How High School DxD's Dress Break Battle System Works

As revealed earlier, the game has visual novel and turn-based RPG elements. Players fight fallen angels and other enemies and scenes from the first season will act as cut-ins during battle.

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ninavoljic1704d ago

what's with the picture?

ThanatosDMC1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

DxD main theme is about boobs and sex for power.

Heck, they explained that the main reason there are Fallen Angels is because angels wanted to have sex with human females.

ninavoljic1704d ago

OMG. I just searched this now on Wiki.

Does the anime series contain nudity or manga only?

Will this become a video game like Catherine?

ThanatosDMC1703d ago

^Both do. I havent seen the manga or anime. I just read the book. The story barely passes as interesting but it's entertaining. It never takes itself seriously even though I was hoping it would since the fights seem awesome but then it smacks you in the face with lots of boobs and sex jokes. I stopped reading it and moved on to a more action, mystery type light novel.

I wonder if it does become a game like Catherine, but i doubt it'll be as complex/deep/meaningful of a story

Pintheshadows1704d ago

This both concerns and intrigues me.

Stevefantisy1704d ago

This game hands you that fan service on a silver platter ;) Nice review.

coolasj1704d ago

Hulu is censored. You have to go through... alternative measures to watch the show in it's original form. Also, despite the insane amount of ecchi, it doesn't have a "bad" story to go along with it.

dcj05241703d ago

On the second season the current story arch was pretty good.

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