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Yet Again GTA V Advertise As PS3 Exclusive, Now in Taiwan

Yet another smart marketing decision of Rockstar Games and Sony for GTA V on PS3. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

WeaseL  +   395d ago
They really should ask Sony why they are not paying to advertise that its on Xbox as well.
cleft5  +   395d ago | Well said
Well in eastern countries the 360 doesn't do so well so I can see why they aren't bothering with marketing for the 360 version in a lot of eastern countries. I think if you are in Taiwan and you own a 360 than you are up to date with what sort of games are going to be coming to the system.
mikeslemonade  +   395d ago
It's a drop in the bucket anyway with what sales you get there.
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DaCajun  +   394d ago
Like we haven't seen tons of commercials on TV in the USA where 3rd party games show Xbox 360 only like it was exclusives and no mention of PS3. So what's wrong with PS doing it too finally.
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DOOMZ  +   394d ago
Nationalism at its finest... Too bad we don't do the same here...
humbleopinion  +   394d ago
Nothing to do with success in Taiwan, just with the sums of money changing hands - just like any other ad deal.
UltimateMaster  +   394d ago
Asian Countries are dominated by the PS3.
It's just that simple.
DonFreezer  +   394d ago
Well in eastern countries Sony pays the developers money to advertise the game as a ps exclusive. Why is it so hard to speak about the truth once?
come_bom  +   395d ago
"Yet Again GTA V Advertise As PS3 Exclusive, Now in Taiwan"

Not surprising. Sony did the same thing in Europe with FIFA and Far Cry 3. Microsoft does the same thing with other games.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   395d ago
I hear that
I know some people who think COD is exclusive to xbox
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   395d ago
It's probably going to be the same where Saints Row is better on the 360 than PS3 anyways. Just like most games this gen. Just like how Saints Row dominates on 360 over PS3.

"""PS3 has 960x720 resolution with QAA resulting in a soft look
Xbox 360 has native 720p along with 2x MSAA resulting in a far better IQ than PS3
The core artwork remains the same between both version of the game
Alpha buffers are rendered in a lower resolution on PS3
Xbox 360 has better AF and aggressive level of streaming compared to PS3
Game runs with unlocked frame rate and no vsync on both platforms
Cutscenes run with vsync engaged on both platforms
Xbox 360 version has the option to toggle Vsyn Off/On in Options menu

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   395d ago
Thats a cool story brah.
SilentNegotiator  +   394d ago
Games aren't advertised based on specs.

They use the best version's footage (unless they do "in engine" videos), but they don't just NOT LIST the others.

But I'm probably wasting my time explaining that, since your post reeks of intentionally off-topic trolling.
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gobluesamg  +   394d ago
My god man get a life
dantesparda  +   394d ago
wth? talk about off topic, stop trolling
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   394d ago
Can't make your cake and eat it too... Sorry, Saints Row is on the better console this gen. It happens.
JP1369  +   394d ago
Why don't you also post their SR3 comparison? It's funny how you mention "most games" are better on 360, yet repetitiously provide a single example. I bet you're the smartest guy you know.
SilentNegotiator  +   394d ago
"Saints Row is on the better console this gen"

...really? Tell me more about a game that has nothing to do with this article.

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SSJBen  +   394d ago
Didn't your teacher teach you not to go off-topic in an essay?

What does Saints Row has anything to do with GTA?
ShinMaster  +   394d ago
Over 7 years and you think people still care about this?

And by the way. Guess what version of GTAV Rockstar is showing off: http://youtu.be/N-xHcvug3WI...
PROTIP: Those are not Xbox buttons.
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NeloAnjelo  +   394d ago

And your point exactly? MS doesn't exist in Asia in any meaniful way. Plain and simple.
KwietStorm  +   394d ago
They who?
Spenok  +   394d ago
They aren't advertising this is PS3 exclusive. They just aren't advertising it's also on 360. Microsoft does this all the time with commercials.

I mean, when you look at an Xbox magazine, do they say the games are also coming to Playstation? No, and vice versa for Playstation magazines.
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ShugaCane  +   395d ago
Well, I have seen many Tv ads only showing the 360 logo for multiplat games. It happens often, I don't think it deserves an entire article.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   395d ago
Exactly. COD and Skyrim come to mind.

There's a partnership between R* and Sony, of course they wouldn't advertise the 360 version.
PlayStation_4  +   395d ago
Take-Two and Sony*

Take2 own Rockstar, 2K games and Irrational games
pyramidshead  +   395d ago
has there been any gameplay shown on the 360 yet?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   395d ago
Nope. All of their gameplay stuff shows the PS3 version, IIRC.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   395d ago
Nope, not yet. Lead platform is the PS3, which is why its been used in the trailers.
IHassounah  +   394d ago
Here confirming that your wrong ; http://www.rockstargames.co...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   394d ago
@ IHassounah

Regardless, there's a reason they chose PS3 footage for all trailers so far. So i will buy the PS3 version (and hopefully the PS4 version in the not too distant future).
ABeastNamedTariq  +   395d ago
This is simply a marketing partnership between R* and Sony. Kind of like what MS does with COD and Bethesda games.

But one check on the MS website, Destiny and Watch Dogs are still being subliminally advertised as exclusives. They're right in the middle of their actual exclusives.
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aabib14   395d ago | Spam
killcole  +   395d ago
This happens all the time for a majority of games. Not news. Definitely not "smart" either. Why ignore half the market?
admiralvic  +   395d ago
"Definitely not "smart" either. Why ignore half the market?"

I don't think anyone watched this or any trailer like this and thought "Darn! I thought GTA V was a multiplatform title." I mean, most people know and even if they didn't, I would have googled it to make sure. So all this really does is highlight what the individual system can do. It also implies that said console is the better of the two for said game, which is what they're going for. Like how Skyrim / CoD had early DLC and GTA V has the headset with the special audio option for GTA V.
Deadpoolio  +   395d ago
because in those countries there are barely 10 360 owners
Caress01  +   395d ago
sony is doing so well, so i hope they can keep it up, because it ain't no telling what microsoft got planned.
falviousuk  +   395d ago
Its a smart marketing move when its Sony, However when a game is marketed towards the xbox without mention of a playstation version, its evil and MS throwing money around to make it look as though its only on the xbox.

Another fine example of the insane nature of the sony fanboys on this site.
GenericNameHere  +   395d ago | Well said
When Microsoft advertises certain Xbox 360 games as exclusive despite being multiplatform, Xbots get a major hard-on. When Sony advertises certain multiplatform games as PS3 exclusives, Xbots go to N4G and immediately claim everyone on N4G is a Playstation fanboy's site.

Another fine example of the insane and asinine and hypocritical nature of the Xbots on this site.
falviousuk  +   395d ago
And your reply just affirms what I have said. Thank you
Kryptix  +   395d ago
Well, Microsoft has to, the 360 has barely released any AAA exclusives for the last couple of years. lol
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GenericNameHere  +   395d ago
Affirms what? Lol I just copied your comment, and replaced PS fanboys with Xbots.

I wasn't taking you seriously. Calm down. If I cared, I would have replied with an original comment.
Deadpoolio  +   395d ago
Ummm Again Microsoft PAID companies to NOT show PS4 versions of games, just to keep up the confusion that they have more exclusives than they actually have...Sony on the other hand has never paid any company before E3 to pretend it's not a Multiplat....

There is a huge difference to there is a deal in place between 2 companies i.e. Rockstar and Sony on GTA, and just paying someone to pretend the other version doesn't exist
kingslayer1000  +   394d ago
Dry your tears.
SaffronCurse  +   395d ago
Same thing with Activision and call of duty. It's advertised as a 360 exclusive in NA.
Deadpoolio  +   395d ago
Ummmm No it's not....Microsoft just feels the need to constantly show commercials and they tell you at the end of the commercial map packs available first on XBL. Which isn't advertising it as an exclusive
SaffronCurse  +   395d ago
Umm NO.
Most ads revolving about call of duty basically say ' Now available on Xbox 360" or something like "Pre order now for xbox360"
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rainslacker  +   394d ago
In these cases MS is most likely paying for the commercial. It benefits the publisher because it takes the load off them, and benefits MS because it makes their system more desirable. One could argue that spending that money on developing an exclusive game may be better for the long term, but it made sense last gen as MS was the underdog going in. No company is really immune from being shady in some of it's marketing. It doesn't really effect people like us because we're up to date, but it does change people's perceptions if the only place they get their gaming news is from TV.
captain_slow82  +   395d ago
playing MS at there own game LOL

good for sony hahaha
GraveLord  +   395d ago
This isn't being advertised as a PS3 exclusive any more than Call of Duty is advertised as an Xbox 360 one.

It's a simple marketing deal. Nowhere on those ads does it say "exclusive" or "only on playstation".

These kinds of deals are the norm these days.
jimbobbeers  +   395d ago
Huzzah, someone talking sense.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   395d ago
Sony is buying the ads.

The lead line of this article is full of fanboy agenda. (Why? Its not a "smart move" for two reasons, the first of which i already mentioned, and because its a multiplat and you want to sell as many copies as possible and not promote the gains of just one company. ) The title is deliberate misinformation (advertised as exclusive.)

Front page as always. Fanboys cheering all the way.
jimbobbeers  +   395d ago
Breaking news: popular game advertised on a console!

Christ this happens all the time, this is nothing new. TV adverts, huge posters, it's all the same. You really should have better things to do.
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Max-Zorin  +   395d ago
Nothing new.
romancer  +   395d ago
"Yet another smart marketing decision of Rockstar Games and Sony ..."

Had me wondering when the last smart marketing decision between Rockstar and Sony occurred?

Then I read that this "smart" decision involved adverts on a bus in Tapei....

Doesn't take much to generate a "news item" nowadays....

What really matters to genuine gamers is: does one system have an edge on another when it comes to how well a particular game plays, including multiplayer....?

Right now, no one can answer that question in regards to GTA5.
alexkoepp  +   395d ago
Funny cause 360 gets GTA online a week before PS3 users. Xbox should be advertising GTA Online exclusive for 360, at least for that week.
HurtfulTimez  +   394d ago
where did you read that made up bullshit. or just stop making up nonsense. Fool.
GentlemenRUs  +   394d ago
If your trying to stir up a flamewar, You just failed :P

That's alright Sony :D
arbitor365  +   394d ago
xbox advertises COD as an exclusive so much, I think there really are people who think that it is
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   394d ago
Shut up complaints again? Rockstar own PS fan than u suck deal with Xbox!.
thebudgetgamer  +   394d ago
That made my brain feel weird reading it.
Projekt  +   394d ago
Read it in the voice of the Hulk,I find such comments go down easier that way. Smash.
Tornadobounce  +   394d ago
CrossingEden  +   394d ago
I love how people complain whenever Microsoft does something like this yet praise Sony when they do. Ugh, come on gamers.
raymantalk1  +   394d ago

the only games that appear to run better on the 360 are the 3rd party games and the reason for this is that MS have it in there legal agreement with 3rd party companies that when they make games they have to be as good or better than there competitors that is why they appear to be better where as sony do not do this they let companies do what they want and if you dont believe me then why is it that all first party games are WAY BETTER THAN ANY 360 FIRST PARTY GAMES

now you have been SMASHED
ZHZ90  +   394d ago
"the only games that appear to run better on the 360 are the 3rd party games and the reason for this is that MS have it in there legal agreement with 3rd party companies that when they make games they have to be as good or better than there competitors that is why they appear to be better where as sony do not do this they let companies do what they want"

I really hope MS don't pay for 3rd Party companies for next gen?(Do you think it'll happen again?)
hazelamy  +   394d ago
it's just an advertising deal made with the console maker.

been happening for years.

ms have done it many times and sony have done it many times.

they're not technically claiming it's exclusive, they're just not telling people that it's also available on other formats.

it's not a sony thing or an ms thing, hell, it's not even just a gaming thing.

when tesco or asda advertise a product they're selling, say a new film, they don't tell you that it can also be bought at other supermarkets.
condemmedman  +   394d ago
Sony need the exclusives? Ha ha
t3gamenews  +   394d ago
this has happened so many times with multi plats on the wii u.
deal with it is all i have to say.

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