... change all your policies to match what the competition is saying.

3. Once people aren't paying as much attention go right back doing slimy business again.
tiffac008  +   706d ago
It really feels like '06 but the shoe is on the other foot.
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