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Yet Again GTA V Advertise As PS3 Exclusive, Now in Taiwan

Yet another smart marketing decision of Rockstar Games and Sony for GTA V on PS3.

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WeaseL1071d ago

They really should ask Sony why they are not paying to advertise that its on Xbox as well.

cleft51071d ago

Well in eastern countries the 360 doesn't do so well so I can see why they aren't bothering with marketing for the 360 version in a lot of eastern countries. I think if you are in Taiwan and you own a 360 than you are up to date with what sort of games are going to be coming to the system.

mikeslemonade1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

It's a drop in the bucket anyway with what sales you get there.

DaCajun1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Like we haven't seen tons of commercials on TV in the USA where 3rd party games show Xbox 360 only like it was exclusives and no mention of PS3. So what's wrong with PS doing it too finally.

DOOMZ1071d ago

Nationalism at its finest... Too bad we don't do the same here...

humbleopinion1071d ago

Nothing to do with success in Taiwan, just with the sums of money changing hands - just like any other ad deal.

UltimateMaster1071d ago

Asian Countries are dominated by the PS3.
It's just that simple.

DonFreezer1071d ago

Well in eastern countries Sony pays the developers money to advertise the game as a ps exclusive. Why is it so hard to speak about the truth once?

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come_bom1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

"Yet Again GTA V Advertise As PS3 Exclusive, Now in Taiwan"

Not surprising. Sony did the same thing in Europe with FIFA and Far Cry 3. Microsoft does the same thing with other games.

TheGrimReaper00111071d ago

I hear that
I know some people who think COD is exclusive to xbox

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

It's probably going to be the same where Saints Row is better on the 360 than PS3 anyways. Just like most games this gen. Just like how Saints Row dominates on 360 over PS3.

"""PS3 has 960x720 resolution with QAA resulting in a soft look
Xbox 360 has native 720p along with 2x MSAA resulting in a far better IQ than PS3
The core artwork remains the same between both version of the game
Alpha buffers are rendered in a lower resolution on PS3
Xbox 360 has better AF and aggressive level of streaming compared to PS3
Game runs with unlocked frame rate and no vsync on both platforms
Cutscenes run with vsync engaged on both platforms
Xbox 360 version has the option to toggle Vsyn Off/On in Options menu

SilentNegotiator1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Games aren't advertised based on specs.

They use the best version's footage (unless they do "in engine" videos), but they don't just NOT LIST the others.

But I'm probably wasting my time explaining that, since your post reeks of intentionally off-topic trolling.

gobluesamg1071d ago

My god man get a life

dantesparda1071d ago

wth? talk about off topic, stop trolling

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1071d ago

Can't make your cake and eat it too... Sorry, Saints Row is on the better console this gen. It happens.

JP13691071d ago

Why don't you also post their SR3 comparison? It's funny how you mention "most games" are better on 360, yet repetitiously provide a single example. I bet you're the smartest guy you know.

SilentNegotiator1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

"Saints Row is on the better console this gen"

...really? Tell me more about a game that has nothing to do with this article.


SSJBen1071d ago

Didn't your teacher teach you not to go off-topic in an essay?

What does Saints Row has anything to do with GTA?

ShinMaster1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Over 7 years and you think people still care about this?

And by the way. Guess what version of GTAV Rockstar is showing off:
PROTIP: Those are not Xbox buttons.

NeloAnjelo1071d ago


And your point exactly? MS doesn't exist in Asia in any meaniful way. Plain and simple.

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Spenok1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

They aren't advertising this is PS3 exclusive. They just aren't advertising it's also on 360. Microsoft does this all the time with commercials.

I mean, when you look at an Xbox magazine, do they say the games are also coming to Playstation? No, and vice versa for Playstation magazines.

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ShugaCane1071d ago

Well, I have seen many Tv ads only showing the 360 logo for multiplat games. It happens often, I don't think it deserves an entire article.

ABeastNamedTariq1071d ago

Exactly. COD and Skyrim come to mind.

There's a partnership between R* and Sony, of course they wouldn't advertise the 360 version.

PlayStation_41071d ago

Take-Two and Sony*

Take2 own Rockstar, 2K games and Irrational games

pyramidshead1071d ago

has there been any gameplay shown on the 360 yet?

ABeastNamedTariq1071d ago

Nope. All of their gameplay stuff shows the PS3 version, IIRC.

GarrusVakarian1071d ago

Nope, not yet. Lead platform is the PS3, which is why its been used in the trailers.

GarrusVakarian1070d ago

@ IHassounah

Regardless, there's a reason they chose PS3 footage for all trailers so far. So i will buy the PS3 version (and hopefully the PS4 version in the not too distant future).

ABeastNamedTariq1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

This is simply a marketing partnership between R* and Sony. Kind of like what MS does with COD and Bethesda games.

But one check on the MS website, Destiny and Watch Dogs are still being subliminally advertised as exclusives. They're right in the middle of their actual exclusives.

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