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Are the 8th Gen Console Wars Over? A Summary of Microsoft's Xbox One Confusion

Everyone has heard rumors about the new Xbox. Since before E3 2013, rumors had been circulating about the fan-dubbed “Xbox 720” and how amazing it would be, but once official information was released by Microsoft, fan's hopes were quickly and thoroughly dashed. Microsoft has since dealt with a frenzy of backpedaling and misinformation. Here is a quick rundown of all the confusion surrounding the Xbox One.

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Too many of the same opinion pieces getting submitted about predicting the future of the XB1. Add nothing new other than what was already discussed in other similar opinion pieces. More flame bait.
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NatureOfLogic1494d ago

MS had a chance at a new fan and blew it. Playstation 4/ WiiU is all I need for gaming. Xbox did have a good run though.

NewMonday1494d ago

only games can turn things around, and they need to have variety and quality, the original XBox was fantastic bringing us games like Halo, Fable, KOTOR, Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Ninja Gaiden, they need to get back to that form

1494d ago
No_Limit1494d ago

"MS had a chance at a new fan and blew it"

ROFL, I can't believed you just said that with a straight face.

theWB271494d ago

He/She didn't. NatureOfLogic is one of those fans you can't have a legit debate with. Only against the X1 is NOL. How do you know alot of NOL's comments are to get a response?

"I might finally get a Xbox 360(used) for this game, or a gaming PC. Anything but the Xbone."

That was NOL talking about getting Titanfall. It's hard to know what it's beef is it Microsoft, the X1, the games? I can't bring myself to reply to NOL's Maria. It's so far off you can't take it seriously.

Sitdown1494d ago

I found this article to be new and refreshing, it addresses a subject matter that has neverbeen discussed on n4g before. ;-) Due to it being a negative article toward Microsoft......I wonder if enough people will even approve it. :-/

lastofgen1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Console cycles generally last a long time now, so I highly doubt anything's over.

You only have to look at ps3's disastrous reveal and launch and see where it ended up today (I'll give you a hint: it's in a very good place right now) to know that articles like this are just unnecessary. But it is the author's opinion, so I can respect that.

Belking1494d ago

More N4g Who approves this stuff?

No_Limit1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

This article was approved by :

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At this point, it is pretty obvious what is going on and who is approving the majority of these articles. Heck the new guy, RexFury, that just joined a day ago, had already written a piece titled:
"My thoughts on Kinect 2.0 being ‘forced’ onto consumers". smh

Belking1494d ago

Not surprised by some of those Stay classy N4g.

cunnilumpkin1494d ago

"Are the 8th Gen Console Wars Over? A Summary of Microsoft's Xbox One Confusion"

sony might be the ones in trouble, if bf4 and cod ghosts are both better on xbox1, the two biggest shooters of the year, the two games that matter the most (btw killzone is insignificant) if ms gets their logo on all the adverts and has the better perfoming and looking versions of those games

sony will be hurting until they actually start to get some good games that favor their system

and titanfall is going to be huge, personally, I will be playing it on pc, but it aint on ps4

people on this website think the whole world is paying attention to next gen consoles, no even cares yet, the nerds like us that read gaming sites everyday already pre ordered the system we want

the masses won't start paying attention till late October when the ads are all over tv, and if its an xbox1 logo at the bottom of every COD ad, and BF4 is best on xbox1

sonys in for a world of hurt