IGN: Okami Wii Review

Okami's strengths on Wii far outweigh any of its weaknesses. Wii owners can pick the game up for only $39.99 and those who do will be walking away with an outstanding title full of great adventure of a caliber typically reserved for titles starring Link and Zelda. IGN still think Twilight Princess is Wii's best adventure, but Okami is more than a worthy alternative. Support this game -- it deserves nothing less than your full attention.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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cooke153898d ago

Will definately buy this :) Excellent review

wiizy3898d ago

okami and mario kart are games worth picking up in april.

Doctor Strange3898d ago

I really want a sequel to this game. Great review loved it on the PS2.

Charlie26883898d ago

I LOVED Okami I even have the Artbook :D

Hopefully more people will play it and are able to finally se the masterpiece Okami is :)

Lucreto3898d ago

How is the art book?

I am getting the English version when it is released here.

Charlie26883898d ago

The artbook is SPECTACULAR it has detailed illustrations of EVERYTHING in the game from every single monster, character, boss, weapon and location and even concepts of things that were not included its almost 300 pages!

I particularly prefer the Japanese version cuz as you have seen the artbook is made in traditional japanese "book" (and it has that kind of finish to make it look old and a sort of collection of scrolls) form and it looks EXTREMELY odd with much of the Japanese text replaced with English

also if you are also in Artbooks be sure to check out The Megaman Zero Complete Works, Capcoms Design Works and Udons Art of Capcom

Skerj3898d ago

I will personally visit and punch out every Wii owner who doesn't purchase this game. GET TO IT!!

DeckUKold3898d ago

Therefore I will be the first Wii Owner you visit

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The story is too old to be commented.