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A house isn't always a home.

You have no excuse not to play Gone Home. To me, this is a genre defining piece of independent interactive storytelling, and is fully worth the $20 price tag.

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Neckbear1699d ago

Seriously? A 3 hour long walking around simulator is "fully worth the $20 price tag"?

ufo8mycat1699d ago

Yeah I was hesitant to try this out, considering the price tag and was not sure about the length but skipped it for now

Gameplay seems very very basic and simplistic and short for $20

Will see.
Need more opinions on this game

starchild1699d ago

It is an amazing experience and is well worth $20. Hell, I spend more than that on an hour-and-a-half Bluray movie. Interactive entertainment doesn't play out the exact same way each time you play it, so it inherently has more replay value.

ElementX1698d ago

I read the plot on Wikipedia and saved $20.