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Submitted by dannylilley 901d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Whichever You Choose, You Win

Gamebrit writes: "Back in May Microsoft’s Xbox One was unveiled at a special media event, bringing with it a number of ill-favoured key policies, such as enforced Digital Rights Management (DRM), a compulsory Kinect camera and a £429 price tag (the latter of which was announced at E3). As a result of these unpopular decisions Sony’s PlayStation 4 quickly became the leading ‘next-gen’ choice in many gamers minds.

However, a lot has changed since then, with us now arriving at a point where things are a lot more even. So, with the playing field levelling out, does it really matter which ‘side’ you pick?" (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   901d ago
Oh, most definitely. I can't wait until November.

Hopefully everybody will just focus on playing their new systems and finally shutup. At least for a while.
Shadowsteal  +   901d ago
Nope lol People are going to start citing reviews of Forza vs DriveClub
Killer Instinct
Killzone: Shadowfall etc.
ShugaCane  +   901d ago
And those people will be happy (or stubbornly pretend to be) with their own choices of game, so I guess "Whichever you choose, you win" says it right.
theBAWSE  +   900d ago
Microsoft have abandoned two consoles in a row

They suck you in with third party exclusive games in the beginning, once they have they couldn't give a toss as their newer shinier toy is on the horizon

People have short memories it's deja vue for a third time

No thank you Microsoft I'll stick with the ps3 which still has new ips coming out and buy the ps4 when I've finished
BallsEye  +   900d ago

Shut up. People like you made this site go down low. I could give you million reasons why you got short memory about sony but I won't. Go figure yourself and get lost. As you see this article is written for people who buy their own toys.
n4rc  +   900d ago
Drop 30 grand on a car and have the warranty end after 5 years.. Then come talk to me about product life cycles...

People spend a few hundred bucks on a game and expect a decade of support...
humbleopinion  +   900d ago
If by "abandoning" you mean 7+ years of first party games, I'd love to be abandoned like that every generation.

I'd say that Microsoft only started abandoning the 360 after Horizon, Halo 4 and the latest Gears around march this year (although there's still a flux of indie XBLA games).
Sony still offers quality games and will probably continue into at least early 2014, but they started offering the console and their games one year later as well.

So overall Xbox 360 2005-2013 VS PS3 2006-2014. Both offered around 8 years of quality games, which is more than I can say about any previous generation since the NES era.
mcstorm  +   900d ago
@humbleopinion I agree and for me the Wiiu should also be included in this. I don't get the fan boys on here a lot of the time. Owning a games console is like owning any other electronic device and why people get up tight over them I don't know. I own a surface but don't go round telling everyone who has an iPad or android that there crap and List reasons. We have choice for a reason as we all like different things.

For me the next 12 months is about the Wiiu and Xbox one and I will pick a ps4 up later on next year.
NewZealander  +   900d ago

thats a weak attempt bro, everyone knows the focus is on the new consoles, thats exactly where i want to see MS focus their attention right now.

im having plenty of fun catching up on games i missed, and looking forward to fable anniversary as being my farewell to the 360.
NatureOfLogic  +   901d ago
Not really. If you support Xbox One, you support MS. Who tried to single handly ruin gaming as we know it. Most can forgive all they want. MS have to prove to me over a long period of time now.
Gster  +   901d ago
If MS had have played "Ballmore" thing could have been very different. Alas, whats "Don" is "Don". It doesn't really "Mattrick" anymore. But if the "Shuehei" was on the other foot, MS would "Cerney" be looking down at Sony, and the xbox1 would definitely "Tretton" ps4 for top spot! :P
ashahab861   900d ago | Spam
come_bom  +   901d ago
"If you support Xbox One, you support MS. Who tried to single handly ruin gaming as we know it."

Dumbest thing I've heard today. Seriously! Grow up fanboy.
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deadie  +   900d ago

Where have you been the last 4 months?

Yeah it was kinda "dumb" - by Microsoft.
Umb  +   900d ago
I think that's the kind of attitude MS is banking on, where people will easily forget about the past or just gloss over it by saying: but they made all these changes. Making reversals on bad decision is not the point, the point is the intent is was there at the very beginning and changes were only made not because of the outcry by the consumers but rather by the potential loss of market share MS saw from the preorder results.

Just like many governments of this world, we only care about you when it will ensure will we win office in the election and once we get into office we do what we want!
Dude Dutch  +   900d ago
@come bom

Typical comment from somebody who joined 9 days ago. Did you start gaming 9 days ago?
Foxhound922  +   900d ago
Oh you're one of those people aren't you? The people who like restrictions, pay walls, no game support, required internet, 24 hr check ins, and most of all, being bent over I suppose. If you can remember, Microsoft wanted all of these things, and sadly still has a few of these. The ONLY reason they reversed some of there most infamous policies was because that they are getting their a$$es handed to them in preorders. I guess your one of the people who really know how to "dealwithit#"
#2.2.4 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report
n4rc  +   900d ago
Sigh... Give it a rest...

None of it ever happened.. And even if it did, its not ruining gaming.. In any way shape or form..

You continue to ignore every single benefit of those policies and act like they were just put their to screw people.. If you haven't noticed.. Microsoft doesn't make billions of dollars a year by ruining the internet and your home office!

Let's all forget about Sony removing Linux support after selling the feature.. Or the cinava protection blocking playback of movies or how about just losing my credit card number??

Let's talk about shit that actually happened!

Its pathetic.. You need to stop but I know you won't.. Nothing better to do..
stage88  +   900d ago
So soon people forget.
I bet the guys at Microsoft are laughing their heads off now.

It'll take a long time before i trust them again.
come_bom  +   900d ago
Well... guess I'll have to explain what I meant, since some people are too slow to understand. I wasn't bashing Microsoft not was I agreeing with their policies. The dumbest thing is claiming that Microsoft single handily tried to ruin gaming as we know it... Microsoft doesn't have that power, nor Sony, nor Nintendo. If Microsoft implemented those policies they WOULDN'T have ruined gaming as we know it. It was simply a different approach to gaming, something similar to Steam, Google store or Apple store. It was up to consumers to choose if they are interested or not in their console with those policies... most consumers were against their policies, so Microsoft changed them to please consumers. Simple as that. Every company tries to sell their product to the most consumers they can. Microsoft does it, Sony does it, Nintendo does it.
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deadie  +   900d ago
@come_bom: Well they might not have "the power" (?) but they did in fact try & they failed. Big time.

If you dont understand why forced policies and control over your potential consumers is a bad thing then i guess youre kind of slow.
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Funantic1  +   901d ago
You forgave Sony for the 77 million hacks and shutting down PSN for a month didn't you? That was way worse than anything MS ever did. And at least the 180s by MS was before launch. I forgive both companies for their mistakes. They both could make more in the future. They'll both sell fine. And they both make each other better.
M-M  +   900d ago
You say it like the PS3, Wii, and 360 weren't hacked in some sort of way. People spewing "Sony got hacked for a month!" don't even know the story behind it, my goodness.
RiPPn  +   900d ago
Your statement makes it sound like Sony was the one that did the hacking. That's like blaming a woman who got her purse snatched for the theft.

Sony has had it's faults I do agree, but the writing has been on the wall with Microsoft for years, the Xbox One controversy just shined a giant light on what people have long suspected.
LOGICWINS  +   900d ago
If that purse had the financial records/identities of 77 million people who trusted her with that information, she shouldn't have been in a position where there was even a remote possibility of her being robbed.
B-radical  +   900d ago
Yup true Sony's security better be up to scratch next gen a whole bunch of gta has leaked because of it...but to some thats not a bad thing
saint_seya  +   900d ago
How many lost money, accounts on psn? oh right Noone did, and tbh its easier to buy gold memeber accounts than psn on the internet.. SO WHO IS THE ONE GETTING HACKED.. Ill give u clue, starts with x and ends with box #if u dont believe me check on google, if u know how to use it u will see that.
Damn scammers/hackers are #or at least were# selling gold accounts.. AND BTW, our psn accounts were free, but GOLD ACCOUNTS been sold were paid for poor guys that lost money.
And btw check on the people that was telling that they couldnt take their credit cards from autorenew with MS #ms playing around to keep the autorenew#. Add that to people that is selling gold accounts, thats a great combo..
M-M  +   900d ago
Dang man can you chill out lol, I agree with you but articles like this don't call for posts like that.
EXVirtual  +   900d ago
Nature, I agree with you, but now's not the time or article to post that.
marloc_x  +   900d ago
If you feel Sony has no interest in DRM, best someone give you a pinch and wake you up..
dark-hollow  +   900d ago
You just can't fight the urge to shit on anything ms related.
dannylilley  +   900d ago
I think that's a fair comment but as I pointed out in the article that comes under personal (as opposed to subjective) preference, something you're 100% entitled to. On a strictly console feature set topic however both consoles are far more similar than they once were.

Maybe Microsoft will win you over eventually but if not I'm sure Sony will be glad to have you onboard :)
PSNintyGamer  +   901d ago
Yep, Which ever one you choose your a winner. Don't let any haters or fanboys tell you different.
MichaelLito79  +   901d ago
Gamers want to enjoy games. Both systems offer excellent games. We all win.
GenericNameHere  +   901d ago
Fanboy P: Look! So and so gave this game a *insert favorable score here*!!
Fanboy X: Well, so and so have THIS game a *insert great score here*!
Fanboys P: Look at the Metacritic! This game got a *score*!
Fanboys X: Oh yeah, well this game has better textures. *Insert performance site here* said so!

Rinse and repeat. Sometimes, their roles get reversed, and Fanboy P says Fanboys X's line, and vice versa. This will repeat next gen, the gen after that, and every gen after that. You can never win if you only have one.
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meatysausage  +   900d ago
What I dont get is the people whom put so much effort to convince others that their choice is the right choice or that what they are buying, sucks.

Why waste your time, people need to enjoy their own consoles/purchases and stop being insecure/needing justification about their own
mouzone  +   900d ago
its because they want to convince themselves they made the right decision weather it be xbox, playstation, fords or honda, People dont want to feel line they got ripped off its just thats some need to fully convince themselves they aren't wrong by trying to convince everyone else
gaelic_laoch  +   900d ago
It would be extremely naive to say whichever console you choose "you win". Both are still widely untested by the public and especially after the fiasco of the last few months in the botched polices, 180's, whacked out PR gaffs and snooze-fest unveiling of the Xbone I would reserve judgement that my console actually does what it says on the box!

I admit I am taking a gamble on the PS4 but like any punter I read up on form and stats and make an educated informed decision before laying my bucks on the table!
#8 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
dannylilley  +   900d ago
I get what you are saying but that's always going to be the case before anything actually launches. This is simply a judgement based on what's been shown so far and a trust that they'll deliver. Personally I'm not likely to get mine till the New Year anyway so I'll get the benefit of other peoples experiences.
RiPPn  +   900d ago
I choose PS4 so I know I win. People who choose Xbox One are gambling, they may win, they may not, nobody knows for sure. I prefer the sure bet especially when the buy in is cheaper.

To continue the analogy, I know I'll be playing in a more upscale facility with clean smoke free rooms and an all you can eat buffet that contains premium delicacies for a reasonable price, rather than choosing the casino down the road that has an expensive cover just to get in and do anything and tons of billboards plastered all over the place. And for some odd reason there is a surveillance camera in the corner of every hotel room.
#9 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
gaelic_laoch  +   900d ago
Here have a bubble, bloody disgrace you only have 3!
ashahab861   900d ago | Spam
gaelic_laoch  +   900d ago
@ ashahab861

Bammmmmm you just got bubbled! ;)
Gster  +   900d ago
@Asha.. Well, it'd be a shame to burst it so.... Here ye go m8 ;)
plmkoh  +   900d ago
"Whichever You Choose, You Win"

Yeah that's only true for those with a Wonka Golden ticket (read: sold-out Preorder). The rest will have to wait.
ghostrider32  +   900d ago
All the fanboys will be shooting at each other, while the normal gamers will be gaming.
#11 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   900d ago
I don't win the same amount with both though. Which is why I'm getting a PS4 over an Xbox 1.

Motorola RAZR i
#12 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rockxy  +   900d ago
F%*k ps4, I need sexy xbox
prodg52  +   900d ago
They wonder what's wrong with the youth of today. It's the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality that kids are growing up with.
TemplarDante  +   900d ago
I chose PS4. I win.
If you choose X1, you lose.

MS is bringing the DRM back.

Proof:Im going to cut and paste an interesting article from the Guardian, PrOOF, MS are sneaky and bringing DRM back after people buy X1

" We're committed to the digital ecosystem that we
talked about at the beginning of Xbox One.
Absolutely. That's why I wanted to be clear on
what you were referring to with the word
'reversal'. Other people have tried to twist this a
little bit, but it's important that we remain in a
two-way dialogue with gamers and potential
customers about what they would like to see.
Consoles today are as much a service as they are
an individual purchase – our commitment through
Xbox Live and updating the software and keeping
the games coming is a long-term service
commitment. The service gets better through
direct feedback with the people who are using it.
What we heard from gamers is that they enjoyed
the physical DRM they had with the 360
ecosystem and they wanted to add that to Xbox
One. So we added physical DRM to the digital
DRM plan that we had. When we did that, maths
takes over and some things had to move out. But
the core of that digital ecosystem is absolutely
something that we believe in, and we haven't
reversed it. You'll be able to buy games as
physical and digital goods, you'll be able to share
games with everybody in your house, and other
features that we talked about will definitely be
coming down the line."

Source, read it on the site. DRM is coming back down the line! y/2013/aug/22/xbox-one-microso f t-gamescom-2013
#15 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Rockxy  +   900d ago
this is what you sound like eeeeeh eeeeeh
B-radical  +   900d ago
Well marc whitten says hello
ElementX  +   900d ago
More FUD. Phil Spencer said that discs will work the way they do today and digital content may receive some features such as sharing from the original plan.
Rockxy  +   900d ago
I love you XBOX ONE I need you!
urwifeminder  +   900d ago
Ms keeps me in console gaming otherwise I would be pc only.
ufo8mycat  +   900d ago
I will be getting both, because both will have great games

PS4 for:
Multiplatforms (havent decided - depends on controller)

Mulitplatforms (havent decided - depends on controller)

Indie Games
PC Exclusives

Brand loyalty is stupid
#18 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RiPPn  +   900d ago
I'd argue that paying a $500 premium to play a handful of unproven exclusives and a couple of proven exclusives is even stupider than brand loyalty. But who am I to tell people how to spend their hard earned money?
NateCole  +   900d ago
True. No question about it.

For me personally though and i mean this for ME PERSONALLY. I win more with the PS4 because it suits me and my gaming needs. I am sure it is the same the other way around for xbox fans that are brought up with xbox franchise.

This does not mean i don't support the console wars though. I love debating. It's important though that both sides don't be assholes while at it. Its all good and fun.

Game on people.
KimiRaikkonen  +   900d ago
Yes, I win having pre-ordered the xbox one. There are so many upsides of going with the xbox one
Lazarus69  +   900d ago
Okay Kimster what are the upsides for going with the XB1?
ForgottenProphecy  +   900d ago
If somebody says they are getting a PlayStation 4, Xbox drones flood the replies with "what about that month hack? LOL no good launch titles".
If somebody says they are getting an Xbox One, PlayStation drones flood the replies with "You're fucking stupid for supporting M$. They are bringing DRM back"
Why can't you children let gamers enjoy what they enjoy. Not everybody likes Killzone more than Ryse, or Killer Instinct more than inFAMOUS...
Rockxy  +   900d ago
I love XBOX ONE as much as I love weed, I love you Bill Gates I love you so much xoxo
josephayal  +   900d ago
PS4 + Second Son = my dreams
Deios  +   900d ago
Double win for me than.

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