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Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Console Wars And The Attack Of The Fans

Xbox One is by far the best video game console of all time and everyone should buy it.On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 is the greatest piece of video game machinery ever constructed and everyone should buy it. (PS4, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   737d ago
even if the Forbes reporter tries to be fair, the fact still remains that others do get paid via add deals or are just hit baiting, sometimes they just give bad arguments or are strung along by bad sources.

also the reporters get things for free so don't have to consider the price and value of the product. like IGN comparing BF4 running on a $4000 PC to a $400 console.
tokugawa  +   737d ago
thing is newmonday, you like many others on here are all other them blatant hit leeching flamebait blogs..

it is the fanboys that are the problem
NewMonday  +   737d ago
I call out BS when I see it and plenty of it is coming from MS, and I praise the good decisions and plenty of them are coming from Sony.

a fanboy is someone who rolled over for DRM and the SpyCam and swallows all fake PR like the "cloud" and over-hypes awful games.
tokugawa  +   737d ago
lol http://n4g.com/user/comment... there is a whole list of fanboy right there.

i would also list that a fanboy is obsessed with downplaying everything that is not part of their cult. constantly feeling the need to defend their bits of silicon and plastic. etc.

the list goes on and on. and your comment history speaks for itself.

like i said, it is useless complaining about the quality of the threads, when YOU are one of the reasons that this hit-leeching rubbish gets wrote.
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NewMonday  +   737d ago

look who's talking


why so full of rage?

notice how many times he uses the word "fanboy" almost in every comment
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BkaY  +   737d ago
these articles are more flamebait than fans itself..

what happen to love for the games... everyone is talking about console war winning..

if you like what x1 has to offer ... buy that
if ps4 attract you more buy that.. pure and simple

Hicken  +   737d ago
If only it WERE that simple.
Gman0173   737d ago | Spam
Hicken  +   737d ago
It's really not, though.

I like playing video games, regardless of console. So naturally the XB1 appeals to me. There will be games on it that I'll want to play, but will miss out on if I don't have one. But I don't trust Microsoft. I don't like their attitude in the industry, but my buying their console and games will send the message that I'm okay with what they're doing.

Goes without saying that I'm not okay with it.

So I won't buy the XB1. Not new, anyway. It's the type of thing that doesn't make it as simple as "Buy what you like."
maniacmayhem  +   737d ago

I thought you said you were never buying a 360 because you didn't want to pay to play online. I am 100 percent certain that was the excuse you always used.

But I guess it had to change now that Sony is charging for their online too right?
Hicken  +   737d ago
You thought wrong. I'd never buy one new. And I still won't.

If you're gonna try and quote somebody, do so accurately.

I don't like- never have, NEVER agreed with it- paying to play online. Don't like online passes, even though Sony did it. I stressed for quite some time that the ONLY thing you were getting by paying for Live was cross-game chat. And there's no getting around it: that's not worth $60 a year.

Now, while I DO NOT LIKE PAYING FOR ONLINE PLAY, it's at least somewhat more acceptable that online is bundled with PS+ on the PS4.

Feel free to look through my comment history and see that I've said the same thing numerous times there, as well.

If XBLG can display that it'll have a similar level of value, then it'll be more acceptable. I still wouldn't like paying to play online, but it would soften the blow.

Oh, by the way, what do you think would have happened to online play had XBLG NOT been successful? Think Sony would be charging if Microsoft hadn't gotten away with it?

No, me, neither.
Gman0173   737d ago | Spam
maniacmayhem  +   736d ago
Of course you forget what you have said. And I really don't have time to actually scour through your hundreds of bs comments to find it. But you and I know very well that you have said you were "on the fence" but you would never pay to play online.

Of course now that Sony is doing it your whole tune changes. It's okay, it is very obvious and expected coming from a person like you that constantly talks loud then contradicts themselves when finds out his dedicated company is doing the same.

Now your very lame excuse is to actually blame MS for Sony charging for online. What does this say about your beloved company? That they're bleeding their customers because they know they can also get away with it as did MS?

"What if" Sony offered free online for the Ps4?

See we can play what if all day long Hicken.
levian  +   737d ago
Honestly. I've has every Playstation console so far except the PSP, and so I suppose I'm more of a Playstation guy. Buy I also had a 360, and it was a good console too.

I'll be getting a PS4 within the first few weeks of launch, and because XBone has some solid exclusives, about a year after release I'll probably buy one, when all the games actually start releasing.
jessupj  +   737d ago
Seems like Hicken is one of the few people here with actual standards and morals and will actively do something when he believes his beloved hobby is threatened.

If MS their way they would completely destroy gaming. This isn't opinion, this is fact. See DRM and no used games.
NatureOfLogic  +   737d ago
PS4 is better in every way, but if you like X1, get it. Less for a higher price is not my style.
SpecialSauce  +   737d ago
oh yes!

this is what i came to this article to see

xbox sucks so hard :DDD

really though if your an ignorant fanboy get the xbox orr if your an ignorant fanboy or just intelligent get a PS4
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Gman0173   737d ago | Spam
SpecialSauce  +   737d ago

yeah dude! i totally am. shyyyyt i'll admit it
Gman0173   737d ago | Spam
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   731d ago
I'm lost in your eyes....
SpecialSauce  +   731d ago
@destinyherodoomlord are you hitting on me??
elda  +   737d ago
Playstation 4 me!
corywebb93  +   737d ago
This article, Forbes one of the most respected names in the gaming world just said,
*Xbox 1 best gaming console of all time*
My friends the Critics have spoken!
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1OddWorld  +   737d ago
I thought it was funny.
JP1369  +   737d ago
Forbes is respected in finance, that is all. Their coverage of science and entertainment in particular demonstrates palpable levels of ignorance. That you support them is not a surprise to me.

"On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 is the greatest piece of video game machinery ever constructed and everyone should buy it."

Figured I'd point that out since you conveniently ignored it. You also forget which company has the best history of producing varied and exciting exclusives.
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Redrum059  +   737d ago
Another generation of consoles, another 10 years of war. The gaming industry is becoming the new middle east. There will never be peace. Boy am iI excited :)
robotgargoyle  +   737d ago
I hope we get 8-10 years for this upcoming gen. The beating MS is getting, seriously gives me doubts, but I'm still supporting them regardless. Competition is great for all.

I'm certain I'll be happy with my decision in November, but I hope an even brighter future.
creatchee  +   737d ago
At least this generation we won't have to hear about a console's sales being padded by a year lead or hardware failure.
Redrum059  +   737d ago
Completely agree, it's a level playing field. Although the fact that the Xbox one turns off on it's own to prevent over heating gives me fear that there still might be overheating issues but then I could be wrong. Competition is good, so I expect the best out of a both competitors .
trafalger  +   737d ago
whats the payoff though in acting this way? if the games on the ps4 are more to your liking get that. if the xbone has games you like on it then get that one. what's so hard about that? a $500 or $400 investment isn't the end of the world. games are going to be $60 on average for each system. seems to me most people who appear unhappy are because they can't afford both. there should be no other explanation for not being happy about having both systems come out at roughly the same time.
Redrum059  +   737d ago
I understand. I am pro Sony I must admit, when I first joined the forums I was a blatant Sony fanboy but I'm sure some here remember my history. I must admit that the Xbox division does have many great perks that Sony doesn't have and vise versa, but the thing with Microsoft is that they'll try every way possible to squeeze every penny out of their consumers, and only those who actually watch closely on what they spend can easily see through MS greedy tactics. So in turn, there is a hate or anger that developes against MS directly and not towards their great games cuz yes they do have great games too. I mean damn, we are in 2013, why must we still need to purchace batteries for an Xbox controller?
Edit: I do plan on buying an Xbox down the line.
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bestofthebest  +   737d ago
Both 4 me no war in my house
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starchild  +   737d ago
That's because you are a more enlightened gamer.

I'm going to upgrade my PC and buy a PS4, but I respect people that can rise above the fanboy nonsense that is so prevalent today.
jr85prix   737d ago | Spam
ForgivenZombie  +   737d ago
Ps4 is my main console, if MS can make more games that interest me, I'll buy it, but 500 to play titanfall, I'll wait. I hope they do well though.
Software_Lover  +   737d ago
The only thing I hate about this so called "console war" is that people take hard lines/stances on practices until those practices hit their console/company of choice then they say it's okay. Paying for online, blu-ray, Wifi, etc.

I hate the so called "console war" because people no longer appreciate a good game for what it is because of the console it's on. WTF is up with that?

I hate the so called "console war" because of the journalists, excuse me, blogs that are passed on here as journalistic sources, that use opinion, rumor, and flamebait headlines to attract readers. How many 10 reasons why I am getting a ps4/XBone articles do we need to approve?

I hate the so called "console war" because people use the excuse, "it was worse during the sega/nintendo days". No it was not. People enjoyed both even though they had only one (we were kids). We would play Sonic at a friends house, then go home and play Mario together. Get in some Vectorman, then walk down the street and play Donkey Kong.
AND HAD A BLAST DOING IT!!!! Most of the talk was left to the suits in magazines and tv.

I hate the so called "console war" because basically it's stupid.
starchild  +   737d ago
Spot on.

I especially agree with you where you said that people no longer appreciate good games for what they are. This is soooo true.

People no longer judge games fairly. Exclusives get over-hyped and over-praised, while great 3rd party games don't get the same recognition.

Even many reviewers are not immune to this. Exclusives usually get a half to a full point higher than they really deserve, while 3rd party multiplats usually get a half to a full point lower than they deserve. This is purely down to the fanboyism that is so prevalent in the gaming community.
ForgivenZombie  +   737d ago
Gaming was supposed to be fun
FreshRevenge  +   737d ago
Let's just hope Xbox One doesn't release their system on the same as PS4. That would be madness. PS fanboys in line with Xbox fanboys ripping on each other. Yeah rediculous. I am just getting my PS4 delivered and avoid all the hostility!
user7402931  +   737d ago
i can see a big fight breaking out...

in the green corner ..

in the blue corner...
FungalPsychosis  +   737d ago
I want to see that happen
objdadon  +   737d ago
I'm getting ps4 at launch and xbox one when titanfall comes out. I prefer sony first party games but I just like to game on everything. I currently own a ps3, 360, wii u, vita, and 3ds. I'll always be a playstation fan at heart but I'm never loyal to the point where I'll cheat myself out of anything I may be interested in. Just game!
hazardman  +   737d ago
Same thing I'm doing..
Max-Zorin  +   737d ago
You might need a sub machine gun and a couple of bodyguards just to go to the midnight launch. These fanboys today would choke you just for having a different preference.
Rockxy  +   737d ago
I have my cash ready for my sexy xbox one, a very easy dissension for me, I love you xbox, n4g couldn't change my mind

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